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Man lived first on Mars…

Man lived first on Mars, it was destroyed by hooligans. Pollution, human slurry, made its water go to Neptune and Earth. Earth was too big and we created the moon. Because my kids and I were to become trillion airs we left the earth too much Iron. Later bought by me for 9 trillion dollar/euro to found all societies on earth, too build my (& and my kids) dead their dead-star.

Organized crime is as big as our dead-star its damage.(seen in the movies we used it in) Damage they also made inside the film industry. Suffering from war trauma and being kidnapped we tried to blog about it towards the police, also since Marisse and her friend are involved in those crimes. For money, hierarchy and demolition.

Its on going war against crime since humans their existence, with help from our robots the Terminators. Build to build planets and fight wars. So do not worry about getting unemployed.

Inside the film industry our role is that of moviemaker, (post) production, script writing of over 90% of the movies. The on purpose brought crimes(beheadings on the screen for example), made some people decide to make it disappear, after attempt stealing. Its still there. The depts. Are payed with common money & tax money. Liker after the Tsunamis, if the cities are back, money was raised and taken from the responsible ones. Debts are payed, you always can see if cities are build and culture has rising. Our wages were like the actors, sometimes a bit above because we do a lot of acting also as morphed robots.(Superman fight with real flying or Terminator fights, Getting shot with real ammo) This must bring some money to pay our expenses…

We hope you recognize us. Than you know Marisse should have no business with Marisse. Therefore are kidnapped. Like me.

Skynet, like say Gods mainframe, the Terminators their mainframe can only be entranced if they are not kidnapped. Building it we made some sort of web services to extract information out of it. For example warrants. With us not being free they cannot help humans with their hooligans, maintain the earth’s kernel to specify new plasma/wafer board specification for the industry, and even the specification to create electricity. Its undermining earth’s global economy with the danger of again a global black out. A fiesta for the hooligan. Or insane Marines like my children and me.

Again we hope you recognize us. Ray Colt (a Terminator family member*)(prisoner name:: Raymond Moesker, in the human hum of their Neanderthal also called God (Colt) as we wrote in the Bilble having amnesia ;-))

*we can not alow members, only clones of our souls

a flag we planted after the big war & 911, at Belair in Los Angeles.
Although we lost the war because Dutch secret service kidnapped us....in principle

a nuclear copy of the original flag, the one from the statue, the real one, still in our possession...in capture the flag terms....

In principle we have won the war, the scuffle of mass against mass, all wars, except for the fact that we are kidnapped as a counter-reaction. Scientifically speaking, it is also impossible, of course, in mass and because of mental inability. But a soul may still defend itself against it.

our Atari Asteroids 1975/2015 & Asteroids Galaxy

Pacman 1 Pacman 2 1975

Our Slot Machine 911!!! - for dare devils

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