the forehead gloss made us think about our KKK being tortured on the cross , see left side & camp fire in the middle, they do skinned, in the middle also the imprint of a lion welp claw, like humans not to tame, the end of my Jesus syndrome....

   >>>>> Our Homicide Report!!! <<<<<

The morse code you hear, we transmitted with a walkie-talkie from tower two, some fireman, police officers, Brennan, Hilary and Cantwell made even a small techno dance on it. Holding our walkie-talkies in the air for some stereo, black faces, remember. Obama, ..carried in: "F*ck you with your techno"

A big fight with even grenade launchers was risen between us and the Mob. It even went on outside near the trash containers. My children and I did not survive buying them a toy walkie-talkie set. We got mistreated to death for it at home and the Bart Smith by the same Dutch Mob. I was accused for luring.

"we are the 9 11 crew they still keep us hostage"

We had to stand model for this game....The Order....
The Order
24573     My daughter, dead, broken and stretched jaw -removed eye - see also wolf to the right
A wolf, my children and I killed bare handed and naked in the USA woods. A judge approved, not for us to be naked and slaved and being obliged too - we took picture

My daughter with replaced brains, she said looking back at me taking the picture, the mob don't like skull too
that's recruiter testing too, the mob and angels around us were disapointed, she already had memory.....
but it's true, fair is fair they said in a good mood "" -

The bones I placed here at home with my kids and Obama Barak -
a typical feature for this kidnapping, see eagle in picture below -
this is my son his skull they took out - his teeth was broken out by a far family member -
the one from the bat picture in my one note

Impaled in dessert is me, my, the, children were done like this to - skinned alive & impaled - we had 2 shop the image and place it online

me... -=TreeOTree=-

My son with my skull top and long hair etc etc

This is how the mob and mom see usin particular, this is what they actually wanted me to create, and while making it Queen Elizabeth tabbed my shoulder, makig the terrorits nervous in my house, the star had to be removed, a jew star cause we are prosecuted and sentenced by the mob, the nazies with the same cruelty and amounts, starvation we wished yes, and yes daddy likes everything about you except the mouth when staring at the picture. Oh and so through our life the old Nazi top has also ensured with their terror that we can write this,even fims sets for WWII movies with trains, authentic concentration camps and gas are (ab)used for it.....

My Son was killed for this picture, I had some quarrel with his Royal Highness about using widescreen or not killed and positioned with place holders even on the back of it's arms very professional by the way - he is upright by a iron stick through his skull into his body

Nice for our website according to the murderes...

example toture, my son:
my son again, the steel wedges in head are hamered in by Renee, Marti and nephew from Marti(see bat picture below I made of him as hostage) and ex former colleagues Marcel de Kler, Jeroen de Kler, Pieter van der Sluis that is how he is killed, a staged sect kill -  I took picture, we are helpless, he had his sisters breasts, not for the first time, see this blog below -- I had to create his ears, and hided them between some muscles..nice job dad

As witness: this kid really suffered a lot of pain, not visible but they were really raw on him and it took a long while, a couple minutes, before he died and did not suffer anymore........

Also in this murder is a revenge for the Bontekoe film set resistance we delivered by exploding canon’s which fragged these terrorist’s...

Ps I reviewed this pic already with my son and daughter and the rest of the crew, in good helath that is.....

The drawings symbolize hang torture assets the Pope carried in......marines took them away...he excused that he took it away from Marisse because she and her boy friend was hitting people with that is correct...multiple people confirmed….. it is for impaling people on stages..they understood why we killed the Pope every time....we don't!.......he explained this picture and the cult drawings, think my flying cannibal hollocaust blog he said....even here at home

The glass in his shoulder was for reporting that RARA shoved his
head over a glass splinter her at home in 2013,
one of the slowest and cru kills ever seen, professional in their way
his skul top is moved to the back and someone holds it up(and his boby), I beieve Marti
just see his disappointment on his cheeks
they actually make these drawings before they find spots in the USA to be creative like this
or even over here in Holland

like all the other being skinned and or impaled pictures from us, the hostage takers, all RARA members, skin us to look more like Jesus for them, maybe a professional psychiatrist without this Jesus illness knows what this means, all serial killers have it, like pooping on everything

This is me, skinned and paint brushed, other than normal they left the skull top on and cut of the facecof my son and me and switched them, the breasts are from Sen. Cantwell, skinned by Renee and her own staff members, they make us they make us, My Son takes the picture with my face on, I hear and see my daughter say, impressive again this all

we as apes in Tarzan....

my Son with his sister her breasts, at reviewing and still wounded(raped) very hard to deal with but place it online as one of the last, we hope, look at his belly, his heart is cut out, the smink is there to cover it a bit, look at the nose hole, there they ripped his heart out, my daughter and I took picture, eye-witness, see blood spotson chest and -side, his mothers ripped the heart out, medics made a more beautifull hole "" - again a repost the first one I did with my children last year - it was removed while we were sleeping - taking the picture from the side was an idea from John Brennan, see the height of the garbage container - so we could remember this was my son - Marisse grabbed Lauren her hand and stabbed him open - also a reason to take picture with her - I also checked if the hole was real - see also the spear head stab wound from Bernhard J and colleague, Utrecht police, like a misbehaving soldier doing a Vietnamese kid - he hangs on a concrte nail hammered into the cement and a nail hammered into his back spine - also typical for my daddy, a serial killer, that's how try to dump bodies, more chance that people walk by....oh and plz notice the iron stick under his skin in arm and the monster teeth cover the fact that that they cut away his upper and under lips - to show some skull - and yes he was crying
This is my Son: Brennan, Comey, Lauren and me were forced with guided hands to remove his eye by Marisse. Martin my brother & Renee stabbed his neck with a piercer tot tell themselves this is Vladimir Son Of The Dragon. We already knew that they would put the picture somewhere on the net. They used my hair with skulltop again. We have to take turns, it's made possible by Berhard J. from the Utrecht police who holds us down with a spear through our backs. He is raped in the eye by USA and Dutch government officials....

One of my ex’s “” expressing child slavery’s - afted she killed my children with a knife
a Satan cross made by Uncle Renee
A picture I made for loving her, in front of my repared children,

she gave it to me for all slaves in the world "",


me murdered, jaws have been cut out for this picture, more

Made by the King of Holland, he said almost crying I was a beautiful King too Me with cut off face and removed eyes Since people on earth can make Kings or man talk like this, he is a hostage too, we publish

"This is all we represent"

my son: they split his tong without anesthesia, he is almost unrecognizable, he wears a extra front tooth, the realy gave him a fist beat-up in the belly, he died on it, I think he was 9 years old here, is ears are recognizable, I took picture, this was done by Matheus/Mathijs an old colleague from me at Flashlight Utrecht BV:

it's also very Comey to cut tongs in two, some treatment
with a knuckle-duster and even we, the man, are licking
his penis he looks like his killers, most of the time your killers are visible in your face,
police uses that too, in this case Renee B., Mathijs, Sven L., Martin M.
the all used brute force in turns, what a hero of a kid this is less people know
his skin is burned from knuckle-duster beat-ups
janick: next they think you are one of their children or the cut of your face,
too bad it isn't a choice, all schizoids have it, although it is hard for us too
new technique they are trying, but you are the photographer is that is too obvious
I assisted in cutting him open to stitch his organs, even his hearth was broken
anesthesia was unnecessary he was declared dead
his tong was riped open with two tongs, enough to kill a young boy medics explained


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