What if I am Jesus?

What if I am Jesus? But my name is Ray Colt, inventor of the firearm.
What if my kids and I were taken off our crosses by the people.
What if this was and is our Top Level.
What if we were already compensated by the world population?
And we did not have to work again, ever, sowiso.(a carte blanco we received of 300 billion euro, we taught in favour agriculture, army and university - the Dutch try to steal it since as old our story is, even faked their National debt to 200 billion Euro, what a coincidence - even the Vatican was couped for it - running a country is begging I guess ... no no tougher should it be with a hostage taking)
What if we were kept kidnapped in Holland in attempt to steal that money.

Yes, the holocaust was the world populations world war/revenge on our
Crucifixion. The rest is lied by the Dutch.
What if my children were not the “boefjes” hanging on their cross, as we obliged wrote in the Bible, but just lovable as the crowd luckily thought taking us down.

The Big War the Big World War one was immense, called the holocaust. All humans gathered on the floor of the Indian ocean and United States. Robots brought its waters to Neptune. With writing Lord of the Ring my kids and I tried to remember.

Just like calling us the Coca Nostra because we were made addicts again to serve child porn, while were living in Los Angeles.

What if raising all those Companies was an attempt of the court to steal our money. It just made us richer because we did a good job.

What if we graduated in all grades cum laude to be part of the bosses of the world cigar club, as kids we insecure because we were involved in decision taking in worldly problems. And still, think Tsunamis and Hawaii.

What if the Dutch with their Marisse and Marylin keeps on violating our Top Level and keeps on stealing our credit cards.

Help is needed!! From our robots too, we cloned our souls into them. Terminators(creators) they are called.

Crucified by our kidnappers(more than once, up until a couple years agoo) who were not compensated, payed ransom and dumped us like that. They still want that ransom, we do not pay.


my Son tortured again by the Dutch a couple years ago - bones cut out arms twisted

this could be my original me before my face was changed to Jan wearing my hair like Janick(Nick)

still my Son like we always said I was old Ray in that story

a flag we planted after the big war & 911, at Belair in Los Angeles.
Although we lost the war because Dutch secret service kidnapped us....in principle

a nuclear copy of the original flag, the one from the statue, the real one, still in our possession...in capture the flag terms....

In principle we have won the war, the scuffle of mass against mass, all wars, except for the fact that we are kidnapped as a counter-reaction. Scientifically speaking, it is also impossible, of course, in mass and because of mental inability. But a soul may still defend itself against it.

Living kidnapped in human man””kind where we gave the Jews, the

schizoids(criminals) all school books. Because the human troopers thought they

were better Nazis. The criminals raise and educate the police force. Isn’t that

funny! What do they teeducaach them, the criminals are their ancestors, the modern

man evaluated out of the church. Funny again. People with 20 or 40 IQ breaded

humans with 120 IQ. They must laughing out loud. (if you know something about

breading, and although it sound controversial). One thing those monkey humans

are still here putting my children to be brain washed too on school, this while

they already graduated, or else they could not have written all university

books with me!


this what we thought humans....they come from monkeys.....funny...they even hope we bring them our robots.....one word for those Troopers, Mussolini or even Adolf....anything better than we created humans and monkey I guess even we had those thoughts......

Just like we told the monkeys and other animals we told th humans too we are not their ancestors but enemeny and only creators of life .


At least human can indentify their enenmy like this.....the that cut out their babies so rough even I could not stitch it without a blue color, even sector programming is difficult - this the foundation of the "holy" war between humans and robots....they did this to me too, more than 10.000 times in a short period....hence our murder list....with jealous clones....keeping my kids kidnapped is giving the hard core of RAF a free hand.....believe us!!

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