Fractals PowerShell & PowerShell ISE scripts



A LabView we made for Priceton University - obliged to put on the net but a nice example -software we build in Malibu to visual check Microsoft Army version - it was stolen by Brennan - we were participated in founding LabView.....

A program we write in 2013 Fragmentarium :

Asymmetric Cantor set in seven iterations, my children and I build our first Microsoft on a clear wafer with this

read more, we maitaned this wikki too: List of fractals by Hausdorff dimension

Fractal art my kids made and I, 10 years old, pure programming and Maths
our computer was stolen by the CIA and some artist..

My kids and I were even forced with violence to create a cinema movie(book of life) from this one -kidnapped away from our smithy in Malibu - we Bounty Hunted a few....