[My children and I are the major victims, the hostages of our family’s sect. With us as hostages they robe banks and do coups. The other participants might too, they might be co terrorists. At least they turn against us to in maybe attempt to try anything to end the hostage situation. In (real)self-defense they are our enemy too.

Due to being fascist tortured endlessly we are not accountable for what we blog in isolation. On top off that it is being staged by police theories*, not science, what we blog, our hostage situation is on not being ended. *one thing is science, they know we are going to blog like this and that is staged, not accountable for what we blog. That makes it theories and not science. Not even if they wait for one other year or more - We call that IQ - this is written by my children and me  they are just waiting and meanwhile people are tortured- waiting they even called hunting, cough - anothers day in the woods]
a picture I made from Janick his hand with our camera-
medics took the glass boll out of known female Senator
think Bataclan attack
for the sermon income about Democracy: I gun powdered his hands that is USA too -
and like our leader coats - if you bring democracy
you do not have to polish
Renee cuts off top nowl to advertise tequila embryo
the embryo is stolem from a lab/university
fro my children Embryo's: think kernel cel replacements,
that how I obliged created you guys too
Julius Caesar’s Crown was stolen, mobsters attempted a coup and fascism was committed. They flew to Holland with it. Caesar’s sends all his garrisons over the Alps and to the North Sea. Just to restore Democracy. The gangster had to be killed or taken to prison. A new Crown was cheaper but Caesar was a professional.

After the man were captured he made his man build roads so everybody in Europe could see who stole his crown and what was needed to restore Democracy after a coup. The mobsters were transported over these roads back to Rome. The broken crown too.

They had taken Caesar as hostage and tortured him, everybody needed to know, Democracy was fallen until they would be captured. He would have stayed their hostage if they would get away with it.

RARA and like the USA and Dutch Senate/ Parliament attempted a coup in the Italian Parliament some years ago. With us as hostages.

Julius Caesar’s Crown was stolen. Leafs from his crown/grave were placed by the Dutch mobsters again on the coffin of Michiel Adriaenszoon de Ruyter. With my mother’s and ex-wife’s threat “dare to touch them”, as RARA mobsters.

We and the Italian Diplomats obliged place the leafs.

What needs to be done to Restore Democracy in the World? in the World!
  1. Bring the leafs back
  2. Catch the mobsters and them in USA prison’s
  3. Both
The Royal Family of Oranje, my children and me.

Pictures we took:

RARA needed some Dutch officials and army -they commited fascism on my children too -skinned and dagger stabbed

the RARA blah blah by my family

PS in Dutch, source http://www.omroepflevoland.nl/nieuws/120116/lelystad-twee-versies-michiel-de-ruyter-film-in-omloop
De nieuwe Nederlandse speelfilm Michiel de Ruyter, die voor een deel in Lelystad werd opgenomen, komt in twee versies in de bioscoop. In één van de versies ontbreken expliciete beelden van een lynchpartij en is ook de sterfscène van de hoofdpersoon wat minder gruwelijk gemaakt.

Door deze nieuwe montage is de film ook geschikt gemaakt voor kijkers van 12 jaar en ouder. De filmmaker zegt het belangrijk te vinden dat ook kinderen het verhaal over de Nederlandse zeeheld kunnen zien.

In de versie voor 16 jaar en ouder zijn alle scenes te zien. De films gaan eind deze maand in première.

A movie about Michiel Adriaenszoon de Ruyter. in which I(and we) was abused as stuntman again like in a lot of Hollywood movies. I had to drown for real etc etc it was maybe according to this news article a bit too scary. For example, me with my head meat skinned off doing all stunts, un-paided, with knowing of, for Gost Rider. read more - I guess we are hostages for life. Witnesses: the Oranjes, Premier Rutte, President Obama and the other hostages.

We hope the Senate is willing to see that even the Film industry inspection is unprepared and insufficient fighting fascism on the set.

Example 2: me in blade 2, for example this scene -very wounded as you can see

Me, in blade II, exploded with my pre born, cut out, son embryo, topped with nitrogen, and she poured it into my gullet – just like 9/11 - killed togheter as pilots - White House crew, Willem Alexander is involved - participating -killing them is sef defense on the lie detector

I believe this brand was used
After my Son and I were exploded, Janick was repaired Marisse and John Brennan had this picture made from him and for the rest in needed to shut up, Brennan dagger stabbed him in the eyes and nose with the words they oblige me, I almost succeeded to do it back but was kept hostage. His skull is cut open, by Renee and Marisse, his fingers are misshapen by schizoid medics, it all had to be repaired and Janick was placed back in his sick mother, there was no other option. I am holding his hand. "Soooooooh repaired" - John smiled.
His fingers are put in a vice by Huub and Bertus K, beaten flat with a hammer, cut of and assembled back on. Marisse her famous knife cuts were secretly covered for this picture with bondages.

You have to count according to the police and CIA, one of the reasons they do not end my hostage situation. On 9/11 I stole a government car, drove to JFK, hijacked a plane abused the hysteria, and in my eyes lower IQ or police raised gov people, knocked down those towers. And now and still, my Son, Daughter and I are the biggest gangsters WE COUNT. Everybody laughed at this kid, American dream killed in his eyes some nerdy, compared to us, Marines chortled, we see the Twin Towers. Self-defense in court on the lie-detector and even John Brennan did not understand. Ever heard off fascism he order John to do his home word, we did Judge. I am, we were the pilots. Now that I write I cut out (obliged or not, I did first)both children in the WTC, both New Yorkers (see picture at bottom for them in belly) .


A broken car needs to be restored before you can give it maintenance. All your troopers do is showing us that they can maintenance.......with their dealers and third rang gangsters and terrorists......

notes -------------
My ex Jessica Kamphoff, RARA member rapes me or my Son, our brains are exchanged(commited fascism), this his how they obliged me to upload this video at home, and again it is uploaded -nice to see yourselves on the net like this - my hair is painted black this around our Bronx adventures - being kidnaped, my children and I -my Son is filming - obliged- we are identified by police troopers - they did not agree that Janick was filming - a schizoid child care woman did not agree it was her cam and we were hostages - Marisse and Jess did the brain exchange - making career - afterwards they stabbed each other in the head to create innocence "". In the alley were big fights against police - sledge hammer axes were used also by police in the counter attack - as usual Brennan supported the troopers just to fight against them from the back. It was just like the fights we had with RARA on ground zero. My hair was painted black in the alley.
It was I believe in this street somewhere, Janick pointed at the school busses - police tried to end the hostage situation but it is hard when a Brennan, Hilary, Cantwell and Obama are involved - my children and I already blogged this one year ago, while they were sleeping over after this journey -They were taken away and Jess removed the blogs - I was beheaded to create memory loss - Jess  Marisse participated

Laure, Janick and I were thrown from this bridge on the rail road track by Huub, Renee, Rieki K. and Bertus K.. Police and Brennan were fighting about our bodies - it was allowed to repair us on the track
A picture I took and photoshopped, with my kids, from Jess waking up with her and my children in the woods, USA somewhere

A horny "" Senator Cantwell peeing on my matrass while I was raped, my Son Janick raped her up her *ass for it and for RARA to stop raping my dead body by creating chaos, most of the time they than take pics too calm down and maybe doctors may cpr our remains, a $400,- MATRASS, NEW THANK YOU

"claiming / demolish" other people properties syndrome

this is my Janick my hands done with NO anesthesia OUR brains are exchanged oowh just a picture
one off the abuses troopers were laughing about -they liked it too for the same reason - lie detector
reason two to do our hands like this is the lie detector -
we can expose religious people as gangster schizoid serial killers(terror ists) per definition
and shizoids as serial killers(terror ists) and to be a full member of releion you have to be schizoid -
it is tested - I died getting finger two squeezed - it was RARA job from Marisse to Huub were squeezing

My Mother and ex Marisse hijacked us to do this, to put this down, just to make mobsters jealous in a scene "this is what you guys can do to", pilots, the King of Holland, his daughters my children and me...schizoid, it makes no sense  except for the fact we are hostages..in the pink circle my mother just like on movie in the Istanbul bomb attacks

My children names are changed in the rear name of their gangster MOM - the Dutch government (Rutte&Willem Alexander) had me raped with all USA Lauren Zuidemá's - they were all allowed to skin my children and me.just for the lie detector: did you f*ck Lauren Zuidema...

These ladies and Marisse with their parents were at this party, they co-skinned my children and lit them in fire to had them run around on the grass field – there were fights between them police and other students that helped fighting I was skinned too Other police that came in later excused themselves, also fot their President, and hoped to read about it on the internet. I was kidnapped from de Vleutenseweg, family members were situated inside neighbor’s homes. I was brought back home and these ladies sniffed around in my apartment to show them my poverty.

This picture Janick and I were obliged to make, before or after we left to the above university. I helped Lauren to dye her hair red and we did some make up. Just to create a bridge between our being abused murder pictures. I hardly know my children normal as this, we only see each other in black clothes and heavy wounded.

This is how I was cariiedto the promparty:
The other extreme a picture my children take from be burned and still alive -for police the pain as you can see like drugs addictive & un human I think the New York police knows us like this too - RARA Brennan, Obama etc etc threw us in the coffins like this from the state funeral of the two dead police man in the middle of the street. I still could see my kids taking picture - Ps Marisse my ex was the main torcher, and gasoline is used like in Irak(see below) - in the front garden of palace Noordeinde linked festival Burning man 2012,2013, 2014 , 2015...
In this condition, in nature, you are going to look for salt, my children and I did......maybe a judge finds this interesting...........
i look like a bombing forgery
bags under my eyes indicates a long period of torture for that moment
as small boy in Vietnam angry Vietnamese woman always
said “you must be the heroin boss kids”
see for skull comparison this blog
the streets in de damstraat(head vleutenseweg)
 over here are still blacked from burning my children and I
like this with gasoline 2013
this is how I looked +- as The Pilot from 9/11
my brother Martin hit me in the neck right before picture wat taken with
a baseball bat - makes no sense again my children said
The Reuters Photograper - aka The Polaroid Serial killer
RARA ha my children and me kidnapped to Irak, again we are skinned and burned. I am carbonized and medics archive to steal my bones, skin and Lauren. I got repaired and have to shoot my Son and RARA. RARA that was still playing around with my remains - I am the gun man - still Mama may raise my children??? The Dutch government plays dumb, I have allowance from court martial to counter publish.

The video

RARA: Marisse, MArtin S., Martin M., Martin E., Arun R. and Michael, Remko K., The Oranjes, White House staff members, Renee B. and other gangsters from Utrecht

Papa has a deadly accident - I recieved CPR - as hsotage that is

Bernhard Jens attacks Lauren or Janickwith his speedboat, like always, and like with him and indie 500 races if you attack back you are the one that is court martialed, shameless, to call schizoid. STRANGE. Like all courts in our west, court only reacts on self-defense issues, even against fascist violence our old fashioned decency, the law. Sometimes one slips through because there are video’s in the news. The only thing they try is to put the initiative tacker to violence to the back and you never hear from it again. I never saw Jens in front of a Judge for these matters. A PS RARA hijacks total race tracks and race boat owner teams just to attempt kill us.

---  The Embryo
I as embryo was covered & drowned in this oil, I remember brand – the boys showed me –my (grand)parents and White House staff were beaten to dead by army and police –it means I am Yankee too and 63 years old in 44 year old body -source - This clip features the 46th Gold Cup Regatta held in Seattle, Washington in 1953.
Most boats hailed from Detroit, rightful home of the Gold Cup.
I was brought to Mr. Disney who was working on Peter Pan,to make it up, he drwed some with me and tried to feed me custard and played a bit with me. He could not believe his eyes, they were almost falling out. The first normal person I ever met those days.......

Ditto - they invented something new - cloning.....color movies - makes me 65 years old and a Yankee

my daddy was what I was on woodstock -only I was planted in his head all staged
ps already briefed and published in 2013 by Pentagon agents and my children and me........
ps 2 in the 1982 Detroit Gold Cup Final Heat I was seated in a race boat too -typical RARA - beheadings/violoence etc etc

It became a so called rat race to show to famous people like Martin Luther King, especially to hide they were all sect people (fascist) and to hide by shocking the world that I was The Embryo(tortured), in present time our family continued that ritual with the embryos of my children and me up until now, being born. It’s one of the reasons we have met a lot of famous (sect, gov) people all over the world. And we really want a compensation for it because it is really abused within the sect, the church to gain popularity and authority. Also we would like our family members to go to jail for it. We are really tortured to make us forget with trauma what has being done to us.

This is ME -unpaid (a different kind of trauma, it is stunt work)AGAIN
ghost rider ray

PS(togheter with my children): My psychological dossier is based up on my behavior and thing a said fighting against my ex and family members, as hostage saying things to people out of self-defense in attempt to kill them. Like a front soldier killing a Muslim scream die stinking Muslim It would not make him a racist. He might even lure more Muslims to kill. So falsified by the ones I had to kill was killing not only on Schiphol but also in Maarssenbroek.

My children and I are still hostages, fascist violence is used against us and we are therefore illegal kidnapped. Our hostage takers are still not in prison. Therefore this blog is front soldier language and self-defense.

On Schiphol 2010 I was beheaded in the investigation room by ao. lawyer Stoops, Janick took my head and showed Brennan falsifying my arrest, when my head was back on Janick and medics did again because they were assaulted by Marisse and family members, just to be sure I had some memory about it.

This might be my twin/clone brother from the 60's, I have a bit memory on the kis and the sledge hammered hand....one of the reasons Elvis wanted a twin brother Aaron too, it could be a making me crazy from Elvis, but he ended up the same way cut out and killed I write this because I was sent to court as embryo not reporting it...go figure & hereby Typing this you understand why at first notice people call us/them crazy Americans it's our opponent. 

involved that is for sure -maybe they brain exhange - etc etc
could be even be my own children.....
they exchanged some of my brain in my Son giving
with two consciousness her a kiss
A picture my children and I called 5-9.jpg, my penis is shortened by government people from 9 to 5 inch. we stole this picture from John, he was intimidating with it, or something. In Dutcht: Mijn nieuwe piemeltje eeeuh tjes(my new weener eeeuh s), how can be....you have read in this blog

I am a ete witness for RARA placing both my laboratory back in Marisse her belly for taking this pucture. Eye witness for John Brennan and Huub Beeren to hand squeeuze kill my unborn Son with macho.

RARA family us to do some ropeemanship between the Twin Towers, I was always thrown off. I did not fell off but was thrown off. Walking we did with safety.

They made, maybe, victims with Tarzan me from one tower to the other. Glass felt down. Maybe. And also other buildings up to the Grand Canyon

With mirror shards in Janick(or Lauren or mine) our heads they pay the victims their debts to sick for words –to schizo to walk even walk the streets.

In Janick(killed very slow& rough) his eyes a real American Dream killed - an auto USA Nationalty - we smokkeled out & stole the picture from the terrorists

more in these blogs 1 2
So we are Yankees - they keep on stealing out passports and kidnap us back to Holland
One of The Reasons they stick poles and knifes in our eyes, one of the reasons my children and I so want to apply for asylum in the USA

ps - a picture I took from Marita B., my ex, after she slammed my body and arm off with an axe - We, my kids helped me, smeared some blood on her left shoulder for identification - it is a battle what was cooler what she did or the blood stain which looked like the reaper

this axe reckoning was also for a first attempt police report from my children and me against this sleghammer and hanging reckoning:

my kid obliged take this picture from - the blood is real -Comey his gun - the help is real
important note for Pentagon -General Staff - please send

Hitler still alive

My children were asked this question in front of the court martial and Pentagon General Staff”:

We were shot on spot.

Did we see Adolf Hitler and his wife Eva Braun alive and defrosted? Our answer is yes. A couple years ago in in his old home and when Germany became one in the bundestag in the 90's.

Because I suppose be a famous photographer my children and I made this picture from him between 2013-2016) - if I am correct he visited our home - to have look at my computer and work - it had to be erased...

My children and I stole the picture back from John Brennan and tried to blog it. It was removed. Meanwhile they quickly placed on wiki. Or because we renamed the file in “Hitler,_recoloured.jpg” on USB stick. My son puts stamp on desk, Hitler thought it testified for his administrative knowledge.

My children and I were also interrogated in Berlin without any success, it was ended with severe violence by RARA, John Brennan and supporters. And again we request for asylum.

My children and I are multi-millionaires, all three off us, also made after the Far East prostitutes abused by American government official case. The same abusive American government officials, staff from the Dutch government, their Mother found guilty of terrorism keep us hostage and have even taken away our USA passports illegal. Our money is placed under supervision of the American court.

Hitler was guided through the Bundestag, parliament and congress people were total schocked and traumatized. there were big fights and we were interrogated. We are exposed, off duty and hostages, so Help!!!!!

he was also present on board taking these pictures

On the sun’s surface my children and I fooled RARA into putting Hilter his capsule in the lava pretending it was me. Janick his carbonized body, but still moving stood on top of his coffin – that convinced RARA – he wanted to stay with is daddy – I was greeting Hitler his way so played Hitler. We do not know if we succeeded, it needs to be researched. It was an attempt at least and for RARA a change to kill Janick.

Lauren was very worried about losing her brother, than he did this for us, his skin was still in the shuttle were we hided it with ours pretending it was black diamond rock what we used for the Olympics.

Medics gave Janick donor eyes just in case.....

Was there a bounty on his head? In the Bundestag they promised us one fighting against RARA and Helss Angels from the USA. His head skin was on I saw. It was also already in The Computer we saw.....

I remember I had to check upon Hitler his frozen body more than once in my live after big earthquakes. The big one broke indeed his body but it was reparable according to medic. He was frozen in California by sect people, religious people, the church.

That is an auto bounty Janick smiled over my shoulder, "now they want to change our rear name to get that money while they are the course we deserve one....."

Meanwhile secret services “” are again been in my house, f*cking around with my mouse traps the same way as they always do. (like schizoids that always take bite from your bread behavior) Let’s hope they did not put new mice in my house again.