This Tree I visited too wth Richard Nixon and John Brennan(CIA), a secret witch Tree, imagine what happened here.....

Our Site against Child Abuse - Help!! we are cannibal holocaust slaved!! & crime hostages!
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Our being fascist abused - with Dad obliged as The Photographer:

When if my children and I get compensation from a court, if we die, when we are no longer there, all three, we want to the money donate to UNICEF, an organization that has helped us more than once in the field. And just because our families are keeping us hostage to get the money.

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distnace to sideburns & ear??bigger than before restore...

I see a temporary brain damaged(cutted) and dominated person with a cry or laugh for help in this,
you to dad? Yes And for all I know this had to do with a riot to with RARA, impalements, fights with police. Well I was one of the impaled victims. Nutrasweet stands for Cocaine. The suggestion was a threat from my uncle Renee. Losing her mind stood for the amount of torture and stabs in the head. A riot like the Baltimore ones, the police was unsure if not talking about it was the right thing to do I remember.

This is how they abuse and slave traumatize us, daddy since he was 3 weeks old, us too

And of course, for us, the soul of this witch sect site,
I have been called Mr. Broomstick too
(India- Delhpi people reaction on terrorism like this - train & cinema fires -
link = these South American people - Idians - erasing tracks - see our crimi blog)

From the movie Cannibal Holocaust to Honor the victims of '72, my blog about it.
How I was abused in this movie like that too and eye witnessed this girl getting skewed.

Even president Nixon dragged me into police station Paardenveld Utrecht,
like this on a skewer. With the question why they did not react properly on his reports
about this and my family’s cannibalistic misbehavior and terrorism.
All they could say that it was terrorism what he showed them. Except for the fact that they
were not terrorized, like him bold veterans.
At the moment as we speak they do not react properly on terrorism.
While in Science Justice is and therefore should be anti-terrorism.


This is typical RARA, kind of strange to see myself like this on the net, not for RARA, they are very schizo and narsistic, more in dutch(translator on right site):

A dead lead Witch Of the Order, my son, Farewell beautiful boy, my daughter and I said, but he survived this serial killer RARA ritual revenge on police, we too:

Our hospital sometimes, me and my children 7-10 yrs old, I had the previlege to bring them home from ISS, Ps. see blood on suit:

Vietnam, looks like the picture president Nixon always had in his wallet: I am looking for that kid,
he then said, I am looking at 40 years war trauma I guess. Well there is a fold in the picture, who knows :

My Son and I, on the filmset The Way Back

(2010) - we were left very heavy wounded - we could not move and spend the night together like this, my daughter had to take the picture, just in case...

same film set, a picture my children and I made, captured, my son his head right upper corner:

My daughter, she was guided like dog an public through her ear, with a iron spear(USA)

Papa drives mc!! My jaw muscles are diverted on the middle of street!!.......eeuhw

My kids and I !!!!!! -2015

My famous death crash TV debute!!

Zo klinkt dat ook bij mensen als je kaken van elkaar open gerukt worden: zie ook blogje
So it sounds on humans too when they torn open your jaws apart.

The Ghost Rider - OOTBB Witches showing off - forced to:

The Ghostrider(in this case me) in Suicide Squad:

On request of my Son & Daugther so you know where we have been, I know where we have been,
auntie B.'s book on her table, torture killed also by writer, our Mom and friends see secret codes, we see:

Maybe I’m going to buy the book Psychic Dictatorship in the USA. I was in a lot of personal clashes, involvements, with American cults who are maybe in it too. Although it’s a standard mind-control book am sich, nouns like smash fascism & racism we call distractions from nouns as fascism is communism is terrorism. A standard noun for a left winged activist and terrorist to appeal to be normal. Activism is the soul of democracy, also a good one, being said by an in fact terrorist, a mind controller, a human cutter, is a bit strange. Is it even important if they have some consciousness about what they say or write all, that’s what we wonder because all I and we see them do, the cults, is cutting humans to terrorize other people and to satisfy their needs as being schizophrenic cannibals. What they say is somewhat true, it hides true terrorism, it’s their nature to be a terrorist, so can they help to speak that way? Smash fascism & racism, meaning: I am good like you, on dounbt: ever heard about paranoia or racism and fascism? Or black panter activists?

This is the reaction on this book by me and my children, I was proud on their English seeing their age. So maybe to compose blogs about terrorist cannibal cults, not to be activist. Al we, my children and I see in books like this, or Mein Kampf or the books from Lenin & Marx, is toilet paper, and if you were so stupid to read them you would draw the same conclusion. A waste of time, meanwhile they fight like Kamikaze, like Pearl Harbor, unbelieveable too. Look at the pics above from this book, all I see is communists laughing at us, because the Kremlin runs The White House, and we don't see it. And really if you pretend to be Red Army or Cannibal, like me and president Nixon did, you walk in en out the Kremlin just like that up till today, all it took was a box with human brain remains, just to bring our true leaders a present, that's no joke. We nearly escaped. Smash fascism & racism, all I read is, I am a typical narsist schizo communist red army activist and I know it, most of the time. That your own Mom is Red Army is like Pearl Habor, a trauma like a cut off smaller penis. Like they say, I give you two.

Beth placed this book in my home to show to present rescue people.....? for eeeeh?

Every human is in Principe a cannibal when they are very hungry, only we live amongst cannibals with an uncontrolled need to be one. Their explanation for it is they are the better species, ours is they are in some cases dangerous- and in some cases lesser dangerous schizophrenics. In most cases the lesser dangerous will be followers in being dangerous and a bit the other way around, the followers can be both (see mental in above picture), therefore both species are terrorists. Who will be leaders and who will be followers, in that discussion, that human cutting party, based upon cannibalistic terrorism, lies what they call democraty and will always bring war if they are not brought to Justice.

They show themselves to us and the rest of the world as the mob also known as terrorism, communism. They say things like smash fascism & racism while their heroes and leaders are, for example, Hitler, Stalin or even Bob Marley. The only sense for that is mind control and -syndrome. Terrorism, one word, with one foundation, cannibalistic terrorism. To bring us Cannibal Holocaust.

My brother, weaaring my shoes, on the top left,my head was on my hips 4 photo, 2 bloody, seen from the spirit world, by my spirit or the last things you record when your head is cut off, I used to brag whit my head like that, lifting it up and down a couple centimeter, to shock the ones who did that to me(my kids did too they told me, went wrong too):

Being a member of our witch sekt can be dangerous, it brings a lot of jealous women an man, my son and I gave her a cut in her leg, before taking the picture, impaled, across from her, they lauged at me, my Son pushed me over, sent by Dr. Poll (Discovery),
to create an L(stands for Lauren), my daughter:

My daughter as baby, a new family hobby photograpy(this is my album)

My daughter, some older, Mom's work, to put it online too, still not enough to place her from home:

My daughter repared:

Also me as un acknowledged victim, my head is on the table,
I have viewed this picture with the nurses in this hospital after I was repared an at home two years ago:

My daughter abused for childporn around 10 yrs old, in her own room I beleive, read more:

Rolling my children into Lava stones, Hawaii, Janick my son did not cooperate, he became the double stone almost,
my daughter did cooperate, she became the single round stone, so I could tell the difference whenever they would
show me the picture, they constantly show them pictures, thet also have thrown us into vulcano's, wich was very hard
for me to due to my weigth and impalement, just to see us drown and flounder, and oh yeah, it was very very hot(Hilary Fetisj)
shut the fuck up, let's do it under water, tell us the difference, the suit test was supossed to be their plea for acting normal:

My Son positioned death(real murdered! eyes cut out):

skull and eyes removed to fit helmet,just like me when I was young, my Son:


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