The Colt's their Bounty Hunt List with our robots...

Our famous, assassinate Kennedy:

My famous, assassinate Kennedey for co-kidnapping me away from my family in Malibu. My family kidnapped me back for this kill I was 10 yrs old. A lot of family members were killed. In the USA we are the Army, the Mob(that was true), the Terminator robots. The cover up Hollywood movie we checked, we had war amnesia, this image is real, published by myself in 2015.

>>> our being killed list <<<
People we killed & burned with skin from the nitrogen project: clones KILLED
Bounty Hunt List R.J.J. Moesker(Ray Colt & kids and Termonators) 01/05/2015 - 01/09/2016(all self-defense) Full Bounty
Queen Maud old 2 X Adolf was in Vietnam worth $300.000.000,-
Queen Maud young clone 2 X In 2015 that was like around $ 1.600.000.000 in my(our-my kids) porfolio
Marlene Dietrich young version - test on lie detctor svp - lot of high res new picts My kids and I made 2 X Like Capone -these are serious amounts - plz sent to court martial - my children are kidnapped to steal/blackmail this money - note she is our terrorist
Emperor China old 7 X
Emperor China young clone 7 X
Adolf Hitler V1 - 2 clones & children 2 X killed a set on the Sun
Adolf Hitler V2 -2 clones 2 X killed a set on Réserve écologique Louis-Babel, Canada
Eva Braun 4 X A possible 5 th Hitler is killed by us on top of Jan Moesker in the crematory -and two spare legs
Klara Pölzl(Mother Hitler young to old 3 versions) 4 X Hitler family killed St. peterburg -flame throwers
Alois Hitler sr. Klara Pölzl(young to old 3 versions) 4 X we worked arccording to family tree - we do not think they can clone him now again
Johann Georg Hiedler(young to old 3 versions) 4 X
Maria Anna Schicklgruber(young to old 3 versions) 4 X
Maria Orsitsch (young to old 3 versions) 2 X
Stalin 3 X
Lenin 2 X
Marx Karl 2 X
Queen Beatrix young clone 2 X cut out the twins out of my belly in the US and killed them 2001
Queen Elisabeth young clone 2 X
Mother Theresa 2 X
Kadhafi 4 X
Emperor Japan 2 X
Arafat 3 X
Mandela Nelson 3 X
Jan Moesker 4 X
Al Capone (all three clones - Den Helder + 2x Washington) 3 X
 J. Edgar Hoover 2 X
Prins Bernhard 2 X
Johan Friso van Oranje 2 X
Charles Bonaparte 2 X
Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte 4 X
Emperor Julius Ceasar 5 X
Emperor Nero 5 X
Queen Wilhelmina(3 version young to old) 3 X
Chaves 2 X
Pablo Escobar (young & old version) 6 X
Tombola (brothers + family young & old version - clones from"the koloniën") 3 X also in our Estate Portabello - not really full still old version alive - she was looking @ me torching her in my garden
Joseph Allen "Country Joe" McDonald (family 2x young & old version - clones from "the koloniën") 4 X +
President Roosevelt 6 X
President Nixon 2 X
President Lincoln (both parents) 2 X see high res b&w + color photo's my children and I took
Klaas Bruinsma 1 X
The Royal Family of Nepal 2 X
Elvis Presley & parents 2 X
James Brown 2 X
Muhammad Ali 2 X
Heinrich Himmler 2 X
Wernher von Braun 4 X
Jan van de Brink 2 X
queen lead singer 2 X
Lady Diana 2 X
Jimy Hendix 2 X
Jim Morrison 2 X
Janis Joplin 2 X
Cornelus Moesker(grandpa) 2 X
Sadam Hoessein 2 X
Marlyn Monroe 2 X
President Kenedey 2 X
Fred Astaire Sr. 2 X
Frank Sinatra 2 X
Martin Luther King 2 X
Malcolm X 2 X
Barack Obama, Sr. 2 X
Bagwan 2 X
Khomeini 2 X
Ghandi(young & old version) 2 X
Tolkien JRR(old&young) Gates of Moira key link for the frozen ones 2 X
Bruce Lee 2 X
Pim Fortyun 100 X like George Michael he hd a lot of clones
Menno Buch 2 X
Theo van Gogh 2 X
Jos Brink 2 X
Pim Sonnevelt 3 X
Andre Hazes 4 X
Manfred Langer 3 X
Maria Servaes-Bey 2 X
Johnny Jordaan 3 X
Willy Alberti 3 X
John de Mol sr 3 X
Geertruida van Unen-Moesker 3 X
Tante Leen 2 X
Gwenette Girigorie Martha 4 X
Bart de Graaf 2 X
Sam Klepper 2 X
Willem Ruis 4 X
Rodney King 2 X
President Reagan 2 X
First Lady Reagan 2 X
Michael Jackson 2 X
Ho chi minh 2 X
Mao Zedong 2 X
Deng Xiaping 2 X
Osama Bin Laden 3 X
Terrorists Moskee US shootings X
a few +- 4 9/11 terrorist(so called) - fake dead sentenced -followed by my flame thower(2 terrorists)
Prince 2 X
John L. Nelson 2 X
David Bowie (Jr. + parents clones) 4 X
Wild Bill Hickok  2 X photographed them
Calamity Jane 2 X
Buffalo Bill 2 X
Dwight D. Eisenhower 3 X
Harry S. Truman 3 X
George Patton 3 X
Winston Churchill 3 X
Tupac Shakur 3 X
The Notorious B.I.G. 3 X
Father of Khalid 2 X
Michael Hutchence 3 X
Kurt Cobain 4 X
Bobby Brown 4 X
Winey Houston 5 X
Rudolf Hess 4 X
Hermann Göring 4 X
Joseph Goebbels 4 X
Albert Einstein 3 X
Charles de Gaulle 2 X
President (FR)Georges Pompidou 3 X alabama
President (FR)François Mitterrand 2 X
Benito Mussolini 5 X
Francisco Franco 4 X
Charlie Chaplin 4 X
Harry Houdini 4 X
Charles Dickens 2 X
Edgar Allan Poe 2 X
Emperor Wilhelm II + wife and children 2 X
30+ clone surgeons dif. nat. X
Emperor Wilhelm I + wife and children 2 X
King Willem I + wife and children 2 X I created photo's 2x color + B&W
Queen Emma 2 X
Herman Brood 3 X
General Robert E. Lee 3 X see wiki for b&w picture I took around two years ago
President-Jefferson-Davis (parents + children) 3 X ditto - torched them in Alabama
Chief White Bear 2 X
Twins Jesus of Nazareth - bank robbing - stabbing my children&me - crucify 2 X Istanbul & Jeruzalem - Jesus was also brought to the Himalaya - 
like we told - remove bones attach to living tissue - transport -freeze with bones
Jesus was not nice in the 80's the pope wanted to remove the new testament
Stan Laurel all these people visited our house - I should be… 3 X
Oliver Hardy i even build their web site go figure in 45 minutes 3 X alabama
Arthur Davidson 3 X alabama
William A. Davidson 3 X alabama
William S. Harley 3 X alabama
Walter Davidson, Sr 3 X alabama
Louis Renault 3 X
Fernand Renault 3 X
Marcel Renault 3 X
Enzo Ferrari young 1 X
Enzo Ferrari old 1 X
Ferdinand Porsche 3 X
Manfred von Richthofen(The Red Baron) 3 X air batlle with me and my children - they key was in there aka the sigmund freuds
Lothar-Siegfried Freiherr von Richthofen 3 X after crash my kids and I killed them with flame throwers
Bolko Karl Alexander von Richthofen 3 X
Wolfram von Richthofen 3 X
Henry Ford(25) 3 X
Henry Ford(young) 3 X
Henry Ford(old) 3 X
Margaretha Geertruida (Griet) Zelle (Mata Hari) (young &old) 9 X see foto's I took - getty images - my belly in shadow
Rudolph MacLeod (young &old) 6 X
Great Grandmother Beeren(young &old twins) 3 X
Great Grandfather Beeren(old &young) 4 X
Grandfather Jos Beeren young version 73 model 4 X
Mary Magdalene 4 X My children and me took pisture of her -see google
Walt Disney( 4 versions young -old) 16 X
Sigmund Freud 2 X see high res photo's online I made
Friedrich Nietzsche 2 X '
Arthur Schopenhauer 2 X '
Galileo Galilei 1 X we disguised one picture, see below
Vincent van Gogh(young to old 5 versions) 3 X 4 stealing my art work - see all his black and pictures we took also as child
Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn 4 X see Tussauds picture we took
President Thomas Jefferson (parents + family) 3 X took 1 picture - dishuised it
President George Washington(mother-parents+children) 3 X My kids and I took picture from him near a small lake in brown color
Johnny Cash(old and young) 2 X
Roy Orbison( 3 versions clones young to old) 2 X
Louis XIV (+wife, brother and family) 6 X
Mazarin  3 X
Louis XVI of France(wife + children) 6 X
Frederik Hendrik, prins van Oranje(ols Y young + family) 3 X see all b&w picture we took - for Royal Dutch
Willem Nicolaas Alexander Frederik Karel Hendrik van Oranje-Nassau 2 X flame thtowers and my children and I used 200 megaton -
Willem Frederik Hendrik van Oranje-Nassau & family 2 X Himalaya to burn half of clones some St. Petersburg & Berlin
Frederik Hendrik van Oranje + family(Alexander van Oranje Nassau) 2 X
Prins Hendrik van Mecklenburg Schwerin 3 X
Willem Alexander Paul Frederik Lodewijk , koning der Nederlanden,  prins van Oranje-Nassau + family 2 X
Karel Albert Rudolf Bosscha 1 X
Willem II van Oranje-Nassau and Mary Stuart (young and old) 2 X
Wilhelmina Maria Sophia Louise "Sophie" van Oranje-Nassau 2 X
Willem Frederik Maurits Alexander Hendrik Karel van Oranje-Nassau(Y&O) 4 X
Prinses Sophie Der Nederlanden 4 X
Prins Willem Nicolaas Alexander Frederik Karel Hendrik 2 X
Johan de Wit 3 X
Anthony Fokker(2 versions young & old -see high re pics we took) 3 pairs 6 X air battle div.- old-new planes - washington DC roundabout riots
Werner Voss 2 X
Jan Pelleboer 3 X
Hans Janmaat 4 X
Pope Gregory the Great 2 X
Pope Pius XII 3 X
Pope Pius VII 4 X
Pope Pius IX 3 X i took b&w picture - see wiki
Pope Urban VII 4 X
Pope Sixtus V 4 X inside vatican we burned popes with the most clones -there could be some left
Pope Gregory XIII 2 X i think we killed more than 200 popes - aka The Popes one of the most dangerous gangs on earth…
Pope Pius V 2 X
Pope Leo VIII 3 X
Pope Benedict V 3 X
Pope John XIII 2 X
Pope Benedict VI 2 X
Pope Benedict VII 2 X
Pope John XIV 2 X
Pope John XII 2 X
Pope Agapetus II 3 X
Pope Marinus II 2 X
Pope Leo VII 3 X
Tsar Ivan The Terrible (Young and old)((grand(grand)parents & family & court order) 12 X for traiding places- stay off my(mass) murders, one of our morphed robot id's is Dracula(therefore also in the movies)
Sonny Barger WII version long hair 3 X see B and W picture I(my kids and I) made with my Bounty Hunt hat below
Riekie Beeren young version 3 X you will also see in this picture my youing mother clone from freezer
Fuad I of Egypt 4 X
Farouk of Egypt 3 X see b&w wiki pictures we took
Fuad II of Egypt 4 X Pyramids were built in the hope that it would freeze it above
Hussein Kamel of Egypt 3 X aka the sultans ps we also eliminated the "aka" Pharaohs 
Abbas II of Egypt 4 X
Tewfik Pasha 3 X
Isma'il Pasha 4 X
Sa'id of Egypt 6 X
Jorge Videla(young & old version) 4 X see b&w wiki pictures we took
Augusto Pinochet(young & old version) 4 X
Anne Frank (young old + ancestors +uncle) 3 X
Ed Nijpels (young version) 3 X Dalton gang principlethey used bounty hunt & bank rob at the same time
D.M. Samsom (young version) 4 X killed at ao at University Rotterdam riots
Willem Nijholt( 4 younger version) 2 X pairs
Mark Rutte(young version) 4 X aka the edjes
Alexander Graham Bell (young & old version) 4 X
Samuel Morse  (young & old version) 3 X
John Alexander Douglas McCurdy(young version) 4 X
Thomas Edison(3 versions young to old) 2 X
Isac Newton 6 X
Steve Jobs(old & young version) 4 X
Michail Kalasjnikov(old&younger version) 3 X Great Grandpa always stole his furniture - like they steal my limo's
John Pemberton 3 X see b&w wiki pictures we took
King Richard 3rd 4 X
King Richard I The Lion Heart 4 X
Thomas More 2 X see color picture wiki we took
King Edward V 3 X
Duke Richard of Shrewsbury 3 X
Henry II of France 4 X 'see color picture wiki we took
John King of England 3 X see color "picture"  we took - black lips -I did grime too
Elenor Duchess of Aquitaine 4 X
King Arthur 5 X fights up to Fontevraud Abbey
Cardinal Stephen Langton 2 X
William M. Dalton 4 X 'see b&w wiki pictures we took a couple years ago of all US classic gangs before flame thrower
William Blake (outlaw) 4 X even dad paid for the gasoline!!
Dan Clifton 4 X
Roy Daugherty 4 X
Bill Doolin 4 X
George Newcomb 4 X
Charley Pierce 4 X
Bill Power 4 X
Bob Dalton 4 X
Grat Dalton 4 X
Dick Broadwell 4 X
Jesse James 4 X
Frank James 4 X
Emmett Dalton 4 X
Frank Dalton 4 X
Bill Gates (young version - 4 versions- 72 - 77 - 89 - 99) 8 X kids & bill did not mind - bill stole my Microsoft Surface Studio, excactly this one ( I burned & behead cloned?)- he has to sell for living
Vladimir Poetin(young version 3 versions) 8 X this girl to dead already two times also together with her family members -for bounty -why are they 
Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin(young & old version 99 -2014 model) 4 X the girl stole our new hunt gear....and she obliged me to shoot this shoot
Maria Ivanovna Putina (58 model) 3 X
Michail Gorbatsjov (young version) 2 X
Leonid Iljitsj Brezjnev(youn & old) 2 X
Boris Jeltsin(young & old) 4 X
Obama Barak Jr. clone + Parents 2 X typical clone project -isolated enviroment
Herman van Veen Jr.clone + parents 2 X ditto
Herman van Veen(younger to older) 4 X
Edmund C. Lynch 4 X
Charles E. Merrill 4 X
Charles E Merrill, Jr (Jr. clone + parents) 2 X
Charles E Merrill, Jr (younger version) 4 X
Dina Merrill(old version two younger versions) 4 X a mob Assassin - spent some time with here took all high ress B&W pictures -see wiki& Imdb
Gerry Adams(two younger and current version)  6 X 70 models full bounty - parents with minors full bounty
Willem Holleder(younger versions +family+parents) 4 X detroid - see 87 b&w pictures wiki we took
Freddy Heineken(young&old version) 2 X some pics of us are in patricia s collection - nice I was the real one that was a hostage in th 80's Heiniken became one as joke -I was already rich
Hilary & Bill Clinton and daughters (young version 80's) 2 X after ritual rape and burning of clone of my daughter - we did not spare them the rape
Gijs Verweij +Wife and two Sons(Falco)(younger version) 3 X Japan(Hiroshima) - Thailand
Willem van Oranje(old model) 2 X AKA The Mocro gang - leader
Willem van Oranje (young model) 23 X incl. Janick's & Lauren's kills
Maurits van Oranje(young &old) 2 X
Maria Josepha van Saksen 3 X
Louise de Coligny 2 X
Princess Therese von Bayern 3 X
Anna van Saksen (young&old) 2 X
Muhammad(the) (Young and old models inlc family) 16 X Libya, Morocco, Tunisia - pictures from wiki and txt we made together
Donald Thrump(younger versions with family) 4 X North Mexico, Palm Springs, Newport Beach
Fam. De Bruin(young versions) 4 X
Fam. Colet(younger versions) 4 X fam versions = incl children
Fam. Smoorenburg(young&old versions) 2 X
Fam. Giltay(young&old versions) 2 X
Fam.Boos(young&Ols versions) 2 X
Fam. Jagersma(young&old versions) 2 X
Fam. Zukato(young&old versions) 5 X
Fam. Kamphoff(young&old versions) 5 X
Fam. Brennan(young versions) 6 X
Guus Meeuwis(+Fam. Young versions 2 versions) 4 X
Uneputty (+Fam. Young versions 2 versions) 2 X
Big Willem(+Fam. Young versions 2 versions) 3 X
Gerrit-Jan Mulder(young version +family) 3 X
Madonna (+Fam. Young versions 2 versions) 2 X
Cheese and Chong +Ewout (+Fam. Young versions 2 versions) 4 X
Barend & Conny Beeren + kids(young and old version) 6 X
Alice Phoebe Lou (+Fam. Young versions 2 versions) 3 X
Raymond(me) Marisse + kids young versions 2 X only Marisse is bounty - the rest was mercy
William James Edwards II (+wife young & old version) 4 X
Cleopatra (young and old version & ex wife), The 16 X The big RARA/ISIS boss,see color goodbeye movie(Big Boobs & Shaved Pussy) of her on xhamster - a bit face is visible - our extreme cam-see our onenote for comment
Amy Winehouse(young&old versions+ some family) 8 X lived with her and Cleopatra in Portabello a couple days and my children - for the other thing police could not belive their eyes…they warned us for them &called -we suffered amnesia
Anouk Teeuwe(young and old version with parents, mexico clones) 4 X see Anouk being skinny and neglected 'selfie' picture I took in Mexico before…..
Angelina Jolie(young and old version with parents, mexico clones) 4 X see b&w pictures I took on toilet gas station palm springs were we eliminated her young clone
Keira Knightley(young and old version with parents, mexico clones) -lived in Portabello too -I thought it was Vanessa 2 X picture I took of clone - eliminated in germany railway st. - last survivor mexico(see graffiti pic) - httpcelebs-place.comphotoskeira-knightleypic-542891.html
Paris Hilton(young and old version with family mexico clones) 4 X
Natasja-ex Martin +family(young and old version, mexico clones) 3 X
Fam. Duinkerken(young and old version with parents, mexico clones)-uncle Cecilia 3 X
Salman Rushdie(young and younger clone version) 6 X -see sultans and mexico -the older version we did not manage -but was killed 3 times by us but he survived
Bob Hope( 3 versions young to old and (grand)parents) 12 X
Willem Duys(young & old vesion) 4 X
Melanie Safka(young version)(even lived with her on our mountain -nice for my kids I mom who can teach some music…until) 5 X -some older versions - see stock pics I made of her
Bram van Leeuwen 6 X
Baron St Helens 6 X -'I made b&w picture on his wiki -close friend Napoleon
George Vancouver 6 X
Samual Colt(+ wife and son) 9 X
Ray Kroc (family and parents - young to older clone versions) 8 X An illigal the CIA used to kidnap me away from my Mc Donalds Hamburger company as RaY Colt
John von Neumann & Wife & Daughter 5 X daughter survived
John and James Chivas(and parents) 18 X wiskey
René Descartes + wife(dutch "daughter" - i knew her from holland at hteir marriage in Beventer)(young & old version) 15 X
John Browning 29 X also a stolen branch from colt
Val Browning 31 X
Oliver Winchester 28 X
Daniel B. Wesson 25 X
William Wirt Winchester 17 X
Eliphalet Remington 15 X
Friedrich Peyer im Hof 19 X
Johann Heinrich Moser 20 X
Conrad Neher 12 X
Alfred Hitchcock(young & Old version) 7 X
James Dean (young & old version) 9 X
Paul Newman(young & old version) 20 X
Marlon Brando(young, youinger & older versions) 30 X
Sal Mineo (young, youinger & older versions) 17 X
Rock Hudson (young, youinger & older versions) 15 X
Elizabeth Taylor (young, youinger & older versions) 13 X
George Michael 101 X aka the101 dalmatiers!!!
Creator(Mother) Trees 3

X the 3 ones we hided in Shakespeare books as the three witches for their magic(creating organisms) - two were hidden on earth in diverse dna - we put them together on St. Helen Volcano area- one we eliminated on other planet

Antonio Vivaldi 7 X for stealing our inventions classic instruments and -music
Johann Sebastian Bach 6 X
Mozart(young & old versions) 18 X
Tchaikovsky(young and old) 20 X
Schubert 6 X
Ravel 23 X
Samuel Barber(young and old versions) 12 X
Beethoven(young and old versions) 12 X
Milislav Demerec 6 X
Max Delbrück(young and old versions) 4 X
Thomas Foxen Anderson 7 X
Salvador Luria(young and old versions) 5 X
Alfred Hershey(young and old versions) 7 X
James Watson(young and old versions) 6 X
Francis Crick(young and old versions) 9 X
Michael Rossmann(young and old versions) 7 X
Seymour Benzer(young and old versions) 20 X On wiki he is shown with a wasp from our smithy -after we teached them he stole it with deadly violence -I killed him after taking this picture
Bruce Alberts 18 X
Gisela Mosig(young and old versions) 4 X
Richard Lenski 4 X Took his homepage picture two years agoo before we killed him
The Hulk (atom weapon machine/software) 8 X
The Shadow man aka GOD and Saruman  (atom weapon machine/software) 9 X
Mr. T (a 300meter high T-Rex plus family) 4 X 4 brothers/clones
Paul Lovering 4 X
Mural Joe 17 X one of the painters that disturbed our lessons in painting waves after our big trip to America - ps consider all child clones(&other time relatedconstructions) of famous artists as eliminated - the may lower in level on your pile of warrants
Willebrord Jan Frans Maria Vandersteen(young and Old) 22 X for stealing and having me drawn all suske and wiske in salvery
René Goscinny(young and Old) 6 X for stealing and having me drawn(incl. movies also latest) all Asteric and Obelix in salvery - the others are wanted dead
Hergé(young and Old) 10 X for stealing and having me drawn(incl. movies also latest) all Tintin in salvery - the others are wanted dead
"Fred" the meat eating plant(the one from the Smurfs) 4 X Military old Rome amusement, a pre historic plant people and children were fed too
The big black poison Mushroom 4 X a pre historic 3m high mushroom, poisoning drink water and humans
God/Allah(or again a mp4 player terrorist? he was wanted) 20 X could be the real one, he had my penis cut of and made smaller, was a mater of atom weapons, we replaced the source of our universe and all the others with terminator souls
Contra Terminators(&Pentagon's dummy programm - we use aka "skynet") 3 X Three terminators once made for God as his or Human minors (according to his character) – also minor for our Terminators who we made superior to us….but they created a lot of paranoia
Jo Nesbø 17 X for stealing our work with terrorism
Charles M. Schulz(young and old versions) 20 X for stealing our Snoopy work with terrorism
Alexander Fleming 78 X for stealin our invention :: Penicillin
All dead (Dutch?)teachers from minory school to HIO 5 X and for insulting our professor degree as wonder childs - lost count
The sandworm 5 X a giant sandworm - read our blog for more
Chris Roberts(young & old + clones of his children) 6 X for stealing game Star Citizen and turning Colt industries into robert industries
Ray Kassar(young & old) 10 X for stealing Atari selling it out to Nintendo and Infrogames/again our Atari flashback gear was stolen(to make a living)
George Opperman(some family not full) 20 X for stealing our Atari logo design, killing my kids - A'dam/Bakkun 1980 - amongst ISIS members we changed him into a boat found next to a egypt pyramyd
Leo Baekeland(clones + parents 11 X for stealing our inevtion of plastic
Donald B. Wagner(family members) 5 X for stealing our books about Iron -there is a second one -we tried to kill to trying indent the first Donald
Gilbert O'Sullivan(young& old version) 22 X 4 stealing our music ouvre with murder and rape like all the others - secret service had me build his website…for near future
Michele Tenore(Tenorite mineral) 18 X
Henry Fonda 22 X for hanging me at the set
William Scott "Jack" Elam 42 X ditto
Charles Bronson 85 X ditto
Woodrow Wilson Woolwine "Woody" Strode 14 X
Walter Frank Hermann Wolff 17 X
Jason Nelson Robards Jr. 20 X
Glenn Frey 14 X for stealing Hotel California
Adam Nathaniel Yauch  13 X for stealing our entire ouvre
for stealing with his son polymorph coesite…naming it
Loring Coes 6 X for stealing with his son polymorph coesite…naming it
Loring Coes Jr. 6 X
Nikola Tesla 32 X for stealing our alt. Electricity inventions
Sam the Sham(old and young version) 16 X for stealing ouvre like Wooly Bully & Tequila
Vladimir Komarov 13 X
Ernest Rutherford 6 X for we the Colts dicovered and note down all elements(protons/electrons/neutrons/Quarks) for this milky way & the entire universe - for humans we puiblished their 118 to survive and explore(see his color img we have put on wiki)
J. J. Thomson 4 X ditto
James Chadwick 4 X ditto
Peter Armbruster(young&old) 4 X ditto
Multatuli(young&Old version+family) 18 X like Tolkien for stealing my books like Max Havelaar
Antonio Stradivari(young&old) see picture below 8 X for pretendingh to be me inventor of violin and guitar under this synonim
James Clerk Maxwell 6 X for stealing with murder our Electromagnetism Math's and science - WWI II III war crimes
Heinrich Rudolf Hertz 6 X ditto
Hans Christian Ørsted 6 X ditto
Moses Gomberg 4 X ditto
Pierre Desbassyns de Richemont 6 X ditto
John Lee Hooker 10 X for stealing our art and blues-ouvre
Mona Lisa Twins -1 24 X for as J*ws(as we see them)playing our music - we killed one of the twins
Ton Hol - Sarazani(and family) 11 X a lot of clones he had - full bounty - we hunted him in Italy were they arrested him to protect him - 4 stealing our coffee/recordshop(ATR-Acid-House)
Bill Paxton(young & old) 66 X
Caspar Pound(+clones of him and family) 24 X for stealing our band name, record labe and hit as a Homeboy, a Hippie and a Funki Dredd, total confusion after a meal I made my children -ther bad names, yes, just to have a possibility to even get on stage :)
John T. Thompson(young &old) 32 X for stealin our tommy and sten guns as not being Colt originals - ID Theft with deadly consequences - we are top level
Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme(and parents - young and old) 24 X for stealing our murder on President Ford, funny thing the murder gun, mine, is real on the net! Like IP-numbers we all have our own range girls.....;-)
Danny Kirwan(young and old versio) 80 X 4 stealing our entire ouvre with Fleetwood Mac
Kees Houtman(young and old) 16 X he told me he was Mob
Joyce Labruyere 11 X kidnapping/stabbing/burning my kids -think Nulde meisje - see atari blog
Robert-Jan Akkerman 4 X torturing me
Sohane Benziane 8 X I burned here with flamethrower for burning a Lauren from future at the same spot togheter with both friends who are in jail?, she died too
Rene Besch 4 X
Corinne, Sharon en Donna Bolhaar 3 X
Joanne “Soapy” Wilson. 6 X
Rini Meerveld 3 X ex Hells Angel
Jeffrey Heusschen 5 X Hells Angel
Peter La Serpe 6 X if vermist->jackpot
Jan Nebbeling 4 X inside Nomds club -they changed out of fear into Angels
Charles R. 3 X Hells Angel
Steven Chocolaad 6 X
Serge “Moon” Wagner, 3 X claiming my murder on Steven Chocolaad
Paul de Vries 2 X ditto
Cor Peijnenburg 4 X ditto
Onno Kuut 4 X tattoo killer
Robbert Schilder 4 X Hells Angel fro shooting with shot gun at my children their heads more tham once
Adelberto Inocencio Martina 7 X
Murat Garki 4 X
Aytas Göraler, 3 X
Derkaoui van der Meijden 4 X
Luana Luz Xavier 2 X
Ewoud Siegers 4 X
Zdravko Vazov 4 X
Gerritson Noel A. 3 X
Martie Heesbeen(& his dog out of safety) 5 X
Samir Jabli 6 X
Gideon Hasim Verhelst 2 X
Nikola Smoljanic 2 X
Michal Melka 3 X
Hans Nijman 5 X
Mesut Polat 3 X

My kids and I eliminated Mesut Polat for stealing our Audi A8(not an A3) license 72-NJ-VD and kidnapping us. For the rest we can maybe report a criminal car dealer Judge:
We killed more than 100 clones, one is still alive, of the criminal budget Judge who stole all our cars, limos and houses, like the Fatamorgana farm. He delivered all cars for kidnaps for example around Heineken, Audi gang, A’dam police already once asked me where they get their cars. He works together with Brennan and also stored them in the US, my kids and we obliged to drive cars on ships to make us accessory. Latest cars stolen from us is two Porsches, a A8 and the big Ford pick-up and beach house/smithy(were my kids and I created parts of Moordlijst2014-dec.pdf and uploaded it&it got stolen too), now restaurant La Maranda. Maybe above license and Judges are a good link. Just a couple moths(10-7-2018) ago my Porsche was parked here on the Vleutense weg near the police cam Damstraat/Vleutense weg.

Juliette Bouhof 5 X full Bounty not sure - we also did her at her hiding address
Hamdi Bilir 4 X BMW was parked to prevent the murder & to create as schizoid always do "provoking", I believe from same Judge(see Polat)
Robert Voorhorst 3 X
Mien Graveland 2 X
Samir Bouyakhrichan 7 X do not use my nickname either
Guled Nasir 4 X
Derkaoui Elarbi Ben Bouchaib van der Meijden 7 X
Dagoberto Gil Rodriguez 4 X dumped him ideed in water to buy time to burn his clones
Johan Koetje (42) en Ernst Noordijk (51) 3 X we were even filmed by police helicopter who tought  we were the criminals - the boat, ours, was wrecked by Renee and Nando
John Wassink 6 X
Sabrina Roberts 4 X
Erwin Adriano Juliana en Shantley Percival Arnhem 2 X that Chloe woman we wanted to, we did one clone of her too
Stefan Manuel Regalo Eggermont 5 X stabbing Lauren in chest
Iris van den Hooff 3 X
Erik te Selle 4 X
Marco Lamers 3 X
Mahmut K. 4 X for stealing my murder see Marco lamers
Mimoun Chengachi 4 x
Ilona Nemeth 3 X
Mohamed Kassriou 5 X
Marissa van der Burg(&Hasèn Aksema & Isra) 20 X most af them in Istanbul
Tom Wolfe 5 X for stealin our books
Rob Mahabier en Jeroen Dekkers 6 X reminded us of our earlier known Dutch masonry murders
Hans van Wieren 4 X stabbing my kids at his school
Robert Sengers 5 X
Jolanda Kortooms 4 X kids and husband to I believe
Savanna de Jongh 3 X 3 yrs old - we killed a lot of her parents too
Veronica Camarines 2 X
Manuel Fetter 4 X
Hans Christian Andersen 60 X for stealing my oeuvre - see B&W picture we put on the net -how to become a nice burger
Rudolf Erich Raspe 21 X for stealing our Baron Munchausen oeuvre/books/catoons(all) & film scipts etc - see created by us B&W pic "" on the net
John Lautner 12 X for stealing ouvre oeuvre & buildings - architecture
Luciano Pavarotti 64 X for stealing ouvre oeuvre
Hendrik Petrus Berlage 11 X for stealing ouvre oeuvre - our designs our work to build all those buildings
Stevie Ray Vaughan  54 X for stealing our/musick really all they published like all above we finally killed him in 2015/16 he was not really dead like more than 80% of music world lives on our master tapes without our permission
Milly Boele 3 X
Larry Steinbachek 80 X for stealing ouvre oeuvre - killed all clones of Brosnki Beat and Gerard Joling
Ruud Lubbers(young & old versions) 34 X for having me kidnapped in one of my compoanies he later called his own
Joop den Uyl(young & old versions) 30 X ditto & stealing my limo
Willem Drees 12 X ditto
Dries van Agt(young & old versions) 31 X ditto & he tortured me as kid in front of foreign politician so we did back up to in China
Piet de Jong(young & old versions) 12 X ditto
Piet Steenkamp(young & old versions) 11 X ditto
Anita Franklin 80 X ditto -oeuvre
Arthur Miller & father (young & old versions) 45 X for kidnapping Marlyn and me - for stealing ouvre
Justin Wright(whore and children!) 5 X for stealing our oeuvre - Pixar/Disney
William Prout 12 X stealing our work in Atom science to be his
Hermann Minkowski & gay friend 12 X ditto
Thomas Young 12 X ditto
Max Planck 12 X ditto
Gilbert N. Lewis 12 X ditto
Konrad Zuse 12 X pretending to be us, the real computer science pioneers and invetors
Charles Babbage 12 X ditto
William Kahan 12 X ditto
Ferdinand Ritter von Mannlicher(old&young version) 32 X for stealing our rifles and designs
Holless Wilbur Allen(young and old versions) 50 X claiming our invention of Bow and arrow, compound in his case
Fred Bear 23 X ditto and stealing our company
Howard Hill 40 X ditto and stealing our Hollywood money
Gilbert & Sullivan 45 X for stealing our oeuvre(like all above they play-backed our master tapes)
Mona Lisa(young&old) 11 X see shell blog
John Bosley Ziegler(aka Montana Jack) 4 X for stealing our invention (anabolic) steroids - Montana?- we are Coka Nostra -again theft with murder
Peter Nicolai Arbo 24 X for stealing our oeuvre - victory of teh Batlle of Point Dume - wearing our iron crosses - see our Ghostrider painting
Fritz Haber 12 X he stole fame inventing synthesize ammonia from nitrogen gas and hydrogen gas - we took him hostage the day my kids were kidnapped away from here - we killed him in my appartment
Gottfried Keller 14 X stealing oeuvre
Sam Houston 37 X created Lange Jan in the Efteling(a local child murderer) to lure him back in 70's - see his big statue in Texas…
David Koresh & friends 101 X stealing our farm and Wonderland murders therefore in his head - ATF tactical humor from Coca Nostra
Willem Duyn(young and old version) 44 X stealing oeuvre and robbing/killing in Hippie Gypsy Tucson
Bob Geldof(young and old version) 99 X we hope all - stealing oeuvre and robbing/killing in Hippie Gypsy Tucson
Uziel Gal(young and old versions) 120 X for stealing, as Colt, my Uzi wepon as his invention
Stamen Grigorov 40 X for stealing our invention yohgurt cultures although he was just an identifier
Stanley Hillus 67 X tried to steal tool brand Stanley from me
Mariska Veres 47 X stealing oeuvre & child murder and theft
Jan-Michael Vincent 77 X for stealing our volcano and Terminator chopper - kidnapping us etc.
Chuck Norris 75000 X full Bounty not sure - but am
Anne Faber 25 X just doing it back(she was also kidnapping my kids and me 2016) also as alien, it was not me :-), see pic "fcc8561d35343affa8ac530d5f12e163.jpg", in front of Rutte his eyes do not understand the news & not without deads....stay of my murders!
H.R. Giger 100 X for pretending to be the creator of Alien(s)
Ridouan Taghi 10 X
Carl Wilhelm Scheele 6 X for stealing our invention Hydrogen cyanide
John Garand 88 X for stealing id(Colt) and weapon designs on behalve of Springfield Armory
Felix Wankel 33 X for stealing/claiming our(Ford/Mazda) invention the Wankel engine
Gerrit van der Valk 12 X for stealing not paying for Van De Valk business + tax issues
Martien van der Valk 7 X ditto
Fidel Castro 99 X trying to steal Cuba from us, kidnapping my kids and me, pretending to be American
Lieuwes Kornelis de Vries 24 X the Dutch pretending to have invented the potato - we did with all races
Willem Holleeder 78 X for kidnapping me as Heineken:: book from sisters we wrote our cover up -claiming to be mob
Henk Orlando Rommy 88 X ditto - stealing my houses - raping us - full bounty lets hope so - like renee involved since 1976
Peter Fonda 12 X allowed him to make last pictures in my famous jacket - eliminated him(already & reported 2015/early 16) for strealing my bike and helmet and kidnapping me in 70's
Ken Kesey 1200 X for pretending to be me(stealing my story), writer, singer and inventor of ALL drugs…even the secret ones
Christopher Tolkien 94 X stealig our ID, murder in Malibu
Frederic Calland Williams 12 X for claiming our invention
Herman Hollerith 12 X for claiming our invention
Tom Kilburn 12 X for claiming our invention
Frédéric Chopin 22 X for to claim our music/oeuvre
Victor Hugo 111 X for to claim our Notre Dame autobiographical work
Oscar Wilde(NL) 33 X for participating in kidnapping me from Malibu
Anton Geesink 150 X for kidnapping and blackmailing me with lil ray
Peter Adelaar 159 X for being a bad loser
Willy/Mink da Ville 66 X for stealing our music
Joe Cocker 99 X for stealing our music - killing me on stage @ woodstock
  Johan de Wit (1625-1672) a picture we took last year SPOOKY but PROOF -at least a soldier cough

A picture I took in prison from Napoleon in the US - Funny eeuh? after bank robbing & House party- his left ear was one mine ears

Why are or were children an interesting as victim/hostages from the mob, they are minors and the change they do not know a Bonaparte or Hitler is very big. Gangsters are very schizoid about being recognized.

my young mother and Sonny Barger (50's versions) - both de-frozen clones - my Bounty Hunt Hat - see modern Harley's -
we uploaded pictures on the net under 1950's pictures -2015/2016

With human body shaped wired nuclear loads we enlightened them, like with the arms of Godzilla 2015, before we shot them down. The loads my children and I build in during surgery bringing these clones to live. These loads are used to kill us and we also witnessed them being used on Generals inside The Pentagon. Pure disbelieve and fear were on their faces. Maybe you guys know who build those mini nuclear wires!!!!!!

Her clone bounty hunted:

We had to make some of it the Dutch government waved us and our kidnappers. Make some of it, criminals that may have holiday in my children and my home The Portabello Estate. The USA stole Manhattan from Holland so the stole Portabello. It’s also build to lure criminals and make richer…..we made beautiful mummies from the Dutch convicts… like Dutch government? Selling the Royal Dutch family member mummies to museums is reversed later......lucky the "vacationers" all are or become convicts, politician that is a too bad and a very lucrative business for my children and me, and the army

Antonio Stradivari

A pope picture my kids & I made, he was frozen, declared dead, in 1914 - yeah right

a picture I took of Isac Newton 2016

Henry II of France - Yara brushed his beard as grandpa Bertus

King Richard II (AUS) -excact copy or real? I took picture -I say real -the right hand is left without smink -
the ring is taken of like did I wear your ring

A painting Rembrandt created for Vatican - he did that more often not be frozen again

Tsar Ivan The Terrible - we stored him as stalin on his wiki in a KGB office as prisoners

he walked around with my credit cards - Merrill jr. took them away from him

Willem van Oranje - young model(leader Mocro gang A'dam)

The Dalton gang - I took picture -see Janick, my Son or Lauren her his hand through the wall
hiding flame throwers with Court Martial - see protest hand cuffs after I shot them from Mob police officers
They stole my F#$@%^**@##! socks (for real) - Paris was obliged to wash them?????

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