Man lived first on Mars…

Man lived first on Mars, it was destroyed by hooligans. Pollution, human slurry, made its water go to Neptune and Earth. Earth was too big and we created the moon. Because my kids and I were to become trillion airs we left the earth too much Iron. Later bought by me for 9 trillion dollar/euro to found all societies on earth, too build my (& and my kids) dead their dead-star.

Organized crime is as big as our dead-star its damage.(seen in the movies we used it in) Damage they also made inside the film industry. Suffering from war trauma and being kidnapped we tried to blog about it towards the police, also since Marisse and her friend are involved in those crimes. For money, hierarchy and demolition.

Its on going war against crime since humans their existence, with help from our robots the Terminators. Build to build planets and fight wars. So do not worry about getting unemployed.

Inside the film industry our role is that of moviemaker, (post) production, script writing of over 90% of the movies. The on purpose brought crimes(beheadings on the screen for example), made some people decide to make it disappear, after attempt stealing. Its still there. The depts. Are payed with common money & tax money. Liker after the Tsunamis, if the cities are back, money was raised and taken from the responsible ones. Debts are payed, you always can see if cities are build and culture has rising. Our wages were like the actors, sometimes a bit above because we do a lot of acting also as morphed robots.(Superman fight with real flying or Terminator fights, Getting shot with real ammo) This must bring some money to pay our expenses…

We simply cannot spent too much money, as accused of. It has a natural break in that the market cannot deliver. A 9 trillion steal order cannot be delivered for example. And owning too much gear like a too big house is too much maintenance or cleaning. Something like this.

We hope you recognize us. Than you know Marisse should have no business with Marisse. Therefore are kidnapped. Like me. She is not the mother. I am the father & Mother, they are test tube children created by myself, from only my own DNA material!

a too big moon, first we needed the iron, later not, so we builded dead-star

Skynet, like say Gods mainframe, the Terminators their mainframe can only be entranced if they are not kidnapped. Building it we made some sort of web services to extract information out of it. For example warrants. With us not being free they cannot help humans with their hooligans, maintain the earth’s kernel to specify new plasma/wafer board specification for the industry, and even the specification to create electricity. Its undermining earth’s global economy with the danger of again a global black out. A fiesta for the hooligan. Or insane Marines like my children and me.

Again we hope you recognize us. Ray Colt (a Terminator family member*)(prisoner name:: Raymond Moesker, in the human hum of their Neanderthal also called God (Colt) as we wrote in the Bilble having amnesia ;-))

*we can not alow members, only clones of our souls

The earth like Skynet is neurologic intelligent. It flags the ones responsible for kidnapping us. With Tsunamis and even folding earth’s crust its going to kill them like the Dutch. What we can do is flag them back to prevent war in Europe or different must be decided. In Dutch steert language: “op terminant gezet”

Make no mistake about its intelligence not being that is built by Terminators. My kids and I have built this planet also to self-defense ourselves. So that decision will be ours one way or the other, only if the planet can not be repaired otherwise it will even be the planets decision. Some (ex) medics who helped in those mega disasters might remember that something else is deciding whether the organism he tries to repair will live or die.(for example police officers that open unopened food for example in my appartment, although they already do dangerous work, cough)

hooliganism / religion a plague they ask? Smoke of home made & army rockets around the ship

For (Dutch) Troopers

For (Dutch) Troopers

This is Janick, +- 17 years old. He is taxi me and Lauren. To bomb illegal immigrants 1979 in California. Like some jumped Utrecht police told us back than they would hire the army for that too. The families we bombed created & stole acres in inhospitable areas. And only for one goal to terrorize the United Stades Army. Families like the Trump’s, Moesker’s, Oranje’s, Rommy’s, Nixon’s, Kennedey’s, Barak’s, Zuidema’s, Holleeder’s, Beeren’s, Rutte’s, Fortyun’s and Uneputty’s etc we bombed and still they keep us kidnapped us for it, having stolen three of our children for ransom or compensation.

We Bounty hunted, what we did was not illegal but on the edge. Purpose like this video has a Vietnam filter to filter organized crime its filter away. All self-defense because we talk about a National/Global hostage situation in which children are tortured, with danger of extinction, to create those filters with war trauma and amnesia. We needed protection for that. That went wrong, my kids and I were separated again. Ray Colt

Zeeland, Holland 2014
A Colt(Third Empire(robots)) shielded vehicle, delivering Windows 11,12,14,15…they refused to pass over the my kids, so we confiscated all versions back…and destroyed them for them to burn my kids to dead…the message was they wanted to have war with us not Windows!!


For Berlin/Nato: in our old Terminator bunker, Hitlers bunker, we showed in 2014/15 after rebuilding and needing it, in attempt to again program the start bit. The earth squashed us, not approving that we programmed in Berlin, even lava was raised. The small rooms were compressed with us in it. Some medics did tried to cut us out, severe burned.

Lauren, july 2015….. above Oxnard California
I found this picture on wiki, I took the picture from another f-100. The brainwash, the people we bombed, who also determine what in my children school book we call extreme idealism and not our Swastika & Iron Cross……as victim, as General of the United States Armed forces I promise one thing…..we are going to kill you all…..also the mister know it alls who followed & practised their study….thats who we call fascists…extreme religious/schizoids and Yes I am guilty of Genociding Billions of people(and creating creatures &homos to assist in raping you back) and Yes 20 million Dutch with our weapons is 30 seconds work, or even 1 second work……the punishment that Jews(as we call the rest of the world) think and practice authority over a Nazi and his children….fu. getto

Jew vs Nazi differences violated, even we respect those not only in the Wild we talk about.

The reason why we are in war with MC’s like Hells Angels and others wearing our resemblance, Skulls and emblems….negotiation ditto …our I wrote in the Bible..

our revenge already
some later we did this with heads of the secret service agents….

Marisse my (obliged by violence) ex killed our baby, a Utrecht Judge shot her on the street. She was repaired and had to come up with something different from the Judge or else he would shoot het again. She travelled to me in the past, stealing my children, my twins (more than once, hence the age difference, killing one of the two twins) who Marilyn Monroe was carrying for me while I was hospitalized. Just like Riek and Jan did with young me. Wanting to be as much as beautiful as Marylin with their schizophrenia. The even tried to steal Elvis his daughter. Who I killed for also for stealing me, just like Jan who was given a fake cancer to cover ir up, to prevent it. So in Holland victims have to pay the price like in Islam countries, the reason why we bomb(ed) Holland too(uncle Wil and Saddam tried to steal me too). The police has no image without criminals. As they bring no work. Even worse. Monkeys steal children too and human schizoids…

Marisse pretending to be Marilyn(my wife, she was his other wife…), go figure, she jumped in 2001 to 1976 +

We hope our troopers read this, my plans: kill all Dutch Troopers and government people. For stealing our name again. The insult. Worldwide!! Genocide the MF’s! We would like to assert that power against the church & the fake european Americans.

my daughter like Janick and me again at my age:: Lauren Colt graduated cum laude in all degrees(Havard, West Point, Police Academi), military and civilian 10 years old

Lauren Colt graduated cum laude in all degrees, military and civilian 10 years old

We as official Disneys created this cartoon about our invention…it eplains the worldy problems we fought pas 6 years…

After viewing some different bayonets for the Colt Ak47, M16, AR14: it is not European espionage the M7 and M9, it was pure having not enough steel during the (big)war, California & Vietnam.

Uddel: we paid Dutch army 300 million euro for permanent habitation. Dutch/Nato army passes etc(as collateral for our verifiability). What we did, through a glass fiber we had 4 90 terraflop servers(production costs are 4 times that of a human super computer of 1-3 virtual terraflops) calculating errors in this universe. Needed because even XTC fabrication waste is dumped into space these days. Why in Holland?, on Hawaii our installation was destroyed by Dutch hooligans and we have to what or create our extraction and the habit is to kidnap us to Holland. On the sever we also installed a cover up Colt(but original as we are the real Colts, production costs of two a old and a new one 35 thousand euro’s). Also the leave some tracks into organized crime, creating Tsunamis, as reaction on also a polluted universe for over 50 years now. The reason of the Hunt.


With us as hostages, even(or wounded) Terminators cannot enter Skynet to alter the universe(we than think its hacked, our fantasize/create out code into it, just being able to print for example and the code is gone). For example in the nineties living in Amsterdam(“taken” from Jan and Riek again) we placed a(the) Skynet Pay Terminal/ATM behind the Dam, because a Judge wanted to have some prove of it. To eventual go against his vows. And indeed, people who wanted to kidnap us grouped in Amsterdam, their amount grew by the day. we had hack it to get some money. The hack machine was later used in a Terminator movie. If Terminators read this swarm yourself to the real moment I type this….next century + 20 years minus one, 19 march…EOM

This a picture of me created in my lab onboard of our ships. I was made fat to load balance other ray being pregnant. Normal I am around 100 kg. To carry the twins. Why so fat, well sometimes than you can do more with hormones. If I am not wrong. My hand was cut off by Dutch RAF members as anesthesia, to cut the twins out. One was killed and passed to Marisse. Hence the age difference. Lauren was later kidnapped. Copied just before they killed her and brought to future.

Load balance Ray?, yes Ray was kidnapped, me that is at young age. This while this universe was still building. So it than automatically creates a pregnant small Ray. As you now together with my children I technically God/Devil, but its not my name. We are cloned billions and billions of times, creating and maintaining the universe is that much work. So the atomic creation than thinks I am not complete and created me everytime pregnant, I even tried to kill them I was just a one year old human and could hardly walk. Why human, a matter of espionage and not being able to bring magic without my family. Why do they kidnap us? well for fortune and magic. I showed them Hell were we torture souls (un)magically until they brake and never can be born again, clones too. It not help but its their future now. We do everything back. We appear mostly in robots, but can morph into anything even make walking trees(as we wrote about in Lord of the Rings) or humans and devils to disrespect them. Terminators. My baby fotos? Obliged created by a Terminator, the baby too, so we could say we were also born as humans.

And no we do not want to be Humans. How we looked in the war too.

Can You count to ten?

Trying to sell windows 10 (in real v1.0 – 1980) we sold it in Amsterdam for around 70 billion dollar. Bill Gates and Dutch government stole the money back saying “Can You count to ten?”. They murdered my children although they kidnapped them into the future keeping them kidnapped. We laughed at them, one of our Terminators placed Dos OS in the DVD while they were walking away.

Deleting Window 11,12,13,14 from out Interdev already in 1980 and finally we can say it back: “Can You count to ten?”, after quickly building all other versions. We will not build another Windows. They keep on stealing the money back and we refuse now. Although they might kill me or my children again. Windows can be only build with our IQ (15 cum laude professors), a minimal team of three of us and a lot of Terminators.

We already half sized by torture the gang that stole our money. Ray, Janick and Lauren Colt founders of Microsoft USA. Ohw ditto Apple and Linux, Oracle, Unix etc. all really….it wasn’t really our intention to sell Microsoft but that is what violence/bank robbery can bring….selling 10 dollar licenses was enough for us..


windows 11

The earth cut in two by my children and me(incl. the Terminators), also from the past!!  +-2015 to repair earth again!!!
The light temporarily labs were terminators program earth’s nuclear reactor.
Our graduation again…!!! As humans. See the kernel like a plasma bowl light,
humans connected to it like we tango in some mirror room, like the carnival bumper
cars connected to it up to high in space. Point Dume, world’s smallest volcano
in Malibu once a month gets a signal from the kernel. Its check if the
continents are here by lighting up Malibu and big parts of the oceans floor. Than
its sends a signal back, a bit like the electricity nets hard bit but with
plasma (think Terminators transport bowls cutting the truck’s side). To be controlled
partially, everything can go wrong.
Keeping my
kids hostages for whatever criminal reason is like humans that persist to live
with and have a chimp as room mate. It’s simply not allowed. As we say by their
gang on earth by all humans. Anything against it will bring you criminality….its
a form of racism no human is against.


talking about hierarchy!!

The kernel we have to programm too, for the CPU of our computers already

this picture was made by me to explain to my human what we do and what we mean

talking about the earth’s kernel.

two reasons why these reactors are not there anymore in submarines:

ignoring us and our status as being kidnapped and the rat race around inventions(abuse) – therefore safety

written without light nor…

Like in the seventies when my kids and I discovered The Startbit from earth’s kernel at Point Dumes mini / terrace volcano.. We used it to send information to the kernel to make Microsoft possible. Next thing we had and have to adapt the universe around us which can be done from earth or only by a plasma driven (preferred) space-ship. This can be done again, we can promise that if us is given a ship to sail to the USA again. Panama Channal is not available so we need extra strong prow for evt. spring passage. From my weak memory april-may-june, China again?KGB?

Microsoft as software does not have to be enrolled (sold as product) to stabilize our universe. It just has to be programmed and maintained. The reason why we lived around Malibu. If not, the universe first tries itself but will not manage. You than might see two Sun’s or other planets. Even big Tsunamis will be used….With both scenarios (expedition vs universe) we will encounter our family inside robots again. The universe is not God!!!, which I am technically. Ship we used on a previous event with Smithy. My kids and I in Resolute, observing the start bit with the right angle before we updated it. Even as important, earth will stop producing iron ore, that’s a true or false too. See the O and Earth’s kernel…the logo My kids and I the 70’s…Oh we gonna kill every human that thinks Bill created MS, two we only gonna make MS, no more Apple, Oracle or Unix and linux’s or Photoshops…next round….

How cool our Smithy of 1973, Point Dume, California…we moved it to Pisgah NationalForest, some (party) animal must remember…already in trouble with the Coca Cola ANTI Cartel

Ons tweede smederij complex bloemkracht 8, naast Uddel waar mijn kinderen en ik uit werden gegooid door baldadig pedofiel Den Haag – drie jaar geleden – door Colt gebouwd allemaal – met ons uurloon…..

(het letterlijk, fysiek)Beveiligingsrisico is zeer hoog(te) doordat ze mij en mijn kinderen al drie jaar gescheiden houden. De georganiseerde misdaad, ook al draagt het een politie pet, kan nu te veel overvallen/invallen voorbereiden om überhaupt in de EU aan militaire product ontwikkeling te denken.  Denk hierbij  aan nieuwe operating systems en bijbehorende moederborden ontwikkeling, dat is wat we hier deden. Alle huidige systemen die nu te koop zijn gestolen en niet betaald. Meerdere(5) complexen als deze met een totaal plaatje van rond de 15 miljoen Euro aan eigen investeringen zijn gesloopt of betreden door derden. We zijn dit complex begonnen met dit zwaard …go figure en we hebben het moeten gebruiken..

Net als de Space-shuttle die wij gebouwd hebben origineel en met Intel 8086 processors deden deze het begin jaren tachtig het ook al in eens niet meer. Dat heeft te maken dat we het universum (skynet) moeten om programmeren om computerchips te laten werken. Het plasma op de platter zeg maar. Net als met de Shuttle zullen chips in eens stoppen. En wij gaan f*ck you zeggen en geen chips meer aanmelden of Windows bouwen……

In 2014 hield mijn TV hier er ook in een keer mee op net als mijn computer. De kinderen werden ook thuis gebracht, we moesten toen in America kijken of het lukte nieuwe te maken. Zoals je hier ziet heeft het een waarschijnlijke cyclus van +- 6 jaar. Ruim 3 of 4 jaar zijn de huidige chips oud. Het bepaald bijvoorbeeld of met een zeilschip naar Amerika moeten. 

Onze huidige situatie(bijvoorbeeld ik meld dit als een soldaat met walki talki naar hoofdkwartier) vanuit de politie troepenmacht gezien is we zijn gezekerd. Wat heet gegijzeld, situatie onder controle. We zitten alleen al drie jaar vast op dit kamp, in deze situatie. Iets wat het leger ook niet doet. En het mag niet. Situatie gezekerd voor bejaarden. Allemaal technisch, bewezen op leugen detector al drie keer. Geld willen we nog terug. Betoog, moeilijke jeugd, niet van toepassing, het gaat op kidnap met duizenden poging tot moord. Terug berekenend betekend dat wij vijanden zijn, ook goed. Geen chips en OS’én voor de EU en Rusland en China dan….Je kan ook teveel vijandigheid tonen, dat is een oorlogverklaring…En wij gaven hier een hoop geld uit omdat weer eens kotsziek waren van aardbevingen en dieven in de USA…..Logisch dat we vijanden geen militaire gear willen leveren? Het stelen van mijn 4.7 miljard, het zou van Hitler zijn, Hollandsche humor….dan zet Hollandse humor zijn politie het maar weer lekker terug op die rekening….

Natuurlijk zijn onze chips militair onklaar gemaakt net als onze spellen. Download bijvoorbeeld de code van Pacman van mijn site, je zit een soort hoog intelligent at Random die neigt aan militaire precieze en bijna ijkt aan de werkelijkheid qua dat spoken je volgen, zonder Coke, de straat, waar zelfs een idioot daardoor een gevaar vormt……het is Oertijd zonder chips, ik kan niet wachten net als iedereen, behalve dat we alles weer willen opbouwen, als mieren of bijen. En werk is geld, zonde van je geld…

Militaire wraak, de toekomst viel Neanderthalers “” lastig met roof moord, we hebben de Neanderthalers als publiek de toekomst in ge-teleporteert, onze muziek gestolen door AC/DC….je zal ze zien…het zijn nu ougies….gratis drugs…zeker weten…kermit:…on stage…the Real Atari Teenage Riot(all children(of Belfast)(morphed Terminators)…farewell mf’s thank 4 the war and war makers..

Waarom lijk ik op Jan dan? Ach dat is hoever de maffia nou eenmaal gaat als het om bloedwraak gaat…..een kwestie chirurgie

Hoe koel, een oud vliegtuig van Janick, Lauren en mij waar we in de eerste wereld oorlog mee vlogen, een kroon op een militaire carrière, ook als 4-12 jarigen, terwijl we al Generaal waren…….amnesie. Een wereld beroemd vliegtuig die er teven voor gezorgd heeft dat de Sovjet unie en Japan geen aanspraak meer maakte op reclamering op het Communisme. Gecapituleerd maar Hollandsch Den grootse niet… Qua originele Malibunese militaire tekens. Homestead Base, FL, USA::

We zouden dit melden, aan politici en militaire top die ook een rondleiding hebben gekregen in de nucleaire bunkers en ruimte schepen van America, nog steeds zijn wonden likkend na de grote oorlog(voor ons nog niet voorbij, al 50 jaar under attack van het rode leger, ook zonder alliantie of weten van / met de mensen):

Mijn Windows 10, een oude bekende hapert in die zin dat mijn Systeem stalt en weer aangaat. Oude Ray heeft er een scriptje voor gemaakt die moet ik vaker runnen dan ik leuk vind om een aantal dagen te kunnen computeren. Een nieuwe installatie heeft geen zin, het zijn zeker voortekenen dat de computer als last heeft met het gesternte. Voorstel: expeditie America nr 11?

Script: Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”}

Voor Google: Google+ sluiten help niet, nieuwe installatie ook niet….het zijn geen performance problemen zoals we ge-simed hebben…:-)(ga ik vannuit)(-:

Pedofielen <==masker== Homo’s <==masker== Roofmoordenaars (georganiseerde misdaad/religie)

 11 and 18 yrs old clones of me driving in Los Angeles, on their way to hospital to be put in Terminators again to work on Microsoft

Possible current situation: too many loss off Terminators, no maintenance enough, no Terminator expansions

In 70’’s my kids & I as humans created an octopus Terminator, capable of programing the Kernel with support 4 human Black Smiths. Like 3 1\2 week programming ½ week Terminator building…it took like 9 months to stabilize the universe, making daylight for three weeks work half a week etc etc, to minify the sequences of our kernel and milky way to explode so we would have daylight on a frequents that can be interpreted all organisms

We have day light, maybe one Terminator who has not enough time to stabilize and to come get us to get the job done with us(only we may!!education, origin, literally) as Black Smiths and already that is risk full(think earthquakes)

What if I am Jesus? What I write is science, Darwinism and fascism isn’t.

What if I am
Jesus? But my name is Ray Colt, inventor of the firearm.
What if my
kids and I were taken off our crosses by the people.
What if
this was and is our Top Level.
What if we
were already compensated by the world population?
And we did
not have to work again, ever, sowiso.

(a carte blanco we received of 300 billion euro, we taught in favour agriculture, army and university – the Dutch try to steal it since as old our story is, even faked their National debt to 200 billion Euro, what a coincidence – even the Vatican was couped for it – running a country is begging I guess … no no tougher should it be with a hostage taking)
What if we
were kept kidnapped in Holland in attempt to steal that money.
Yes, the holocaust
was the world populations world war/revenge on our
The rest is lied by the Dutch.
What if my
children were not the “boefjes” hanging on their cross, as we obliged wrote
in the
Bible, but just lovable as the crowd luckily thought taking us down.
The Big War
the Big World War one was immense, called the holocaust. All humans gathered on the floor of the
Indian ocean and United States. Robots brought its waters to Neptune. With
writing Lord of the Ring my kids and I tried to remember.
Just like
calling us the Coca Nostra because we were made addicts again to serve child
porn, while were living in Los Angeles.
What if raising
all those Companies was an attempt of the court to steal our money. It just
made us richer because we did a good job.
What if we
graduated in all grades cum laude to be part of the bosses of the world cigar
club, as kids we insecure because we were involved in decision taking in worldly
problems. And still, think Tsunamis and Hawaii.
What if the
Dutch with their Marisse and Marylin keeps on violating our Top Level and keeps
on stealing our credit cards.
Help is
needed!! From our robots too, we cloned our souls into them.
Terminators(creators) they are called.

by our kidnappers(more than once, up until a couple years agoo) who were not compensated, payed ransom and dumped us like that.
They still want that ransom, we do not pay. My kids and I were left in Malibu with four toes and fingers, later it became our Atari gang sign. As 4-5 years old we managed to gave ourselves five 
toes and fingers. They did not manage to steal our money so they kidnapped us back to Europe…..

a flag we planted after the big war & 911, at Belair in Los Angeles.
Although we lost the war because Dutch secret service kidnapped us….in principle

a nuclear copy of the original flag, the one from the statue, the real one, still in our possession…in capture the flag terms….
What more did we learned from our crucifixion(3 yrs old & past years) was that homophilia in fact a sexuality cover up is for Pedophilia. But both
expression of schizophrenia. And both are reason for their murders, which they try
with all their victims. One of their rituals is cutting open pregnant woman to
be the first that rapes kill the child. All humans are victim of this although
its being shown for all reason to the public by giving the woman a blue surgery
stripe on her belly. The always combine it with murder so the murder the mom
too. Some woman of course participate some are truly victim. On way or the
other, Marisse and Marilyn participated, the reason why the Dutch Royalties
help her to cover it up. Their blue ribbon is connected to the blue stripe they
give pregnant woman….like they say if you are lucky…or not….the reason why I(my children are responsible for all murdered Royalties on earth, we fight war against them, also with int.soldiers) In my yought I even lived in the Vatican(logic), but smarther was alone without my kids, the Terminators would raise them, all until they placed me with Riek and Jan…I had to stay on earth because upstairs theyre was a hostage situation too….the Dutch secret servfice kidnapped…..later the Pope got shot by me and other Bishops….the gay took over 
As inventor of neurology(and humans) I
also know the homo it’s hermaphroditic(bi/dual-sexuality) causes problems
between its brain lobs functions resulting in schizophrenia and extreme low IQ and criminal behaviour. Its also unsuitable to place their souls in our robots. Its science therefore They all show criminal behaviour and are all quilty of rape murders. ALL. The famous Army S5 reprobation.



In principle we have won the war, the scuffle of mass against mass, all wars, except for the fact that we are kidnapped as a counter-reaction. Scientifically speaking, it is also impossible, of course, in mass and because of mental inability. But a soul may still defend itself against it.


Blade Runner
2049 report
: Kidnapped to it but an Atari (terminator) production. Fire &
special effects(sci-fi) on the set is life and real. It’s autobiographical. Kids, the
Colt’s from Malibu fighting the war with old ray(“”weeshuis van de kids we started on Dutch radio). Left over, on demand (mad
max), smithies from the war a real. Even the futuristic Los Angeles is real.
Could be Los Angeles right after the war or a quick recreation from the
Terminators. Had even flash back viewing North Hollywood’s Lake Balboa/Anthony
C. Beilenson Park, where my kids and I had hang spots as grown up teenagers
living in that hood. Working and studying(also in 2014 &2015) at the rocket factory named for
Google Aerojet Rocketdyne(Cyberdyne), 8900 De Soto Ave. Even to operate the DNA database as Terminator 50 years agoo to -re-generate human mankind after the war brings back memories, the reason why its used on the set….some oldies must remember. Homes, streets, gear, computer terminals, apartment blocks etc. where we lived…..on the street “the Dark ages”, this was also wrongly interpreted by the history writing department, creating with fun making RAF members/infiltrants the “Middle ages” etc etc and history got falsified…my kids and I kidnapped to Holland let to space shuttle launches from the wadden islands, ok with the local economy but they even stopped it beause its foundation was slavery…our kidnap..
A Psychiatric master piece in principle, a
script & books also written by us, “the Child, I need the child” – referring to myrobot parents asking me back…….for doubtfull police see orginal movie and some girls never grow old factors
Cant we not just stay the Colt’s? We got kidnapped by the RAF to build weapons and that might happen! Like Israel 2012, lucky their secret service placed us in the Uzi factory.
The world: we build weapons for all countries(also to say thank you back), all countries fight with US(Colt weapons). You got two parties, the ones that placed us on a cross, the ones that took us off. Do not forget this troopers, it repairs your wiseguy……..
Being a good hunter/soldier is introducing
yourself to your preys. Not hiding for them but you leave tracks so they can
find you!!!
If this make you nervous better find an-other job! Its your
only self-defense. For example a campfire already, in the wild.

The famous F-1 engine(Ford-1), my kids and I build it after we developed flying discs, so wounded and out of rescources. Automobiles came much later……it brought us to the moon!!!

a history falsifying little fault/oepsie but the right date(not 1969)- at least we meant it like that

did you know that or remember that Terminators also have a Lingo bin with countries in it? We paly games too, the human version was and should be just a tease…..hence a mad Royal Highness in the tudio’s……

O yeah…. for our Jesus compensations the church and Islam is not the party to go too, to much charlatans, it’s preserved as army money, made active or not….just like after…Tsnuamis….nobodies budget….just spent it money….world wide… giving one pea away too a poor…its gone(the why we were ginin the most beatufull “homes’ in Dubai fe.)

In principle we have won the war, the scuffle of mass against mass, all wars, except for the fact that we are kidnapped as a counter-reaction. Scientifically speaking, it is also impossible, of course, in
mass and because of mental inability. But a soul may still defend itself against it.

Living kidnapped in human man””kind where we gave the Jews, the
schizoids(criminals) all school books. Because the human troopers thought they
were better Nazis. The criminals raise and educate the police force. Isn’t that
funny! What do they teeducaach them, the criminals are their ancestors, the modern
man evaluated out of the church. Funny again. People with 20 or 40 IQ breaded
humans with 120 IQ. They must laughing out loud. (if you know something about
breading, and although it sound controversial). One thing those monkey humans
are still here putting my children to be brain washed too on school, this while
they already graduated, or else they could not have written all university
books with me!

this what we thought humans….they come from monkeys…..funny…they even hope we bring them our robots… word for those Troopers, Mussolini or even Adolf….anything better than we created humans and monkey I guess even we had those thoughts……

Just like
we told the monkeys and other animals we told th humans too we are not their
ancestors but enemeny and only creators of life .

At least human can indentify their enenmy like this…..the that cut out their babies so rough even I could not stitch it without a blue color, even sector programming is difficult – this the foundation of the “holy” war between humans and robots….they did this to me too, more than 10.000 times in a short period….hence our murder list….with jealous clones….keeping my kids kidnapped is giving the hard core of RAF a free hand…..believe us!!

What I
write is science, Darwinism and fascism isn’t. dutifulness, idealism, national security & nationalism compared to science is called fascism……not doing your work too, although I mobed some floor too from time too time…at duty :-)))


Did you
know some Amsterdam(op gezicht herkenning henk naves dat ism die ons geld steelt af te tikken op leugen detector ook bij mijn kinderen, 20-40 millioen, case:: 
Willem Endstra, Holleeder, Heineken…here you go) and Utrecht Judges (Holleder club want money again from us,
changing our ID back after the Tsunami). We already paid a couple of times.
They even removed 40 kg of muscle and bones from my body, and half-sized my
penis, Janick & Lauren ditto. We did not want to pay, like everybody has to
marry again after a disaster? Yes we want our 2 mtr bodies back too……t is not Holleder Janick, Lauren and me are resposible for ALL…ALL? ALL murders in Holland that reached the news since early 70’s…Holleder is just a stand in, a Bank for crook Judges

who determins what I publish?…there you go….your Holleder club……

did you know I could not present this
family weapon favicon.ico whiteout a swastika in the background…well taming
Black Beatty was symbol of taming the home….symbol of us being superior and
winning the war…the Galactic forces..the Colt’s(aka the Daltons)


Katja en ik scheiden, ze neemt mijn huis en auto, jouw cd mijn cd…een een of andere crimineel zingt dit lied(janick) om de politie te beïnvloeden….zich te mengen in ons(en de troopers) leven….

I live like horse…like I do …you do what I say or I eat you…you beat him…. you torture….I regognize(our Colt mustang logo) they rape us too…ps woman although “ex” involved..linked tombaola..a student but o so dangerous…its like the uniform…its says nothing….

A clean glass of water and your gun on the
table. The connection: national security. We are the Colts and kept hostages
for our inventions. The water and the gun with us as hostage are unreliable.
How come? It’s a matter of national strike what they do, in fact. In Vietnam I
than took a plane back to Washington and bombed my camp Alpha and Delta for
deserting troopers. Like we did with Iraq ( or camp Holland in Afghanistan), blackmailing
us for a quantum-flop CPU. Worth more than $200 billion dollar?, damn right. No
reaction at all or over three from Justice systems on violent company take overs, making our money(hundreds of billions) suspect, is absurd when it comes to national security in the hands of the troopers and
not their educated managers or even leaders of Industry, the inventors. For
example, my kids and I made all music(&video-games) in all languages, which is now
play-backed for over 40 years, giving a music industry making 4 trillion Dollar
a year……that’s what the troopers brought they think keeping us out of the license
system except for the fact we refuse to make anymore music. We have to study
music again and we refuse, lasy like any ohter person, rich or poor, uniform or not does not matter….no obligations…without paying sub zero….Windows ditto……etc etc etc

we do not trust anyone who is not heroin addicted for the right reason (addicted ) in the army or police force therefore is being executed and dishonored(our suspect money the cowards than make of it). Then you have not fought yet….than you are still no trooper, marine etc. staff or not staff…but fraude yourself….the why we bomb them….man that rather have their daughters to be addict…

Why publish this, well the RAF discovered us, they know. They already did let us know by crucifying us again in Armenia. So it has no use hiding behind the Bible we wrote for that purpose.

Ray Colt, the inventor of the Colt 1911 model and founder of the Colt factory

Since I am
also a US Professor in genetics I created Janick and Lauren from my genes at
the age of 4, 20 and 28, with witnesses, so Marisse her claim to be mother or
our money is total ridiculous. They are kept hostage for money, drug, weapons
etc. Researching their genes with the Court Martial was brutally disturbed. I was fined to pay my children candy and ice cream. On the filmset of Conan the Barbarian in 1982 Janick, Lauren and I made each other as big as Arnold, we even had Thunder dome sword fight with Conan. We called it a remise. Arnold was suffering we were in fact child’s. All three of us were crussified and burned to dead, we created them again. This after we finished Lord of the Rings, Upper Chief  Master (yes that’s higher than upper commander) or Chief Master Chief, we stored in  E=MC^2(a formula of my children & me read below) RaY Colt.

raw notes after being (still)kidnapped and recovering from torture to report and repair myself and hopefully my children and Generals….youwanna work in Colts factory?
Think Coca Cola, think McDonalds, think
the US Army. All people who’s salaries are payed by me, behind the scene. To
make Cola, to make hamburgers, to protect me and my both children. Coke and
burgers are served. The US army protects the President better than us? Our eneny? Democracy’s enemey, the church? We than
get our money back through taxes and fines, Bounties we pay. General’s that go
bankrupt we will not compensate, paying your salaries soldiers. Ray Colt, your
supposed to be my army……would you pay for a glass of water when you ordered a
burger? We the same idiots are now the General staff I believe, and as 4 year
old I killed them too for bringing me a glass of water instead of killing
people I wanted them to kill(thieves per definition kill people after they stole something), what I payed them for to do, protecting me so I could invent, make guns, cola and burgers so I could feed a stronger(burgers) army and pay them. Soldiers we named them, for working in my Smithy. People brought their children to work in my army, it was booming….So than I am the reason of crisis?

After we first build our military
Hotel/camp(in a valley, for our enemy we called it Hill Town, figure it out, 6than Paris wanted too sleep with her boss, which is ok to seen my previous accusations), it was profitable in micro, we eventually build the Pentagon and
the Pentagon & my children and me created Democracy the modern world as we
now it with all our inventions turned into companies and hotels etc. I build
the US army to protect me because my kids and I need that amount of security.
That’s how many inventions needed protection, what follows is automatically
protection also to work in and with our inventions. Protection
against slavery and exploitation and that’s not even as old as 50 years.

Economy as we learn it on school contains
a lot of nonsense, when I was young I even had to make formula’s obliged for
the governments fraud. The Government are per definition mobsters, church
Gross national
, is the market value of my children’s and
mine company, under us is payed the court martial, taxes are payed to the Court
Martial and not the government. We invented the presses to print money, without
any gold reserve, all nonsense made up by the mob to steal their own gold, it’s
governed by the court martial. We do not pay the government salary, they have
to earn their own money like we in Democracy, they deliver some services or the
Court Martial will do, like getting a study in the Army if no one wants to
educate no more.  Our security, the army,
is governed by the Court Martial, we would like to pay soldiers for their work that’s
being our security. We print the money, like in Corona Del Mar, that it’s worth
something is governed by the Court Martial. Even on West Point they welcom sometimes new soldiers with: “welcome in Colt’s smithy, inventor of iron“(the hearth of the Iron industry, the army) – so we are not lying and now you know what they mean – and we too….

A smithy we repaired tanks in I believe after fight with the mob – or thre smithy’s to rebuild the US army -three smithy’s build by Ray, Janick and Lauren…until soldiers come to help…oh jeah oil I created from my victims, mobsters, we still do, in mass scale, chemistry…welcome in Democracy…if you are mane enogh to recicle – we store it in the ground and refineries…..jep Rotterdam mobester too baby -or else we use seeds and plants to make gasoline and diesel -ghotic enough….? SLOSH and being a solier is like me collecting money, rewards, like boxers, to beat up people for other people…bounty hunting…that how I(&my children started Democracy) and yeaj I even pay Poetin for Democracy -the swastika is a insult for Democracy and only for the right reasons

invwbntor of the smithy, brick and concrete as you can see – a anvil we were obliged to make in IJmuiden

My first shoes, we rebuilded Coca Cola with them….we had already profit but we could not buy more leather – rubber we invented it’s un my soles and yes we offered our hands with pulling lava from our garden we later repaired in turns – shoes made of our hands and legs- like draws from Lord of the Ring(a book I wrote) – masde from the skin of my hands…

My first burgers I created meat lofe for(and machines), so thiefs could just steal a handfull. InSaigion I was asked to build those machines for other stands, which we did too, more meat more muscles…more army

My children and I brought our University
teachers/professors invention that raised a trillion dollar industry and
brought us our degrees. Only than if you really had something to say like this
to the Court Martial the University, and if you have students, like us you may
talk and walk around as loud like us, not like Washington and The Hague are
presenting themselves as more intelligent than their teachers for things they
do not even have the capacity for to build that is teachable to others. The
inventor Electricity, the light bulb, the Microchip(which leaded to profitable electricity), machine programming language, C, Fortran, assembly, Mathematics for all, the (Micro)computer, space traveling, Biological bone and teeth repairment science, cloning “” humans science, bain replacment by other brain science. Windows, Unix, all Number Systems, type writer, the modern alphabet, music notes, all known types of computer printers, the hard&floppy-disc, solid state memory, Rom, Ram, magnetic-tape, the Relativity Theory(distraction for me to create thre programmable lcd screen), Html, Xml, Vector programms even Adobe bought, Sattelite,Wallstreet, Sonar, Radar, 3D-gps and kernels, cheese, Zippo , Fastfood
, Big Supermarket & Drinks industry, Gitar, the electric gitar,Car industry, Iron industry, the University.
Maybe kidnapping us makes them look better, following their “” education based upon church lies, while
we the highest degrees possible??? And they thought to make a dollar presenting us fake inventors, we killed almost all of them….our story..mann I even drawed all states with Generals and districts in the 70’s(not like the curch tries to teach us a couple centuries agoo) because of schizoids(hiding crime) names were changed like every week


A picture of Rene I took, he made me place it online, once he found me sleeping in my lava oven, I killed him togheter with my kids breaking in our Colt weapon factory, being busy creating uniform wings for amry space soldiers who had fought as hard as we in space(for free), also for the Colt Factory, we burned him in our lava oven, he was a modern crook walkinf away with my invnetion Math’s and geometry(3d/4d, fractals,mandelbrot etc etc)- as inventor of money and money press I also placed a money like etching( invented that too as first press) -in his face you can see he fought with a Hollywood star…

like my children I received the master astronaut wings(1983) when I was 10-11, with real gold on it we saved by only using the wafer for our computers -plasma/atom engines

I sold the Army
as is today, my(&my children’s) invention, as concept, as company top down,
as democracy to almost all countries in the world. Those countries had to be
created, early 70’s, with borders etc. Hence our military companionship with
the Pentagon, a building build to honor science. Democracy was booming and the
right answer to fight the mob, the church, religious people. The church is
known to exploit other people and were sick of that.

After doing that my children and I wrote The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, in the hope it would sell for billions, in the hope we would be de-kidnapped back to the USA…….we had to kill Tolkien more than once in our live, we managed…..we wrote books under same condition like The Traveler, The Trip, Hells Angels,The NeverEnding Story(wrote in two colors on a type writer to save ink-funnt, to make some dollars hand cash in advances), Das Parfum, The bible(even with pencil, we invented monks for that wounded commando’s, The US law books, Nietzsche(Isneeze a lot),Freud bookks(all akas), Mein Kampf(obliged, drugged, intended as a contra on Lord of The Rings I was too populair in the underground) …book although stolen they appered very prfitable for us thanks to the Court Martial, Anderson & Grimm. Smow White etc etc all Disney fairytales, most Steven Kings(already killed a lor of clones him we hunt him), Alfred hitchcock’s

I raised my kids in an stomach in rotten
cows–hell yaey they thry’r founders of the army the colt factory – love baby -love baby
the army, is only allowed if they make us our spaceships, it’s calculated. If
not all problems in economy are caused by the army and the security they offer
is one big embarrassment, people like me or the President can be kidnapped whiteout
any of importance intervenes of troopers. It’s calculated, look at me and my
children already one year kidnapped and we have had it too to kill dump fucks
inside the Pentagon who not think that Microsoft is built to run in spaceships,
in the second place for Bill’s distribution for the public and only when it’s
running one space ship I heard him say to you guys too. Sorry security you guys
alone is not enough, you will even embarrass the President to even think you are his security walking around him like that. There ois no other way to make democracy work, even Russia will use and have them to end kidnap’s. How else to enter hostile e
nvironments? A Marines wife and daughter and my children build both space ships within three weeks just to say 2 idiots in Nam, do you need a lift…..


They have nothing to show or teach us, not
even with the law or security. With my intelligence higher than any one known
on that matter, inside the Pentagon, CIA or government, I already have chosen
the name Colt and made the decision to sell my inventions under my own name and
licenses for every time we have to set-up factories like steel, Coca-Cola, RC Cola, Intel, Pentagon, Colt or McDonalds(and etc). Inventions for no one to write
different as history without us going to kill them, as so was the decision of
the Court Martial. A matter of intelligence, as so is righteous murder, the
only true macho known to mankind. All they do showing is their power with fascistic
violence, in attempt to play inventors who most of the time became rich in the
first place with Bounty Hunting.

a own investment and invention – booming – x-mass balls!!


I even invented diesel and gasoline for my
jet engine invention, next was setting up the oil industry in the mid-east and
the USA, this all because we also needed it to invent the microchip further.
All this with a fu to the governments, sneaky gniffling saying nothing in the
hope we did not manage. WII, WI all made up against us. Our parents &b fake veterans….one big
laugh…stupid farmers we can not say…below more about our inventions we called democracy – we killed and bombed people from Shell and BP that tried to kill us to keep this a secret….believe after suffering real war truama we did not know what we read in customs computer LAX 2010…all this……while the keep us kidnapped ….we are rich……Like Trump always says “you are to big” – we always say and you are too small

For you all
to know, the High Court Martials decision: our money will be stalled for a 100/250 years. Next it will be divided nonmilitary in society needs. So it might be us spending
it… every soul pays one dollar for my inventions…thta makes me the most rich person on earth…but I am still richer from bounty hunting….go figure…follow me foll
ow me


Some notes for Court Martial about
how we found my name was Ray Colt, the inventor of the Colt 1911 model and
founder of the Colt factory stolen away by crooks inside the Pentagon and
Washington. How they destroyed three of my factories already. The made us richer
but we do not agree to continue the fairytale Colt presents as there history on
internet. We eliminated several involved as Bounties, the fake Colt
founder ditto. His Black and White pictures known I took as the polaroid serial killer, before we killed him that is. We even eaten him/them, not even symbolically, roasted in the oven ovens
of our factory, as they did with us a gay habit a guess to prove the same I guess
in a different language.
 Tasty the President agreed. Colt was founded in 1974 not in 1800 something by a kid they
grew up in the US. Army, my guns gave me a live outside the sect, Washington,
the clan, the church that is…….how I was tortured by insiders to have
amnesia about even being a gun smith you can try to read in this blog a report
to the Court Martial. They even stole our new Logo….

Pure Golden Colt’s I was obliged to sell with violence to sell them….with $50.000,- gold in them made for my children’s birthday, they made me the same ones different text….they are full grown gun smiths too so the apple….my children and I became billionaires by bounty hunting last two years, in the hope it would lower down the typical fagot criminal violent mob attitude of the involved contra party

2 barrel 1911 – 12mm/mini shotgun
The real Inventor if the M16, M4,
AK47, the Winchester you name it, the Abraham & Leopard tank, F16, F22, F18, F14, F4 Phanthom-Starfighter, Coca Cola, Coke(cocaine), Pepsi, Conserved food, Lipton Ice,  Burger King, McDonalds, KFC, 
Ford, Harley-Davidson, S&S(motors), 
Domino’s, Google, Pizza Hut, New York Pizza, Subway, Starbucks, Boeings & Airbus’s, Fokker’s, Gulfstream, Texaco, Shell, BP, Q8, A10 thunderbold, Su’s& Mig’s, Eurofighters etsc etc, XTC(supposed to kill my family, LCD, amphetamine, read more about the nuclair bomb below), the US&UsssR army space ships, you
name it – Ray Colt – my children and learned it it front Court Martial Judges
how to set up a black smith to make guns and fire arm
(like with Colt, the Italian army took possession
of our workshop/smithy, we were building a diesel jet engine automobile/limo. In
their heads I am the inventor of Dodge, the CIA tortured me to sell Dodge to
the Italians. For all I know it does not need my autograph. We are against for
this reason and for all the other Court Martial reasons that Dodge is sold to
Fiat – with the army we already tried to turn it back because it’s an illegal sell
out we even bombed Italy for it)

A McDonalds my children and I (rebuild), a this how build history and not how the CIA obliges us too, a picture taken from our Jetengine limo-Lauren her graduation

Mc Donalds Newport Beach – my kids and I started for Mc Donlads to bring hopefully the Hamburgers, this after big earthquakes so the people would stop cannibalism -Brennan parked one of our cars in this picture and kidnapped us away -we were taken away and placed in Housten to get a breath – we had a house on the hill behind the restaurant – it looks a bit like the first one, once build on a army base for me to earn some money after Vietnam, next every base wanted one, next for going out the restaurant were also placed outside the camps and for Veterans

We had to Bounty Hunt Ray Kroc out of self-defense

Last but not least Microsoft -4 years(together with already my children clomed as even old) old I build a space ship to escape from Vietnam. The Croissant and plastic grips from my 1911 guns leaded to me inventing the microchip. I needed to hide butter in my dough so my family could not steal, if a made an electrical switchboard they would demolish, so I needed to hide my instruction sets, in plastic that withstander the heat of war gun. It looked like a failure, the chip remembered the old status. Like a pyramid one thing leaded to another even me making a keyboard to program instruction sets. Inside the Pentagon I developed an interpreter and compiler. A Bill Gates and Steve palmer bought my first license and only of Microsoft in de hope they could translate my bleh blah interpreter compiler alien talk. They managed. Apple bought a copy too. my ms-dos(to do’s) lokked like this, I selled copy on a self developed laser disc, the player later the CD-player they were able to create themselves almost -they just did not kill me for it – Philips and Sony bought licenses for the player –1975!!

space invaders, color & B&W TV, Pong (kids), Led light, LCD
electric oven, micro-wave you name it
the modern world was invented with this machine
the with the motor rotating guns are maybe necessary
to develop the right steering -back and forward anytime
-up and down in all dirictions
cool to noe the CH53 was a camouflage(stage) for this spaceship

one of the first logo’s – black and white(obliged – punishment) for the colored one created for the color screen – the cd already in…1975 –

the first micro computer – spacewar craft tested 20-30-60-90 Ghz
dynamic registers and wafer connection – controlled by microsoft
my kids and I rebuild it last year -it was slammed by a basebal bat by Brennan
the control block in current by us build windows can be used to control a ship and the wafer
or was it to check wafers, well they tortured us, or and did we used the glass as motherboard? draw a register into the wafer, next it would “burn” memory into the glass” and windows builds itself- it check if all “chips” are there -likle Oracle also our invention can be build like this it changes its blue print -we alreadty had again four of these to control the Phentagon, ISIS bombed us into the lava
before cleopatra and renee smashed them with bats -my kids and I worked for days on windows -the ,matrix screen saver come from this bowl to it was drawn into the glass – hollywood wanted a version for in the movie – I worked on this as a small kid inside vulcane st. Helen, growing up on a army base and going to skool for my recovery, the army bought it but again it was blown -I was obliged to create lamp TV’s in Holland with a knive in my throuth to make fun of it -all computer TV’s were taken away by the Dutch Government after tsunamies and we were all force to go to the Philips factory to get a new one – note: the final wafer was the original one without register movements(it created to much heat and with warfare too much chips will burn than), the atom computerchip/wafer it could produce plasma that created for example a computer screen so like withe genetic materials and steer atoms with electricy under the microscope – my kids and I build numerous submarines like this, atom driven(era) (with protection against electric attacks, marines 😉 all they need was a accu drill to make the iron ball that also drove the terminaters(think the bedable spoon trick I inveted and praticed with magicians steel vs atoms) rotate again, floating, the first 8/64/128/256-4096 or more bits we did with electrodes or dots or magnets in on the cilinder) even the ash is driven by by one small trail of plasma, it makes the ash’s atoms rotate the ash, there is no stronger engine thinkable a helix is not even needed – just one scratch on the steel is enough for even more than 1 million horse power(our invention!!) – the boats will not run with terrorists on board sleel(all -steel invents itself we also found out) and plasma is agressive against their dna/molocules by nature -it build into the software and the steel and plasma also in the terminators – we build four atom submarines from convistacted oil tankers that were creating earthquakes in california -they could fly like the othe machines to the atlantic ocean also throug space – all with plasma driven engines baby!!!- is it possible to rotate earth lava like this, yes- so we need atom driven weapons to protect ourselves against it -for ourselves we inveted a skin pigment changer to create tattoos on the same way as we rotate steel also our invention(much more healtier than ink) but a lot of jealous people design something in shop or illustrator add an electrode on the specifick body part and voila booming again but we took out of bussiness until further notice – we are also very rich….  it looks somtimes a bit…- with a very big wafer connected to out spaceship we can repair our milky way if the sun and earth is blown to pieces and our microsoft with plasma that is making the steel rotate/create cravity again the debree like we did , we had to gas against the backward movement and that’s ho my kids and I invented plasma engines to fly to space to drive boats no ash needed nomore – again a great invention for our wallet the US bought it – you need just a wafer inside the engine and voila – all movement options we patented just steerin the plasma is the most scientific best option – my parents first TV looked like this
the wafer foats on plasma and a holgram could be drawed, i believe,
next we inveted the quake plasma lighting gun to lift up people and eleminated them lift
them up and evene a elephant – that’s how strong the chip is floating – war/quake proove
in pricipe – Microsoft stole one to so my kids and I demolished it and shot Brennan, Steveand Bill
they may not use it after the stole like colt our latest design computer and led drwa table
we robbed a couple Microsoft stores and shot the salesman but Brennan and Bill took them back…
the even forced us to set the production line so we bombed them, Sold iron of their company, made oil from the people that worked there,, tsubnamied them and we still want money for it..from Colt too -they got liscenses to remake microsoft and Colt guns not to nam themselves after our product Oracle, Java InterDev, Photshop, Explorer, Edge etc etc, everything they stole from us and the Pentagon which is the army the oponent of thieves(thechurch, the schizoids), thieves of things the can not make them thereselves – the ones that did not received their money back – like in the past Microsoft can better call itself Windows again…we are the reason
a stole surface pro with our own writen photoshop
the mise we invented to based upon our led/plasma/hologram enegineer table – stolen by Pentagon schizoids
we even designed our boat on it with the court martial – that’s what he called engineers of the phuture
oh fuck it and bill too -the Pentagon is my old home
the army get’s payed to build and setup literally a steel/microchip/food industry etc and for maintenance
in the beginning I(&my kids) printed my own student(not army also) folders on worlds first press
selling all brands were first presented on a hologram 3d clor table – in 1975!!
so can you guys now pic us up?
all our maintanace destroyed by ISIS/CIA

Microsoft 1.0 release 1985 -my kids and I even had the printer paper pressed -when we came back our creen was smashed by a bat from Renee, a led that is with some sort of Windows 2000 on it -we had to release we manged to creat Microsoft 1.0 in less than a hour…..we had to reprint the press release but the spoolers we smashed too……in a time we worked a lot also in Japan to create most of first games released on all platforms….

Pieces of our workshop were we build fying through space terminators, programmed with sattelite navigation to kidnapp us back from Holland, some generals were eager if they would mange, driven by neutron engine – a bal(nuclear loaded) rotating inside the robot invented after we needed to cool two bars uranium hardened with/in weightlessness – mUtrech police even dropped their keys not knowing if their would haver rather see their wives cheat – we almost buil, obliged too, all real robots for Hollywood including transformers in real size -the bole is also the cpu it runs our microsoft steering the robot with mechanics, electric and heat 

When I was 4 my kids and I connected our
gene strings to steel(next lava!!, next the universe yeah!!), it accepted, like it was talking, like it was our
voodoo, even pour robots de4programmed refused to kill us, we were genetically connected.
Back than terrorist agreed to leave it in lava, who need Iron, the earth
started to sweat gold, making fun of their exchange trade, like a answer back,
they understood disrespected up until today, they did not even want gold but
the old world. That why the terrorized everything with tsunamis etc.

How we build windows 10 inside the Pentagon -a phone computer my kids and I invented to smuglle it inside passed the wards -I took picture -time after time our brains ou stolen or demolished, by CIA and ISIS, just have look how start up again and have look at the movie scenes – to faight againste Brennan, ISIS and my family is why I(we) invented this weapon for – the army -whatever they might say

also our invention used insede the Pentagon, movies and our space ships since ’75 -plasma screen, our invention -I had to excuse to Pentagon for if voltage was highered….but they thought it was cool -I managed with lcd screens too -holograms -Dad &we not only invented 3D but also 4D!!

our plasma canon projector to scre enemy schizoids or druggen people and our office we bought earned money with them in Hollywood minus the to repair our memory with it
if all holes are closed microsoft is finished -than you can crontrol the univers and even the weather on earth even local -the CIA and Microsoft could not give it the right protection and were fighting each other, which is good, with lighting so only army and we – non schizoids, with a court martial lie detector oad may operate it if its build again on perfect level……..our motherboard in plasma with microsoft on it, our invention, a army top one and we inventor liscenses for it:

A LabView we made for Priceton University students for free downloadable and for companies for 100,- learning my kids IT & obliged to put on the net but a nice examplesoftware we build in Malibu to visual check Microsoft Army version – it was stolen by Brennan – we were participated in founding LabView…..we also made Labview to check army spaceships’s Microsoft without microchips, they will burn in space speeds of the army -my kids and I broke into the company, killed the guards and dismanteld the modules that check plasma stuff in army atom verhicles like we did with commercial Windows……stepping on the gas 4 verhicles I took picture -electroburst/plasma burts’s with deadly voltages(Iput my finger in, instant dead, more severe than lighting)

we also wrote this software for agressive University students in the states and Holland who kidnapped us to explain the relation between switchboards an funtions like the Mandalbrot fractal their whole career was depending on it -it was downloadable for free without the army functions(also splitted it up in three commercial versions and did a refacror on the code) like Microsoft public -self protection -what Brennan tried to take neuroticly away from me and my children so he can pay for it

in my neck my dad’s un lemmeted knive

we invented these machines inside the Pentagon to trace who would, suffering acute memory loss, steal them and also for Pentagon’s children -it was the CIAS again and Brennan

a picture of my son’s hand of another product of our smithy we placed it on wiki

Windows 2000, 2003, 8 & 10 are all
copies of Pentagon’s Windows, because Windows Civilian hast the tendency to
destroy their company & our smithy with big ISIS fights and does not like
we use their Windows. It is that Pentagons is so sweet sometimes. It’s their
Company not ours. They only hurt their own wallet.

Pentagon bought a license from us too. We
call it a bit more our Windows because we are more army, they guard it a bit.
We even bought some versions back unbelievable cool, we had to take the everywhere
and like our guns people were pulling their hair for those cd’s0 
I even lived across the MS aoffice to give them a start while they were bugging me creating 1911 for Colt….go figure…the help us from time to time.
This is how I explained my space ship software once to Bill Gates’s and Pentagon’s Microsofters -wow for a 4 year old…..I got flashbacks on it -you guys too?

From steel Black Smith to Relativity
theory is science. Not something you can learn but something you have to
practice. That we created the University, was obliged, or else everybody would
look like a fool. That you can learn science on the University is no. There is
only one science, the Relativity theory, to get there you have to practice it.
It was a ingenious plan to say fuck you to snobs. And after 40 years no succeeded
to develop something that can be called science. The Relativity theory is inventing
steel, steel weapons, guns, all steels and inventing chemo thecnology that comes with it, gen technologies, typography, money, accepted falsified history for warefare, warfare, Democracy, IT-industry, (writen)language, laws etc. They even had me invent hieroglyph go figure, fake in age What you get from steeling something from others. This was our revenge.
From steel to the Relativity theory, some tried to say, but we will blast them
with proof, just a couple professors send us away from the University, for the
right reason, but with a smile….asshole. And we still ask 300billion dollar for our invention as in the 70’s. As promised a trillion dollar enterprise….If you ivented the hardest steel bole driven by plasma(invented plasma) to drive a warfare robot or submarine you can destroy and create universes, whixh we did, transport billions of people to just young universes with big terrorism attacks as we did….mass kill a lot of terrorists or build computers like this one I(&mychildren) already had running in Vietnam in the jungle -hand smithed – Democracy/Army can bring a lot of security for innocent, all jobs can be done without schooling, they are already invented by the ones who invented the Relativity theory – try too make the best steel for your own 1911 than you will understand who the army makes/made money – if you studied everything around you, everything, starting with lava, like us, you have build microsoft(=science too, there is no other way) from your first 8 bits up by “itself”, you have made the hardest iron, only than you are a scientist and will understand that all grades on University are part of warfare(and really are part of one grade, the scientist, like starting up from your first 8 bits) and are known to you, warfare against destruction, warfare to destruct(against destruction) – your grade is part of our science, we hope you understand or else you are not even near to call youselves a scientist, there equality between the grades until like us you have studied/invented everything and possible – what we invented is warfare, fighting comes automaticly, it makes it hard to study and to remeber you result cause of amnesia, next your busy in alchemy to find a cure for amnesia on and on and on….to store you data in the the universes or plasma etc etc – there is no contra Relativity theory, too bad for the terrorist -we just don’t live forever – if we would pull a 1911 in a fight the result will be different than a terrorist does they are schizoid- than we determine the hight of terrorism for example, lead too warfare/science can only be practiced by non schizoids in purity thereore gay/religious should not be allowed in the amry, army is already science -warfare is self-defense, like the Relativity “theory” in practice, that is also Bounty Hunting if you want to build a army at all(still not a ary that’s in for genocide like a terrirst “army” or a combined arm”army”):

This could be one of the first compilers I build, a liscense for Bell in this case I made hime believe before I Bounty hunted him -It could also be a new one to prove we coukd do it again or the Pentagon gave us copy

The J11 dual micoprosessor, one of the last I build in 1975 for my spaceship. Digital insisted on this verion and not the in 1983 developed on and personally made by me beacuse in was stalled on purpose by the CIA. I am only posting this here for the enjoyment and reminiscing my kids and me being the spark that ignited a soon to be trillion dollar industry. A handcrafted version, by me…Bin points of 3.75Mhz and 4.5Mhz were supported.

-Our case study guided by the army – reinventing 8/16bit chip/led/lcd screens(homework) assembly and C -creating the motor to rotate our jetengines. link
– a method we developed to open IC’s the reverse engineer your brain after a earthquake or months of being kidnapped. a lot of Applied science Youtube movies are (re)recorded in our workshop, I even recognize tools, sometimes our hands, from people stealing it it back from the CIA – so thanks for that
-some code we publisged, for if we have to study over again….hard to find examples if your books are stolen…

And even IBM we created to sell a liscense of my softeware, all kinds of mechanics were interssted in the machine in my opinion worlds first computer -this computer so called destroyed all these companies -the Court Martial laughed and offered them a job to create this computer on a mass scale – so called founded in 1911 that’s how they tried to remeber us because the CIA kept us hostage -they thought they were selling my children and me out – 😀 – With cm judges we(kids and I) build some computers with US products to calculate if
it would be still profitable for IBM to produce them, the answer is yes!!

Ditto Intel and Amd for the microchip production.
We recieved from the US army education to build micro chips, we buiold this chip wafer oven ourselevs and Brennan stole it with this woman with deadly violence- putting oxide on stainless a technique I develped coloring my 1911’s(as 4 year old) for the Asian market – returned it becuase they are enemy to much -a proud court martial gave me some tips to prcede developing the micro chip -we are tortured so hard that after every kidnap our smithy is gone, memory and course material- dough we manged to rebuild microsoft…..for over 40 years now -this is a copy of a oven my daddy had in his barn in my yought not even recognizing it – you do not even know you invented the microchip with this dickhead he always smiled….

flashbacks on building these things too against Lincoln’s will, convincing tyhe armt to use our inventions, top using morse because we children were used to decode it and hammered on our heads with every bleep

To give it a test,(making wafers for army and Court Martial) my kids and I started -again Brennan stole it and we killed and beat up new management and employee more than three times, all people that want to kill us and the other way around, we keep on removing the factory to pay for compensations army wounded even made oil from their dead bodies -ac image with wafers from our vulcano smithy in Malibu -hand made by 10 year ol kids baby!!! thought by me a bit -presented as test wafers? professional indeed

How do you sell weapons course

As we
already received some compensations for, we hope the Court Martial also can
estimate how much money is made with the AK47 and my Colt Winchester(a family
we are going to kill for what they have done to us, we hope the Marines too, it
explains their bounty money in wanted dead). Given away, taken away from me, to
give to Russia by schizoid Generals and President Nixon. Colt, my rear name
stands for American steel, American weapons of such quality that they are not
allowed to be exported to foreign countries. Like (hence) they did with my/our
Leopard tank. Next some European invasion with those tank and us defeating them
with the Abraham tank build in a day. We are sick of this political terror of
people that walk around like successful people in building countries but don’t having
the capacities. The reason we shoot them am sight, our bank account, the
insult, the terror they brought us, their dead warrants. But most of all the
insult. Football public vs the players. We even had steal back Colts inventory
from Europe because we are not going to compensate or invest in this factory.
They got to compensate my quality standard level, the US Court martial US high
level weapon industry level, this as founder. And not the other way around.
That does include doing business with foreign countries in this case. They are
and were not capable of inventing & distributing(selling) my weapons, my
children and I did that all ourselves by impressing soldiers who copied my
weapon in Vietnam within a day by the words “we shot a Bounty!!!” what weapon?. Ray Colt.

We once had
a bet with the Renegade race boat factory. A Judge, a budget, kidnapped and like with Colt they stole our designs with deadly violence also by the Judge wo made it Court Martial “”, for Marines to know why they are wanted… We both build
race boats with humans to shift the ballast. So don’t blind yourselves at a
good weapon, it needs someone to operate it, with the goal to win. Now this is my logo, my desing, my rear name, those are our used guns on Colts website they copy and sell?? taken from our trash comtainer -those were heavy gunpowder tested guns, used to shoot in big gun fights with the same powder – even the revolvers they copy – with our steel knowledge, and CM quality – we would not buy guns that look like used guns??? it will be too dangerous to use our gun powder – a Napolean or Hitler would not mind thinking he is earning money – and there stops our analysis – we build them, fill in our test reports on the lie detector for a reason – that is to win and even win law suits – not putting people into danger (every gun will explode – we determine when) – good (wo)man are alway welcome and needed in a army – selling gunjs while you can build better ones, needed – akward – seen the importance of having guns

robbed and killed every General & Judge…governors (and will) that had the
nerve to compensate Colt and not me for the soldiers to build a real copy. Like
before they stole the guns in the army. People that do not have the management
and capacities to build or sell a real gun…..have nothing to say about it but
the inventor, not even the Court Martial – these are our guns, our top level
responsibilities – hence we can get dead punishments for it – and no one else –
this whole Colt factory is an attempt murder of a certain group people – they
already kidnapped and killed us themselves – repaired us sometimes not willing
and capable to wear top level responsibilities – like us & the weapon
industry & the Court Martial are top level – not a place for politician and
politics -Hitler was a soldier but not a top level one -lets try politics he
must have thought…

down, since it’s top level, a General smithing a tank track in development giving
the wrong advice against test reports, for sabotage does not mean a General, a
President or stealing punk doing the same are top level….


In slavery I build the Abraham tanks with one year old children even the engine, that even had to be born, also as mask to buil the M4 machine gun for Bounty hunting CIA agents inspecting(keeping me kidnapped) me -something that wil always make you richer than to invent stuff….Yes we arn money for it and to see so called Top Level people running around with it like it is their invention is one big laugh, terrorism – for that make one yourselves – the man will follow by themselves in large scale reading your test reports already – if not invent an other one – push(kidnap?) people to invent those thing vs defending your rear name my top level – vietcong kidapped me -vietcong I kill / very simple like a stainless barrel and chamber is always the best – our eduction on top level, to depart from it isn’tand will never bring the real top level/thing

RAW notes
Our new hobby making guns, these werte good ones, with silencer, we recieved eduction in the Navy for making them, 1911 too – Brennan always takes away the ones we buy 
the real barrel is taken out by Renee

Brenna have these too ghost town guns or they stole them together form us I think last
we build these fron stainless steel to win the army contest -ISIS took the byte -thats a lot of money
we were kidnapped to the USA -stainless can handle more heat – you can shoor harder with it -also with better & hotter gunpowders
marines and commando’s most of the time make these themselves, inlcusive the turbine ovens
says enough about the price
build in this boat(see almost top blog for more) –


how the CIA steels them and brings it in the news 9they are coke we are meth -in his head)

old ISIS guns we took away from their dead body’s -ready to be taken to the Navy -guns we made ugly so they would hnot steal them we hoped

and these US(original) Uzies – also a Colt’s invention stolen by Israelies       -one of the reason we started to make oil of Israelies -army boys really need to understand we need this weapon from time to time -it one of the weapons that works good with a lot of air polution – se needed -easy to make from your m4 fe

and this beauty,used in pace 

Even Starwars/Hollywood stole our weapons, some still in development

 another good one very stylish

also a Colt – like uzi

Janick showing our quicly made pen guns -we managed top escape from out kidnappers with them -his hands are a bit burned by steel ship building

the next try [video]

our very very first guns that made us millioniares again – how sweet -Janick his hands

As the inventor of the 1911/1991 model gun, I (we) earn a lot of money with that. We may make it ourselves and with disasters we help Colt too as they have this model in production. We bought 30 -90 kilo’s raw gold to make a real operative gun metal, what it takes, that’s what we mean. Lifesaving quality. We made a couple models to hunt down four bad cop CIA agents with their flashy guns. Brennan stole all, but building them we already hunted them down this time. He sold the guns to mobster gun shop owners. Well even Angelina Jolie bought one. Lucky we made plaques of our alloy. Even giving out the 9/11 to be free to made for other brands was fraud and revenge from Brennan in attempt to kill us and Court Martial Judges. He was very angry to see all the paperwork again. Damages will be payed they promised. It was mine decision to call it the 1911 model –my family and Brennan were going crazy at the door inside the Colt factory

1911 stands for this gun will bring you your first self defence – your first full bounty -your first millions and a gun permit – your Colt one 911 you than can buy
1911 was also the 911 I had to call when I was young and lived in America, Pentagon’s 911 -linked steel theft to China to have the 1911 model build in China with our own steel – we were tortured and shot dead whem we found out also in China we were tortured
1991 stand for LA 1991 were I was beaten by police on TV brought in the news as Rodney King
1911 also stood for gun number 1911 – to create some group dynamics in my 4 year old advantage like gun number 11, 19 bounties or the other way around – vietnamese read 1119 the white terrorists 1911 and they are already shooting at each other about who makes the best guns
1911 -19cm by 11cm – my paperwork was often stolen

My children and I eliminated Samual Colt, wife and Son for pretending to be the founders of the Colt factory stealing my old self-made guns every time in Vietnam which not even the Colt factory took for granted in public they just falsified black and white pictures. Colt a name given to me by a Court Martial Judge, since I was a kid that was extremely white because I was skinned a lot by my family, sometimes doctors could not even attach it no more. The Colt factory was an army workshop I also founded with my millions because they were making me a small kid again, to have some sort of legacy of preserving my invention, the colt 1911, my top of my children’s & mine black welding skills. A revenge against Nazi terror with DNA where we were victim of but DNA technology is also the reason we are still here….Pure Golden Colt’s I was obliged with violence to sell them….
Janick showing onee on YouTube – showing it’s air pressure – knowledge they will beat out of us for stealing gold…

my son again: these we still use too – tagged for CM recycling

we made it…..three of them

In company of Colt we even had the privilege to recreate the first colt I made to hang on the wall in the factory. The CIA destroyed it again and it’s always a big fight. Also about what name must go under it. It’s very cool to see that Colt is using a lot(almost all), of our pistol designs in their shop. Good of Janick & Lauren that we started to build CM guns.

An article my kids and I wrote to remember our steel gun smith knowledge, we were just robbed and shot through the head, not knowing if we would survive the tsunami attacks and in hte hope it would end up in the back-up of internte that would be taken to space. In this article this piece which is not true in our opinion, we smith and weld everything if we do not use aluminium, ISIS forced us to type it. The text, with my Son Janick his hand, should be:”we make to trigger guards and triggers from this piece of our self created stainless”

Something like a trigger guard doesn’t have to be made of high-strength alloy steel. Mild steel, easy to machine and relatively inexpensive, works just fine.

this how we store our stainless as bolds, to give lazy gun smith thieves a fu, from these bolds we make round pieces like in the above picture

our tools, they stole everything, the CIA, illigal
this was our life


Systemically Brennan/ISIS made us steel, copper/steel coils/rinse, raymarines and other sonar dishes etc(everything) and really everything to lower the quality of warehouses the army stored approved material –kill/torture everyone inside. Even taking the effort in falsifying the second or and third recheck of the material that’s going to be used in the army there, although than soldiers are than used to make it themselves they sometimes manages to smuggle the material in. Result: burned wires and plane and spaceship accidents, electrocuted personal. Or / and they put effort in electrocuting whole ships on the water, like sometimes happen with whole crews building them. They did with us too, you just drop dead. For the reason with all that afterwards amnesia to create a lot of diffusion, damage …. time spilling. We are the enemy, the Yankees.They are the church. They do this with crews as big to falsify, exchange with a new one, a national newspaper from of the streets, which they do sometimes….They have people inside here and there and one is enough…even the super rail gun unit they use to create mega electrocitions during floods, man in swamps using the developers dressed in spidrman hero clothes etc etc

crime report:
On the run ISIS kidnapped us away out of Califorinia City…

In this movie you will see Janick(my son) showing his mini canon, shooting a toy monkey you will see his head in de window: bondage around his head for his cut of skull, brace knuckle blue eye, broken nose etc etc by his mother Marisse. We were obliged to make this movie. Meanwhile they were raping me and my daughter too. Comey and Brennan.

The real copyTypical how the CIA tries t sell our weapons to frame us and or to sell the guns they steal. It was tagged already and signed off -hand made with stainless in our workshop

The Colt factory
Where my children and I stayed with Marines, while ISIS/RARA were building up troopers in surrounding churches and homes of church people to take over the plant with Samual Colt.. We nearly won and survived, in the factory where a lor fights. A lot of workers were lucky at home because of eartquakes and a tsunami. So we used very strong fire.

Ray, Janick and Lauren Colt names once given for a witness program, we have passports like that too. Too protect against our family(ISIS/RARA), the gun was (legal)invented for to shoot down, that must say enough.

I shot him(or it’s me? my brains were exchanged with secret service agent this saved time) wrecked the Lathe to prevent ISIS to kill my kids with it -this was inside the Colt factory……..

As kid they alway blew us to pieces with nukes, everybody saw a snake in the mushroom cloud when my soul was dying. A Judge did not give me the C to hammer in my gun 1911 I had to create a snake in the form of a C……hence Colt’s logo…..1975…snake…the gun..the logo…ISIS retreated defeated and we could leave Vietnam…with the army…
a picture my clone took while we, were killed-skinned with fearthers and burned, with a nuke…..

When I was
for years old I also build bombs from US bombs that did not wet off, all kind
of napalm bombs. I disguised the load as heroin packages to get past my daddy. Like
rifle they created huge mushrooms which even made my dad look up into the sky.
Moments for me to shoot them down. I had to show how I did that busted, and
like my history is presented the nuclear “” bomb was invented……also I tried to create a new bomb thqat kids might survive in the middle, on that looked better, I did not(not for a 4 year old but in pricipe worth a CM dead penalty and it was tactical) as a knew from observing my bullet chambers…the napalm inventors were excecuted on one phone call……my kids managed too so funny…..look(the FFB -The Full Bounty Bomb):

Because Bounty Hunting in the army made us rich we allowed our gun to made by the army, without compensations, with the allowance to make our own, for ourselves, gun, 1911, with varieties. Running a company will not make you as rich as a Hunter, the Generals raised us, that is if you are going to hunt criminals. We even made heavier guns like the Magnum etc etc. The 1911 proved it selves against old revolvers and stealing parts in between soldiers. And for children a shooting army is important to grow up in freedom and more safety than a parts stealing army. Because of the danger of identity stealing we are still the inventors. For example what happened to me and my children, we got shot and kidnapped more than a thousand times because of it. Not only that this gun made it possible that Hitler got shot in Vietnam. The CIA cut our telephone lines to the Pentagon, we knew they were going to steal the 1911, our 911 number would them be smuggled into the Pentagon. The CIA cut our telephone lines to the Pentagon, we knew they were going to steal the 1911, our 911 number would them be smuggled into the Pentagon. The CIA takes all the telephones in imitates everybody up until today we found out. They even try with this blog, the Pentagon’s counter cooperates in this, frustrating. Even with couriers. My kids and I trained pigeons to get new credit cards, the CIA killed us for it do it worked sometimes being lucky the Hotel owner could not stop laughing.

\We gave some rebuild oldies, we used to confuse Hitler and kill him and ISIS, to Colt because all their guns were stolen. They even looked 1911. Hitler mumbling to his agents looking at the guns: ”there were not really from 1911 were they?”. Even Colt management mmmhd, how do they do that? Tsunamis & beheadings we said, but we going to hunt them. Even the Nazi top giggled, our children…..So mister Colt a Judge said looking in his computer – Nazies dragged me kinto the factory and shot me in the head.. We also hope the Court Martial fines the General top for having my 1911 and in principe all Colt weapons that are designed by us shiped to Europe and China against our will, already abused to kidnap us to Europe and keep us kidnapped, this all because we have fobidden the Abraham tank to be exported. And to bo honest we do not even agree that a factory that shakes hand with the CIA produces our weapons.

Abilene, Texas 2015
After tsunamis my kids and I managed to buy this piece of land, and we build these stays and a steel workshop to make some guns. We were hunted by ISIS and lived like Bounty Hunters on the run for the mob. ISIS collected themselves in a nearby village in two churches and they were building weapons to. Even soccer players for the WC soccer were helping them. We managed to fight ourselves out and were brought to DALLAs by the army. See the grenade holes we created to kill really hundreds of hooligans…inside a Hotel they managed to kidnap us. Soldiers protecting us were shot by Christian Generals and they took away our Pentagon credit cards and US and army passports.

one of the guns we build and used over here and in Dallas -my US Marines uniform with Ray Cole and not Colt on it, the Royal Dutch King threatned to cut my daughters head -we kidnapped his daughters but we know he does not care…

we were also placed back over here at Lake Abeline were they build two podia in the lake, where ISIS so called organized a House party tyo collect a lot of people to attach this house -the ven had small nukes – agan a smithy was build so we could make guns to protect ourselves – to have fight at all ISIS must have thought


robots we build to help defend our smithy in Malibu – Brennan was instant tripping -inside the bunker they prtected us to -a real slaughter it was – they drove a round of honor inside the Pentagon

After our skulls were repaired for a lot
of money, with space traveling like we do, warfare they can burst. Brennan and Holland
changed at least my skull back to how they want it, to have some sort of lobotomy
and Amnesia. For our Court Martial to know. My top level brings also that for
my security Washington/Pentagon/CIA and Holland/Europe needs to be bombed again,
which they know and we hope. Hereby the request. Only the USA has doctors to repairer this, maybe they can have look at my photo please.
Schizoids(gay/religious) can only adapt and cut off things, demolish. The position of my side burn is also changed ect etc, fat is placed back… plus is pace warfare 1000g or more—so were are my space crafts…so called blcksniths…mmmh
ps for court martial – we found out with
strange earth quakes on Airport Miami preparing our private jet. ISIS us
lava-spaceships to create lava tsunamis and punching holes. One machine came up
here in Holland in my garden and one on the beach in Corona del Mar. They even
made us travel in them cracking the earth in two…..they use also stolen or
pirated(they used the Dodge riots as distraction)**
us navy space ship to take run from space, well calculated to push up the
earth up to 100 miles. Italian and French troopers participated……really
Jules Vernes kind types of machines they used to film us like they do with the
Black and White pictures….we have bearen them and also not we had to destroy the sun and earth so everything would vibrate in place creating lava again….
** we hope the navy builds it ships again because of course the reason why they stole too, is for us to not build them again while they are capable of building their ownes…they used the lava ships already on other planets too icluding the sun, killing clones of us or skinned beings- for as far as I remeber already since the 70’s

ps did any one find our Ford F750 turbo diesel 4 blade stainless propellor army plane with video analsys studio? Just be a responsible driver… plane it was(cm weight, -torque, -material it was even approved) – we also build it to graduate in it all three of us, with a official comission – oh no we had it destroyed by the navy


Panama City(FL) airport- my kids and I lived
or were looking around for it. ISIS killed us on the airport in these lava holes.
Also younger version of my children, a managed to kill some ISIS woman over
before I died. Medics were in the lava to mine my children out, the last thing
I saw. With army we dropped all participants, Some White house staff, Dutch GOV and even generals with family’s
into the lava, dropped bombs on it with fighter Jets being given by the Air
Force – we hoped everybody scored some hunts, we one too. We hope Court Martial remembers were we had to build a house, but a boat and build a hotrod car……even togheter some were in Pretty Bayou, for the CIA to know for CM fees….these people killed McDonalds people in Los Angeles(see pictures above), the followed us to Panama City

Our catamaran rudder steer house has to produce
voltage, like a switch watch, one of our inventions, see the terminator resemblance.
We just moved the rudder steer house on a rail from left to right and like the these watches
keep on winding, the waves keep on producing voltage, or else jump on the boat
until you got voltage. With that Nano voltages it is possible to steer the
boat. In principle an atom steered ship. We had one no one could find the
wires, we simply used the atoms of the steel FULLY COURT MARTIAL RESEARCHED ON NOT CHANGING THE STEEL &SAFETY.

1975 -a Hilary Clinton forced me to draw my invention(at leats the first onepsycho so she would leave me alone) -this is computers and space craft
– we hope you guy do and don’t -most of all important is to build a shotgun!! Made on my own created paper…older than papyrus…but for the rescources in Egypt and my wounds….history followed..the originals- 4 years ol..years later cum laude damm shure:

pdf link:

some more stuff stolen from malibu -this schizoid is showing -I already shot her down more than once


We found out that dinosaurs are the human
race biggest threat. As small boy I figured out why. Once in a while they are
going to war with us. They travel their galaxy towards us. How? By changing the
chemistry of their planet, by digging into the lava and eating it. I explained
more than once by creating small galaxies how. Also in Pentagon’s garden.
Weightless you rotate lava quickly and you change it’s chemistry and the lava boll
will move to the right up or down. So if you see two sun’s out of nothing, they
are here. To Travel back they eat earth’s lava. I developed weapons against
them. Bullets will not always help, like I tried to explain in the by me initialized
move Aliens. Their flesh will solve, lead, and even hardened steel. They are frag
gable with plasma weapons but we have a other kind of dinosaur species on earth
whose name is the Mob, religion. EOM…Yes pieces of Aliens are real soldiers
fighting real dinosaurs, think the acid slime vs steel parts.

IF AMOUNT OF SUN > 2 YOU WILL NEED A FLEET OF PLASMA SPACE SHIPS OR ELSE CHIPS WILL BURN(if |I take a run with an F14 from space it’s going to smoke already before entering the atmosphere) in smithy language the dino’s got Microsoft knowledge, plasma knowledge, or the can not move their galaxy…

My kids and I were left on one of those planets. We also know mhow to steer galaxies. So that was big fun, at least enough reason for boss t-rex not to eat us, self defense. Of importance is to stop these vandalisms to even create atom driven army divisions.

Dino’s also travel throuh space in clods, the take a mass run and just jump of their planet. So do not think they frozen, try to eliminate. Their eyes and brain will freeze last, they take revenge and remeber you investigated the clod. Like the CIA they want to erase our memory.

Ohw Dino’s, the smaller ones, are able to
repair their dead’s, like humans, by using their small claws and the same micro
surgery as us, with our without chemicals some seem to spittle.

Diesel is important, you shoot dino’s to slurry with plasma weapons, you suck it up and make diesel from it. hich burned fighting tham by diesel jetengines. Burning to many dino’s in the out open or not making diesel from them will give to much polution. Diesel didn’t. Soi we need a army with all divisions, a very accurate lie detector checks on illegal european(not on paper) and colored people on loyalty inside the US army, which self-defense(of all humans) and not discrimmination. And we need plasma engines for the space crafts….
 We also found out that they can create like us 10 finger and toe’s, 2 legged spieces, buiklding and programming their space ships with the sam army microsoft as we do. Software cappable to fight war, capable to steer atoms in iron……but for a mass attacks they simply us their galaxy as ships
microsoft as we build it, projected in plasma to see if it is 100% operative, this is windows10 and with those holes in it it isn’t…

Some CIA agents must recognize us like
this. We hunted them looking like this after we changed ourselves into lizards(changing our DNA, blood and meat structure) to infiltrate their spaceships destroying their Microsoft. We were accused of collaborating
with the enemy by the CIA but were payed billions for our heroic solution to
defeat again an attack of the dinosaurs. I never slept with so many woman….
50 years ago we created language and
writing to fight the dino’s, religious people followed mumbling. Indeed you
create espionage with it, buying times some times and a change to put a dino on
a wrong feet in attempt shooting it.

They clone themselves quicker than humans, ripping of a leg and they build a clone without anesthesia, so genocide is the only right answer……
How we found out about DNA(invented it), so if dino’s can build microsoft-army they can change dna like we did/do, we were changable back with a simple code(formula and content):

My kids and
I also made software with a tree showing all lifeforms like this. Also for
planet earth, that one we used for bounty hunting on earth. A full bounty was
really seeing the lifeform disappear from the tree. It could not be cloned no
more. The clone did not even appear and was not accepted.
Programmable steel that runs a computer program
communicating with other steel, how we invented it:

Weapons needed for fightin dino’s
Plasma guns “‘ (atom weapons-we have a liscense for to build also) we made, later appeared in computergames, if the 1911 is scince 1975 turnable into a plasma gun fragging cows into slurry

A gun I build for my minors to protect themselves and our smithy

They made me this dubbel barrel one 25/mini shotgun -also used to shoot dino’s

A gun build by a Pentagon general -used to shoot dino’s

Guns we buiold for the real Galactica ship crew – our weapon smith cross I recognize on the demper – a small shoulder piece – dino’s see the shoulder as wounded and they attack the wounded first

ditto with big spring element for the shoulder – should be 50mm


ditto – a plasma gun -restored handgrips

Everybody laughed at me(not my kids) walking out of our vulcano in Malibu. Renee rotated laughing the handle, starting up thi this dicuised plasma machine gun…

In this place United states first money was pressed and we wrote the forst law books, me too, I am confirmed by oath for it. Tsunamies we survived, earthquake we didn’t. Brennan his gang had us removed. Placed some old junk of me, I used tot test switch board, inside as being the the first computer. It was later a telephon switchboard for the government and ar,my.

A gif my kids and I made from a by shot down Dino between Amsterdam and Utrecht, 2016, amazing skin structure the gave -it was hard to put on photo but not on movie – finished with M2 – it was kept frozen abcoude-amstelveen-amsterdam area – we were kept hostage – left by gi’s – brennan brought/kidnapped us to miami and washington – our brains were stolen – suffer severe knowledge loss – have to learn howto make 1911 again for example

PS the first Aliens was named Aliens RAW – my team produced it -it was from our helmets -two years ago I recieved a copy but it was stolen from my Helmet – it’s fighting with those creatures and in reality fighting with T-Rex embryo’s, they can be produced faster, to build army’s on short term, and are very dangerous. My robot version I created to create a softer Aliens for protesting actors missing income:

This one was real to catched for film industry, we even conviscated the fences, me and my children are still US soldiers, and shot all participants(incl. ISIS) and threw them in a mobile oven, but they had clones -as you can see bigger claws

Laurten invented this mf -handy for our end result the terminators -her own eye tissue -imagina this running out of our vulcano in Malibu -result -we had to give the family Smith Will, a autograph

Brennan forced us to make this from black embryo’s -my Son’s hand

we also build nukes to blow up the dino’s with the army top like this with programmed steel and plasma driven -Brennan kidn\pped us had the loads removed also with troopers -it was time to give somthing back to Hollywood – we killed a couple divisions with families for it -I can scense ome survivors – asome how they fly without steel ball’s or fuel -We also invented this to be programmed into human skin, the lizard do with the mob, Lizards, the t-rexe’s use it to travel through space and we to. It ‘also being used to create quake jumps for fragging, like we have put in the game. In customs computer maybe it’s still known that I was world champion jumping. Because of war amnesia we forgot to program it out of my skin.

So one day
my children pressed me into the steel press to slurry, to create liquid metal
that could step into robot’s like our T models used for Terminator. This all to
create human robot that could operate plasma artillery creating over 100G’s.
Like plasma machine guns, you literally shoot yourself to dead, like happens
with baby’s and shaking. I believe my Son’s hand:

Next we were getting a beer in thousand oaks, Lanick picture, Renee made him….me both were driving the car, a famous picture, we posted it on movieweb -ther were fights

some art my kids and I made from our old teeth – from mini guns -it was stolen from our smithy

Stolen from our smithy by the CIA. he sold them to the Russians, to replace our guard while smithing. We and some marine beat up some Ruisiiand for it and even bombed….we blew them and destroyed our Microsoft steering them…

Some T models we made for US female MArines, who dared the man to fight with us in space -these are Photo models -real T’s are without tubes etc….

Me in the movie with by kids adaptes schizoid eyes -so they would let me play

Report stolen from our smithy -they started a company for it -the killed us while stealing it and more than once tried to kill us and Judges. Brennan supports them. We counter attacked them but they got clones and arew big ass Bounties.

ditto stolen, stolen back and back again -the CIA tried to sell this site we used to publish about the 1911 from out our smithy – we also sold some parts and hand knives all stolen product by Brennan and his CIA  – stolen not comvistcated because he may not – I am higher in rang and Court Martial – bliged to publish our blue prints etc etc etc- M1911.ORG The Greece
flag was to remember we made oil from millions of Italians to pay for damages. Steeling my Dodge factory.

ditto stolen our dos version, but anticipated, we made this site because we know they were going to steal our army version of Microsoft/Dos – Point Dune Malibu -Bill was involved -we were kidnapped to place it online… Ditto Oracle’s virtualbox

question: Everbody that even picked up a letter from the Pentagon gis willing to give himself a slap in the face? I did to even blogging to them……can you pls stop salaries with dept punishments – the soldier have to pay it back for not being the Court Martial’s protection… we already did…we the Colts do not want to pay them anymore….until we got a army again

Agents from
the Pentagon came to get us in Malibu to investigate slime coming from the
ceiling, Utrecht police station by the way to. We ar4e a bit alien eliminate
experts so we had a look. It appeared to be human slurry where we also make oil
from. We discovered a third species of human, in the wild after disasters we
call them wanderers or walkers. They just walk through your pick nick like the
dino’s do. They are some sort of mob except for the fact they do nothing at all
just pretend all day they do something and they kill people, just to get a job,
sit on their chair and sometimes they almost succeed. They Mob does not like
the, we do not like them because if they enter the army we both get kidnapped
by them. On the battle field they simply run away etc etc. If we got kidnapped
they do not intervene at all…they have to guard military gear everybody can
steal b4ecause they are not really fighters…they pretend to be gay to stay
invisible for the mob and they pretend to be normal stay invisible for us…they
even go to church  they just stop their
car of truck and walk over the high and get over run(see youtube)…a some sort
of schizoids expect people to bring them food and rescue even make the comparison
with our kidnap expecting the wild they just walk until they die, not looking for food in the armt you think they a\re mama boys that need to learn how to bake ham and eggs, 
They torture
youngsters to become almost like this that want to join (before) the army

..if they would serve a King or President they will taste his food…for disrespecting them…mayday mayday

Why did I
put Coke still on our bottles? For the war we(&Democracy(not smuggling it is our cool)) make Coke with our own sources in
Coke factories for the army, to create metal jacket bullets filled with coke. To
create addicted Dino’s and other enemy’s for if we are low on resources like
flame throwers. Within their groups we than create underdogs with the wrong
fighting attitude.

Also Troopers with
ISIS robbed and demolished one of our Cola factories. So we started to produce
cocaine and sold it to the Pentagon(we I belong to). Just as long until we
could build two new Coca Cola factories.Over there we started to produce
cocaine bullets for those troopers their self-defense (of course we added some deadly
chemicals to it) and to show we are the biggest and mightiest gang on earth.
Democracy. We also did this in Holland for the same reason. Many families died
from the poison.

report Colt Factory
: my kids and I we obliged to set up Colt Europe, not only
abused for human trafficking also for cocaine smuggle. My kids and I were obliged
to unpack m4 and carbine’s, remove the coke and replace the magazines with
cheaper Chinese ones. The CIA and Brennan and ISIS members’ threatened people
that just worked there to do the same.
To test
each other, my kids and I did to test if we worked professional making guns, on
the lie detector, just with questions like: Did you illusion yourself you did
not forget something ?or did you finished your jobs her and there sloppy? Did
you choose the best options making the guns? Did you know what you was doing? That’s why people say our guns are
Court Martial.

Something that makes not working for they money troopers cry
this is how we looked on other planets in big smithies -building ships, weapons and fighting “Aliens” at the same time – we learned penis protection and helmet -the muscles(not from donors) you get for nothing – NOT -but keepers -I hide it in the game

I also bought very thick muscles like this more than 3 times, growed them myself and even my children enlarged them to hammer in the smithy – cut out sold and eaten by even cia agents – I we even paid for these adaptions…
Pentagon, like last time I was eaten in my bed by small dino’s I had spark
sounds at the end of my bed and shadows of jumping attempts. Like they are busy
with pulling up teleporting again.

Oh yeah once I created the ultimate helmet, for Court martial gardutes(space marine genrals) wearing it could change you into anything even the the invisible man -think pictures shot from us as Predetors – the ring speeds up or not(think bullet inpact) – why do I have a officers sword…..i picture my kids and I took from the game two years agoo in the hoe we would remember -backgrounf I had two moving circles as invention- speeding it up it even resisted laser. rockets and bullets -only the opper commanders of the US army are crowned like this- by me and my children(too Tolkien…Yes…my second name as writer…read above) – it means a gradution, second opinion, also from obeservation, with or witout alchoil & drugs,, in all grades, incl military – it started with the first nine – goal: nine zillion

Last year,
my kids and I kidnapped to some Dutch(fascist/church/gay/jew) court about the
not being there obliged regulations about th amount of nicotine on these packages
of Tabaco my kids and I designed and composed. We were obliged by the
Dutch(King, ministers) to take it out of our design. Co-workers of Johny player
too. We already told them the directors to we are not going to pay. We will claim
everything back that is payed to the EU or Dutch government, if necessary raise
a new Court Martial.we mean.. A picture of me with my legs cut of and ball, by the Dutch government, which mean we order the US army to make nukes for 8 LA’s or some more – there will be budget for it –

Some digital pics from the 70’s -the wild – california – see my smithy hands(4 years old) and my lava knowledge – (more you will see arrow point of ISIS- family members)

a old , in the fied made gun from us -manual: you climb a T-rex -slam it into his head – drill the animal with fire vibes

more dino killer we made in Europe – all Colt’s patented by me and my children that’s also for all the Siegs -stolen from our smithy -becuase the US army might need them – old guns by the way -one of the reason we bomb Swiss from time to time to make oil -not oinly for stealing my watch, so called switch) technologie and watch models….a big misser for us tax deposit

so called german

Some Sig’s even the keyhole patern is copied I see, also stolen from mour Smithy in Malibu

Sieg Sauer now an American company also founded by my children and me, the Colts, we won court, to Cover our whole range of stolen weapons of out Malibu “secret” Smithy – we build this building and designed it with our bear hands, although flipt out gay designers tried to claim it….some pics from our Smithy -Janick and my hands
My kids and I bought two houses, half captured: 51 & 15 Timberlake Dr Fayetteville, Tennessee – Brennan organized some raids, also with Dutch holligans, and had the electricity poles placed to irritate us -we ice skated over here had a wonderful time and even made robots and small flying dishes and a guitar to write Tennessee whiskey

Some Generals tried to stimulate my children’s and I our memory, once(early 70’s after our first attempt to create army stolen and later famous as Nazi uniforms) created these rank’s on our self build computer on the dry floor of the pacific, together with them, we did not, we designed some more but were captured and tortured by Brennan, Obama and his man……we emptied our guns, that was the plan…they were stole by Dutch hooligans and even appeared on commercial websites and we also weat the navy’s master chiefs…..

we wanted to and used these for our astronauts -big gay fights at the Pentagon and our Smithy/Studio –
do not now what happened to the concept…

ps we hided the source code of microsoft army in micromicromicro sd inside this chip too – needed to make clean releases os all software and games etc miltary weapons etc -CIA/Brennan and some idiots destroyed it inside the Pentagon(the chip was also in our plasma drawing table)(will be punished by dead and severe torture(if it’s lost we will hammer you in our ovens for month to die) as we already did) ps it’s licenced for no one else to build and we will charge $ 200 BILLION AGAIN

Mc Donalds

As we had
courts in the Coca cola Company and in special for the Mc Donald Company for
the misbehavior of the CEO’s in raping & murdering children & customers
there were fired and convicted. We had big shootings, they are familiar with
our family and John Brennan(ISIS) for over 50 years. The verdict, although we
were kidnapped, was also that we did not pay advances for the bonuses and the
Companies damages for earthquakes in our absence being kidnapped by the same
John Brennan. Also not responsible for the falsifying product history of the
Companies since we are the founders and owners. We still hope the government
and CIA will be held responsible as so the criminal Court Martial trying to redraw
the company’s costs of our account at the Court Martial made by terrorists, friends
of politician, we do not see as capable businessman but schizoids. Our

crime report
asw creator of eclipse, mingw, sddc, codeblocks etc – our source code again was stolen by the CIA and Brennan like 50 and 20 years agoo – the CIA planted some virusses I notice downloading the small device compiler – also used for mingw but downloadable at just to find punks that beheaded us and rape to make us responsible for the bugs etc -something to bler to a Judge in Court

crime report 2
people from Mlab stole our liscense, with violence, from in principe a liscense our software – Janick 10 years old made this motherboard, to placed directly on a clean wafer, we busted their office back, took pictures and shot them through the head, and put them into body bags for CM

Ditto this C Compiler program we made for ourselfes to develop the CIA stole from our smithy in Malibu

4 court martial:

A girl that
helped in kidnapping us attacking a military base connected to the Army’s Colt
factory somewhere in the desert. The moved the factory where she was present
too. I was kidnapped from that factory with my children and pushed into a meat-lof
grinder where my clone killed her in too. She was also there in space in our
space smithies and shot at military. A known ISIS member.
as young Disney 1976 i tried too draw my self cloned children, some Hells Angels from future brace knuckle3d them after I was finished, I took my Time, Disney was born. In future we did it back with their babies…