Man lived first on Mars…

Man lived first on Mars, it was destroyed by hooligans. Pollution, human slurry, made its water go to Neptune and Earth. Earth was too big and we created the moon. Because my kids and I were to become trillion airs we left the earth too much Iron. Later bought by me for 9 trillion dollar/euro to found all societies on earth, too build my (& and my kids) dead their dead-star.

Organized crime is as big as our dead-star its damage.(seen in the movies we used it in) Damage they also made inside the film industry. Suffering from war trauma and being kidnapped we tried to blog about it towards the police, also since Marisse and her friend are involved in those crimes. For money, hierarchy and demolition.

Its on going war against crime since humans their existence, with help from our robots the Terminators. Build to build planets and fight wars. So do not worry about getting unemployed.

Inside the film industry our role is that of moviemaker, (post) production, script writing of over 90% of the movies. The on purpose brought crimes(beheadings on the screen for example), made some people decide to make it disappear, after attempt stealing. Its still there. The depts. Are payed with common money & tax money. Liker after the Tsunamis, if the cities are back, money was raised and taken from the responsible ones. Debts are payed, you always can see if cities are build and culture has rising. Our wages were like the actors, sometimes a bit above because we do a lot of acting also as morphed robots.(Superman fight with real flying or Terminator fights, Getting shot with real ammo) This must bring some money to pay our expenses…

We simply cannot spent too much money, as accused of. It has a natural break in that the market cannot deliver. A 9 trillion steal order cannot be delivered for example. And owning too much gear like a too big house is too much maintenance or cleaning. Something like this.

We hope you recognize us. Than you know Marisse should have no business with Marisse. Therefore are kidnapped. Like me. She is not the mother. I am the father & Mother, they are test tube children created by myself, from only my own DNA material!

a too big moon, first we needed the iron, later not, so we builded dead-star

Skynet, like say Gods mainframe, the Terminators their mainframe can only be entranced if they are not kidnapped. Building it we made some sort of web services to extract information out of it. For example warrants. With us not being free they cannot help humans with their hooligans, maintain the earth’s kernel to specify new plasma/wafer board specification for the industry, and even the specification to create electricity. Its undermining earth’s global economy with the danger of again a global black out. A fiesta for the hooligan. Or insane Marines like my children and me.

Again we hope you recognize us. Ray Colt (a Terminator family member*)(prisoner name:: Raymond Moesker, in the human hum of their Neanderthal also called God (Colt) as we wrote in the Bilble having amnesia ;-))

*we can not alow members, only clones of our souls

The earth like Skynet is neurologic intelligent. It flags the ones responsible for kidnapping us. With Tsunamis and even folding earth’s crust its going to kill them like the Dutch. What we can do is flag them back to prevent war in Europe or different must be decided. In Dutch steert language: “op terminant gezet”

Make no mistake about its intelligence not being that is built by Terminators. My kids and I have built this planet also to self-defense ourselves. So that decision will be ours one way or the other, only if the planet can not be repaired otherwise it will even be the planets decision. Some (ex) medics who helped in those mega disasters might remember that something else is deciding whether the organism he tries to repair will live or die.(for example police officers that open unopened food for example in my appartment, although they already do dangerous work, cough)

hooliganism / religion a plague they ask? Smoke of home made & army rockets around the ship

For (Dutch) Troopers

For (Dutch) Troopers

This is Janick, +- 17 years old. He is taxi me and Lauren. To bomb illegal immigrants 1979 in California. Like some jumped Utrecht police told us back than they would hire the army for that too. The families we bombed created & stole acres in inhospitable areas. And only for one goal to terrorize the United Stades Army. Families like the Trump’s, Moesker’s, Oranje’s, Rommy’s, Nixon’s, Kennedey’s, Barak’s, Zuidema’s, Holleeder’s, Beeren’s, Rutte’s, Fortyun’s and Uneputty’s etc we bombed and still they keep us kidnapped us for it, having stolen three of our children for ransom or compensation.

We Bounty hunted, what we did was not illegal but on the edge. Purpose like this video has a Vietnam filter to filter organized crime its filter away. All self-defense because we talk about a National/Global hostage situation in which children are tortured, with danger of extinction, to create those filters with war trauma and amnesia. We needed protection for that. That went wrong, my kids and I were separated again. Ray Colt

Zeeland, Holland 2014
A Colt(Third Empire(robots)) shielded vehicle, delivering Windows 11,12,14,15…they refused to pass over the my kids, so we confiscated all versions back…and destroyed them for them to burn my kids to dead…the message was they wanted to have war with us not Windows!!


For Berlin/Nato: in our old Terminator bunker, Hitlers bunker, we showed in 2014/15 after rebuilding and needing it, in attempt to again program the start bit. The earth squashed us, not approving that we programmed in Berlin, even lava was raised. The small rooms were compressed with us in it. Some medics did tried to cut us out, severe burned.

Lauren, july 2015….. above Oxnard California
I found this picture on wiki, I took the picture from another f-100. The brainwash, the people we bombed, who also determine what in my children school book we call extreme idealism and not our Swastika & Iron Cross……as victim, as General of the United States Armed forces I promise one thing…..we are going to kill you all…..also the mister know it alls who followed & practised their study….thats who we call fascists…extreme religious/schizoids and Yes I am guilty of Genociding Billions of people(and creating creatures &homos to assist in raping you back) and Yes 20 million Dutch with our weapons is 30 seconds work, or even 1 second work……the punishment that Jews(as we call the rest of the world) think and practice authority over a Nazi and his children….fu. getto

Jew vs Nazi differences violated, even we respect those not only in the Wild we talk about.

The reason why we are in war with MC’s like Hells Angels and others wearing our resemblance, Skulls and emblems….negotiation ditto …our I wrote in the Bible..

our revenge already
some later we did this with heads of the secret service agents….

Marisse my (obliged by violence) ex killed our baby, a Utrecht Judge shot her on the street. She was repaired and had to come up with something different from the Judge or else he would shoot het again. She travelled to me in the past, stealing my children, my twins (more than once, hence the age difference, killing one of the two twins) who Marilyn Monroe was carrying for me while I was hospitalized. Just like Riek and Jan did with young me. Wanting to be as much as beautiful as Marylin with their schizophrenia. The even tried to steal Elvis his daughter. Who I killed for also for stealing me, just like Jan who was given a fake cancer to cover ir up, to prevent it. So in Holland victims have to pay the price like in Islam countries, the reason why we bomb(ed) Holland too(uncle Wil and Saddam tried to steal me too). The police has no image without criminals. As they bring no work. Even worse. Monkeys steal children too and human schizoids…

Marisse pretending to be Marilyn(my wife, she was his other wife…), go figure, she jumped in 2001 to 1976 +

We hope our troopers read this, my plans: kill all Dutch Troopers and government people. For stealing our name again. The insult. Worldwide!! Genocide the MF’s! We would like to assert that power against the church & the fake european Americans.

my daughter like Janick and me again at my age:: Lauren Colt graduated cum laude in all degrees(Havard, West Point, Police Academi), military and civilian 10 years old

Lauren Colt graduated cum laude in all degrees, military and civilian 10 years old

We as official Disneys created this cartoon about our invention…it eplains the worldy problems we fought pas 6 years…

After viewing some different bayonets for the Colt Ak47, M16, AR14: it is not European espionage the M7 and M9, it was pure having not enough steel during the (big)war, California & Vietnam.

Uddel: we paid Dutch army 300 million euro for permanent habitation. Dutch/Nato army passes etc(as collateral for our verifiability). What we did, through a glass fiber we had 4 90 terraflop servers(production costs are 4 times that of a human super computer of 1-3 virtual terraflops) calculating errors in this universe. Needed because even XTC fabrication waste is dumped into space these days. Why in Holland?, on Hawaii our installation was destroyed by Dutch hooligans and we have to what or create our extraction and the habit is to kidnap us to Holland. On the sever we also installed a cover up Colt(but original as we are the real Colts, production costs of two a old and a new one 35 thousand euro’s). Also the leave some tracks into organized crime, creating Tsunamis, as reaction on also a polluted universe for over 50 years now. The reason of the Hunt.


With us as hostages, even(or wounded) Terminators cannot enter Skynet to alter the universe(we than think its hacked, our fantasize/create out code into it, just being able to print for example and the code is gone). For example in the nineties living in Amsterdam(“taken” from Jan and Riek again) we placed a(the) Skynet Pay Terminal/ATM behind the Dam, because a Judge wanted to have some prove of it. To eventual go against his vows. And indeed, people who wanted to kidnap us grouped in Amsterdam, their amount grew by the day. we had hack it to get some money. The hack machine was later used in a Terminator movie. If Terminators read this swarm yourself to the real moment I type this….next century + 20 years minus one, 19 march…EOM

This a picture of me created in my lab onboard of our ships. I was made fat to load balance other ray being pregnant. Normal I am around 100 kg. To carry the twins. Why so fat, well sometimes than you can do more with hormones. If I am not wrong. My hand was cut off by Dutch RAF members as anesthesia, to cut the twins out. One was killed and passed to Marisse. Hence the age difference. Lauren was later kidnapped. Copied just before they killed her and brought to future.

Load balance Ray?, yes Ray was kidnapped, me that is at young age. This while this universe was still building. So it than automatically creates a pregnant small Ray. As you now together with my children I technically God/Devil, but its not my name. We are cloned billions and billions of times, creating and maintaining the universe is that much work. So the atomic creation than thinks I am not complete and created me everytime pregnant, I even tried to kill them I was just a one year old human and could hardly walk. Why human, a matter of espionage and not being able to bring magic without my family. Why do they kidnap us? well for fortune and magic. I showed them Hell were we torture souls (un)magically until they brake and never can be born again, clones too. It not help but its their future now. We do everything back. We appear mostly in robots, but can morph into anything even make walking trees(as we wrote about in Lord of the Rings) or humans and devils to disrespect them. Terminators. My baby fotos? Obliged created by a Terminator, the baby too, so we could say we were also born as humans.

And no we do not want to be Humans. How we looked in the war too.