The maker of the Swastika == Workmanship

I was the first American, a had a ship and worked hard in my Smithy, I am a non fascist off course!!

The first swastika of the world we once have drawn in our smithy, we also used it for the US Army in Malibu(read - in Gnuam we invented the formula for it
- 40(+-1975) years agoo we used it to mark our officer swords, as you can see,
a square chisel and a rectangular was al we needed to make thousands of swords(we still do) -
we already invented the lcd calculator!! we invented Maths I kids and I gave this sheet as work for our first it & smithy class of soldier students at our Smithy. not one measure was allowed

now i do not pass.....with this code
All the students had to do was build a PC, Monitor and toner printer, and chips, to solve this Swastika assignment, of course with a minimum of raw materials. A printer or scanner was a choice, you needed to reproduce this assignment (for extra points). My kids and finished the course ourselves finally in 2016, Princeton. Although our Terminators can do this the same time our drawing for the patent Judges

see here the need of an army of a group, the enemy can copy everything::
This Swastika my kids and I spied from a sea weed polyp his molecules, genetically…so it’s a fractal formula with a bonus on it’s head….our first cucumber & family/division sign eating Nasi.....the other two "German" crosses come from the same formula(we are baptized with this sign in our foreheads with a chisel, that 2)
What I(&my kids) once meant with building an operating system, genIsys into Skynet(god, mother nature) was something that would repair humans, or us, after being wounded. Like nature did with the sea weed polyps(swartika, Iron cross, German cross shaped, we only found them at the US West coast) we harvested. First we had to prove everything was built with Math’s, by inventing all Math’s(or else it had no use to build the OS), the polyps too and like Swiss watches are made with formula’s, we found the fractal formulas how mother nature rebuild harvested sea weeds like polyps do. We still live……

In Java Code [download java code] ::
package swastika;

import java.awt.Color;
import java.awt.Graphics2D;
import java.awt.RenderingHints;
import java.awt.geom.Path2D;
import java.awt.image.BufferedImage;
import java.util.ArrayList;
import javax.imageio.ImageIO;

 * @author RaY, Janick & Lauren Colt a Java class that draws a Swastika non fascist off course!!

public class Swastika
	final static int imageSize = 750;

	public static void main(String[] args)
		new Swastika();

	public Swastika()

	private ArrayList getSwastikaLengths()
		ArrayList aLen = new ArrayList();
		// example used a square width of 484
		// diagonal: 684,47936418857800362001734251749 --
		double width = 484.0;
		double diagonal = Math.sqrt((Math.pow(width, 2) * 2));// diagonal
		System.out.println("diagonal:: " + diagonal);
		//swastika side
		//     o2      o     o2     o     o2
		//         o3        o2        o3
		//              o4             o3
		//                   o5
		// 484::{298.0,186.0,74.0,112.0} 18:10?
		double[] widths = { 298.0, 186.0, 74.0, 112.0 };
		//double[] widths = { 295.0, 180.0, 65.0, 100.0 };
		// double a = 2.2969106180824765222148232970386;// diagonal/298
		// double b = 3.6799965816590215248388029167607;// diagonal/186
		// double c = 9.2497211376834865354056397637499;// diagonal/74
		// double d = 6.1114228945408750323215834153347;// diagonal/112
		double a = diagonal / widths[0];// diagonal/298
		double b = diagonal / widths[1];// diagonal/186
		double c = diagonal / widths[2];// diagonal/74
		double d = diagonal / widths[3];// diagonal/112
		System.out.println("a:: " + a);
		System.out.println("b:: " + b);
		System.out.println("c:: " + c);
		System.out.println("d:: " + d);
		// path to follow in length: 298 186 74 186 112
		for (int i = 0; i < 4; i++)
			aLen.add((double) imageSize / a);
			aLen.add((double) imageSize / b);
			aLen.add((double) imageSize / c);
			aLen.add((double) imageSize / b);
			aLen.add((double) imageSize / d);
		System.out.println("len:: " + aLen.toString());
		return aLen;

	private void drawSwastika(Graphics2D g, int x, int y)
		Path2D.Float p = new Path2D.Float();
		p.moveTo(x, y);
		ArrayList aLen = getSwastikaLengths();
		int[] degreesArray = { 225, 315, 225, 135, 225, 315, 45, 315, 225, 315, 45, 135, 45, 315, 45, 135, 225, 135, 45,
				135 };
		// int[] degreesArray={-135,-45,-135,135,-135,-45,45,-45,-135,-45,45,135,45,-45,45,135,-135,135,45,135};
		for (int i = 0; i < 20; i++)
			double angleRadians = (Math.PI / 180.0) * degreesArray[i];
			x += (int) (Math.cos(angleRadians) * aLen.get(i));
			y += (int) (Math.sin(-angleRadians) * aLen.get(i));
			p.lineTo(x, y);
			angleRadians -= (i % 2 == 0 ? 0.5 : -1) * angleRadians;
			System.out.println("x,y:: " + x + "," + y);

	private void drawAndWriteImage()
		BufferedImage bim = new BufferedImage(imageSize, imageSize, BufferedImage.TRANSLUCENT);
		Graphics2D g = bim.createGraphics();
	    RenderingHints rh = new RenderingHints(
		// change colors RGB
		g.setBackground(new Color(0.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f)); // Transparent
		g.setColor(new Color(255, 255, 255));
		drawSwastika(g, imageSize / 2, 0); // White
			ImageIO.write(bim, "PNG", new File("C:\\Users\\raymond\\Pictures\\Swastika_with_Java.png"));
		catch (Exception e)

Save code as, and running it, creates:

One of the reason Europe changed our original swastika, with their schizoid interpretation and research, to a David star was Psalm 86: 1-12 (1,86:1,12) – the prayer of David,
the width of the white small rectangle = 74, the year we created this in our smithy, I was two years old!!, or the date is adapted, go figure. Note that my kids and I were obliged to write the bible (and almost all holy books on the world) in slavery and with violence. We therefore find religious people knowing this despicable. Although God, for the occasion as human typed some lines in the Bible, as he did with Lord of the Rings, to become our witness and one of the nine, ten, but he turned out to be an enemy to our prosperity. The one with the biggest tsunamis and atom weapons….

The 9:5 swastika, working 9 to five will do the job too, war, building a company, with the right principles & attitude: industrialization, robots.....

In our Smithy we also used as radial of the smallest center square 2π(the above was faster using 9 times the hammer or 17..the beiginning of industralisation in thar time area...),
this to only need a small square chisel and π was our invention. From there out you can create this swastika.(squares are 88 by 88 pixels) The Fake German one, they were not able to make the real one...

Like above swastika my brand registration design for our logo, Atari’s, maker of all computer games and consoles in the world!!!!
Mother Company of even Microsoft!!! It is based upon a sea animal, genetics.
We found it in the ocean and wondered how it traveled through
the water(space) in three parts seeming to stick together.
Made in space and in finished under a court witness Leidshe Plein in our Star Bucks(later bulldog) between 75-80, 7 - 10 years old!! even the paper of my stretcher is visible!! We have no employees, never had!! but sub companies like Sega, Nintendo, X-box and playstation. It was/is organized by my children and our Terminators....
We are again kidnapped, our money is stole by the court so we suggest Microsoft goes to the “” real Atari employees for a windows 11.
We now never will create a Windows again!!!! Not even after compensations, ditto games……since Star Citizen office is stolen from us…
All games and console were made
populair by showing them on all Carnivals all over the world...go figure!!