What if I am Jesus?

What if I am
Jesus? But my name is Ray Colt, inventor of the firearm.
What if my
kids and I were taken off our crosses by the people.
What if
this was and is our Top Level.
What if we
were already compensated by the world population?
And we did
not have to work again, ever, sowiso.

(a carte blanco we received of 300 billion euro, we taught in favour agriculture, army and university – the Dutch try to steal it since as old our story is, even faked their National debt to 200 billion Euro, what a coincidence – even the Vatican was couped for it – running a country is begging I guess … no no tougher should it be with a hostage taking)
What if we
were kept kidnapped in Holland in attempt to steal that money.
Yes, the holocaust
was the world populations world war/revenge on our
The rest is lied by the Dutch.
What if my
children were not the “boefjes” hanging on their cross, as we obliged wrote
in the
Bible, but just lovable as the crowd luckily thought taking us down.
The Big War
the Big World War one was immense, called the holocaust. All humans gathered on the floor of the
Indian ocean and United States. Robots brought its waters to Neptune. With
writing Lord of the Ring my kids and I tried to remember.
Just like
calling us the Coca Nostra because we were made addicts again to serve child
porn, while were living in Los Angeles.
What if raising
all those Companies was an attempt of the court to steal our money. It just
made us richer because we did a good job.
What if we
graduated in all grades cum laude to be part of the bosses of the world cigar
club, as kids we insecure because we were involved in decision taking in worldly
problems. And still, think Tsunamis and Hawaii.
What if the
Dutch with their Marisse and Marylin keeps on violating our Top Level and keeps
on stealing our credit cards.
Help is
needed!! From our robots too, we cloned our souls into them.
Terminators(creators) they are called.

Crucified by our kidnappers(more than once, up until a couple years agoo) who were not compensated, payed ransom and dumped us like that.
They still want that ransom, we do not pay. My kids and I were left in Malibu with four toes and fingers, later it became our Atari gang sign. As 4-5 years old we managed to gave ourselves five 
toes and fingers. They did not manage to steal our money so they kidnapped us back to Europe…..
Why this pic?, my kids and I topped the violence being done to us with all weapons humans can think of even ours…
the ritual had to be done at home to, we chose this mountain, in the Dyno’s would eat us…

a flag we planted after the big war & 911, at Belair in Los Angeles.
Although we lost the war because Dutch secret service kidnapped us….in principle

a nuclear copy of the original flag, the one from the statue, the real one, still in our possession…in capture the flag terms….a flag older than human mankind – its our galactic flag we of course also use on our bas the USA – its symbolism is an open discussion n-

make no mistake we declare war on every country having a US embassy…..from Iran to Holland!! Just as long untill they are gone – we are Nazis!!, no gay may compare ITselfs to us!! not even their fake President…if we need to kill that one again we kill the prime minister of his country of origin….as usual

What more did we learned from our crucifixion(3 yrs old & past years) was that homophilia in fact a sexuality cover up is for Pedophilia. But both
expression of schizophrenia. And both are reason for their murders, which they try
with all their victims. One of their rituals is cutting open pregnant woman to
be the first that rapes kill the child. All humans are victim of this although
its being shown for all reason to the public by giving the woman a blue surgery
stripe on her belly. The always combine it with murder so the murder the mom
too. Some woman of course participate some are truly victim. On way or the
other, Marisse and Marilyn participated, the reason why the Dutch Royalties
help her to cover it up. Their blue ribbon is connected to the blue stripe they
give pregnant woman….like they say if you are lucky…or not….the reason why I(my children are responsible for all murdered Royalties on earth, we fight war against them, also with int.soldiers) In my yought I even lived in the Vatican(logic), but smarther was alone without my kids, the Terminators would raise them, all until they placed me with Riek and Jan…I had to stay on earth because upstairs theyre was a hostage situation too….the Dutch secret servfice kidnapped…..later the Pope got shot by me and other Bishops….the gay took over As inventor of neurology(and humans) I
also know the homo it’s hermaphroditic(bi/dual-sexuality) causes problems
between its brain lobs functions resulting in schizophrenia and extreme low IQ and criminal behaviour. Its also unsuitable to place their souls in our robots. Its science therefore They all show criminal behaviour and are all quilty of rape murders. ALL. The famous Army S5 reprobation.


In principle we have won the war, the scuffle of mass against mass, all wars, except for the fact that we are kidnapped as a counter-reaction. Scientifically speaking, it is also impossible, of course, in mass and because of mental inability. But a soul may still defend itself against it.
Blade Runner
2049 report
: Kidnapped to it but an Atari (terminator) production. Fire &
special effects(sci-fi) on the set is life and real. It’s autobiographical. Kids, the
Colt’s from Malibu fighting the war with old ray(“”weeshuis van de kids we started on Dutch radio). Left over, on demand (mad
max), smithies from the war a real. Even the futuristic Los Angeles is real.
Could be Los Angeles right after the war or a quick recreation from the
Terminators. Had even flash back viewing North Hollywood’s Lake Balboa/Anthony
C. Beilenson Park, where my kids and I had hang spots as grown up teenagers
living in that hood. Working and studying(also in 2014 &2015) at the rocket factory named for
Google Aerojet Rocketdyne(Cyberdyne), 8900 De Soto Ave. Even to operate the DNA database as Terminator 50 years agoo to -re-generate human mankind after the war brings back memories, the reason why its used on the set….some oldies must remember. Homes, streets, gear, computer terminals, apartment blocks etc. where we lived…..on the street “the Dark ages”, this was also wrongly interpreted by the history writing department, creating with fun making RAF members/infiltrants the “Middle ages” etc etc and history got falsified…my kids and I kidnapped to Holland let to space shuttle launches from the wadden islands, ok with the local economy but they even stopped it beause its foundation was slavery…our kidnap..
A Psychiatric master piece in principle, a
script & books also written by us, “the Child, I need the child” – referring to myrobot parents asking me back…….for doubtfull police see orginal movie and some girls never grow old factors

Cant we not just stay the Colt’s? We got kidnapped by the RAF to build weapons and that might happen! Like Israel 2012, lucky their secret service placed us in the Uzi factory.
The world: we build weapons for all countries(also to say thank you back), all countries fight with US(Colt weapons). You got two parties, the ones that placed us on a cross, the ones that took us off. Do not forget this troopers, it repairs your wiseguy……..
Being a good hunter/soldier is introducing
yourself to your preys. Not hiding for them but you leave tracks so they can
find you!!!
If this make you nervous better find an-other job! Its your
only self-defense. For example a campfire already, in the wild.

The famous F-1 engine(Ford-1), my kids and I build it after we developed flying discs, so wounded and out of rescources. Automobiles came much later……it brought us to the moon!!!

a history falsifying little fault/oepsie but the right date(not 1969)- at least we meant it like that

did you know that or remember that Terminators also have a Lingo bin with countries in it? We paly games too, the human version was and should be just a tease…..hence a mad Royal Highness in the tudio’s……

O yeah…. for our Jesus compensations the church and Islam is not the party to go too, to much charlatans, it’s preserved as army money, made active or not….just like after…Tsnuamis….nobodies budget….just spent it money….world wide…..like giving one pea away too a poor…its gone(the why we were ginin the most beatufull “homes’ in Dubai fe.)

In principle we have won the war, the scuffle of mass against mass, all wars, except for the fact that we are kidnapped as a counter-reaction. Scientifically speaking, it is also impossible, of course, in
mass and because of mental inability. But a soul may still defend itself against it.

Living kidnapped in human man””kind where we gave the Jews, the
schizoids(criminals) all school books. Because the human troopers thought they
were better Nazis. The criminals raise and educate the police force. Isn’t that
funny! What do they teeducaach them, the criminals are their ancestors, the modern
man evaluated out of the church. Funny again. People with 20 or 40 IQ breaded
humans with 120 IQ. They must laughing out loud. (if you know something about
breading, and although it sound controversial). One thing those monkey humans
are still here putting my children to be brain washed too on school, this while
they already graduated, or else they could not have written all university
books with me!

this what we thought humans….they come from monkeys…..funny…they even hope we bring them our robots…..one word for those Troopers, Mussolini or even Adolf….anything better than we created humans and monkey I guess even we had those thoughts……

Just like
we told the monkeys and other animals we told th humans too we are not their
ancestors but enemeny and only creators of life .

At least human can indentify their enenmy like this…..the that cut out their babies so rough even I could not stitch it without a blue color, even sector programming is difficult – this the foundation of the “holy” war between humans and robots….they did this to me too, more than 10.000 times in a short period….hence our murder list….with jealous clones….keeping my kids kidnapped is giving the hard core of RAF a free hand…..believe us!!

What I
write is science, Darwinism and fascism isn’t. dutifulness, idealism, national security & nationalism compared to science is called fascism……not doing your work too, although I mobed some floor too from time too time…at duty :-)))

Did you
know some Amsterdam(op gezicht herkenning henk naves dat ism die ons geld steelt af te tikken op leugen detector ook bij mijn kinderen, 20-40 millioen, case:: 
Willem Endstra, Holleeder, Heineken…here you go) and Utrecht Judges (Holleder club want money again from us,
changing our ID back after the Tsunami). We already paid a couple of times.
They even removed 40 kg of muscle and bones from my body, and half-sized my
penis, Janick & Lauren ditto. We did not want to pay, like everybody has to
marry again after a disaster? Yes we want our 2 mtr bodies back too……t is not Holleder Janick, Lauren and me are resposible for ALL…ALL? ALL murders in Holland that reached the news since early 70’s…Holleder is just a stand in, a Bank for crook Judges

who determins what I publish?…there you go….your Holleder club……

did you know I could not present this
family weapon favicon.ico whiteout a swastika in the background…well taming
Black Beatty was symbol of taming the home….symbol of us being superior and
winning the war…the Galactic forces..the Colt’s(aka the Daltons)


Katja en ik scheiden, ze neemt mijn huis en auto, jouw cd mijn cd…een een of andere crimineel zingt dit lied(janick) om de politie te beïnvloeden….zich te mengen in ons(en de troopers) leven….

I live like horse…like I do …you do what I say or I eat you…you beat him…. you torture….I regognize(our Colt mustang logo) they rape us too…ps woman although “ex” involved..linked tombaola..a student but o so dangerous…its like the uniform…its says nothing….

A clean glass of water and your gun on the
table. The connection: national security. We are the Colts and kept hostages
for our inventions. The water and the gun with us as hostage are unreliable.
How come? It’s a matter of national strike what they do, in fact. In Vietnam I
than took a plane back to Washington and bombed my camp Alpha and Delta for
deserting troopers. Like we did with Iraq ( or camp Holland in Afghanistan), blackmailing
us for a quantum-flop CPU. Worth more than $200 billion dollar?, damn right. No
reaction at all or over three from Justice systems on violent company take overs, making our money(hundreds of billions) suspect, is absurd when it comes to national security in the hands of the troopers and
not their educated managers or even leaders of Industry, the inventors. For
example, my kids and I made all music(&video-games) in all languages, which is now
play-backed for over 40 years, giving a music industry making 4 trillion Dollar
a year……that’s what the troopers brought they think keeping us out of the license
system except for the fact we refuse to make anymore music. We have to study
music again and we refuse, lasy like any ohter person, rich or poor, uniform or not does not matter….no obligations…without paying sub zero….Windows ditto……etc etc etc

we do not trust anyone who is not heroin addicted for the right reason (addicted ) in the army or police force therefore is being executed and dishonored(our suspect money the cowards than make of it). Then you have not fought yet….than you are still no trooper, marine etc. staff or not staff…but fraude yourself….the why we bomb them….man that rather have their daughters to be addict…

Why publish this, well the RAF discovered us, they know. They already did let us know by crucifying us again in Armenia. So it has no use hiding behind the Bible we wrote for that purpose.

Ray Colt

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