Tsjernobyl – the true story

Borsele attacked by Soviets. The Royal Highness and I again the only armed forces. We Do multiple * attacks on Chernobyl. And throw our planes in the the reactor to escape as victims …

* The Royal Highnessshot me down with plane so had to go again, we are enemies and him a bit schizo. we finally throw our planes in Soesterberg (run number x to whipe our memory, prisoner of our own people ), population agreed, we doid not know how to land anymore.

Annoying judges close Soesterberg. Too macho the operation must have been for the daily operations of course.

The Nato has to do that stuff, but you know what the nato than says …. traitors – do it yourselves….its your country…your defense

org. notes in Dutch: Borsele aangevallen door Sovjets. Koninklijke Hoogheid en ik weer de enige troepen macht. Doen meerdere* aanvallen op Tsjernobyl. En gooien onze vliegtuigen in de reactor om als slachtoffers te ontkomen…*Hoogheid schoot me wel neer met vliegtuig dus moest opnieuw, we zijn vijanden en hem een beetje schizo.

we gooien onze vliegtuigen uiteindelijk Soesterberg in(run zoveel om geheugen te wissen), bevolking mee eens. Irritante rechters sluiten het. Te macho was de operatie voor de dagelijkse operatiën natuurlijk

doet de nato maar, weet je wat de nato dan zegt….landverraders

Like this one: The Shawn Nelson Tank Pursuit, in reality it was me stealing atank back from Dutch Army, target destroyed…police a Germans….this is me I jumped to the past three yrs ago, still lon hair….my kids tought it would be funnt :-)—-something else than current situation — my kids kidnapped by Dutch troopers…in principle …one thing…we kill you you all for that…..

Ray Colt

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