Man lived first on Mars…

Me humiliated, although I was trained for sex changes. Later my face was changed( a reason why we created Aliens to ride in, to overcome my younger me & clone accepting each other. My kids ditto. We also placed me inside this movie at 2:42 the girl in the movie The Cosmic Dope is played by me and maybe also Janick – we changed our sexe(nose eye colors) but got busted and were kidnapped anyway to Holland end 70’s. Movie is recorded with actors from future(Dust == Atari/Disney) – in attempt to escape as three girls we also performed as the original Star Sisters, Frizzle Sizzle & Dolly Dots, The Dø & Frizzle Sizzle for examplw who later stole our tapes.

The shield around the USA is wave protection for humanity. When we installed humanity, we showed the plasma energy and all farms and businesses had their one small nuclear reactors. They looked a bit like corn silos. We also explained why we had to create energy alternatively, to power up the shield around the USA. All because of humanity its amnesia period (for example after big disasters) a period longer than 2 years. With plasma energy, the shield will last 2 years, too short to react with rescue missions. The current shields will last 3-4 years, humanity regains memory on it at the same period of time. No in the USA it is impossible to live, the soil rises up from time to time hundreds of meters creating big tsunamis around the world pushing the water away, without that shield that is. The shield is maintained from out SkyNet which as described can only be operated if we are no hostages again and by us or us inside Terminator robots. Why it is important, well we are hostages therefore we need to help the robots or will all die.

Conclusion about what to find in my/our latest notes in these Blogs:

  • my children’s and my identity  – GOD/Devil, the robots/Aliens
  • the identity of the humans & animals, like say our customer
  • they are foundation of our economy/wellbeing: electricity & plasma(electrolyte)
  • electricity creating is made possible by Skynet for short Terms(into the future)
  • Skynet can only be accessed if my kids and I are free, security. Or else a Global Blackout – we need to re-program earth’s kernel every 4 yrs

note: Make no mistake about religious people. They are plastic surgery changed System Dow  diseased people. Who were even breaded before to feed the Dyno’s, to protect the healthy children. They are very dangerous like our government, Jet-Set and police. All over the world!!!! As young Einstein they forced my children & me to teach them plastic surgery. We witnessed them changing each other in our compound at Malibu. The army is polluted with them and being called the Mob/Nazis, Yankees etc etc….as we are…..another reason why Marisse can not be the Mother…The problem is that the plastic surgery(different bones, skulls, face and brains) is connected to intellectualism and that is truly unrighteous. Every surgeon should know that it is the other way around(it lowers their IQ to severe low levels, for that population a sm) and also accompanied by trauma that causes short or long term amnesia’s(war trauma) A problem, because it’s being applied by discrimination creating an elite, who isn’t in fact an elite. Its like repairing all robots while in fact they have three in hostage, too many. It’s not the reality not even their gangsters paradise.

Down Syndrome, see number 21, is visible when they have a pair of three of those chromosomes. The reason why the Dutch secret service always place three of my minor under teeth back to deform me!! My kids and I discovered this. How do you recognize them also is that they try to leave some marks of the Syndrome around the eye sections, the Jaws and noose sections are fully rebuild. And of course their chromosomes, as bounty hunters we really have to have our microscope in our rucksack or else the secret service steals it. Microscopes my kids & I enroled on the market in 2015(as Nazis) of 2000X+ are down sized to a maximum of 1600X….scary(to hide their Da Vinci Code)….We are also responsible for the trilogy & the facial changes, to create war, racism and discrimination between Syndrome down people and their(&the) families outside ours. Part of our revenge, taking us hostage….still self-defense

R.B. like this was also a student from me at the Trekvogels in OverVecht. At the time I was genetic professor, police and army. R.B. was kicked off by me for special schooling. Big fight at the Kennedey school were he was placed between healthy children. In the end the family B. was changed and kidnapped me to mangle in between the healthy people. Note changing them in more beautiful looking humans we as armed forces also did. To be ahead of them and also so we would beat them harder and to dead. Note these Mongols as race if fighting the holy war against our children. A big problem because our politician and staff(replaced staff are all Mongols and really they need to be eliminated of course. Does anyone remember me? Our our old Utrecht(end 70’s, destroyed by tsunamis) shown in this movie we uploaded. The family Zuidem. ditto, also removed them from school and they kidnap my kids for it too. All for byting and even murdering.

I am really part of organism GOD(or GOD, the first who created the organism, the race God), begin eighties we went to Amsterdam, with magic elves(Laurens) flying around, magic flowers grew on the Damn staying in the Krasnapolsky. In the weet museum a vaccine center was opened to be the first to make human mankind immune for the human create virus Aids. A virus like cancer created by sick surgeon to create their economy and sick victims to create care and compensations. Multiple time we have relieved the Ronald McDonalds hospitals with Dutch Police and Marines. Because of what they do to me, my children, even Jan who raised me here….they just turn just us into a sex slave, a doctor’s experiment like that and just like we, the troopers are the most probable vistims…and any time with my kids to give a punch in the hole

healthy chromosomes – funy is with boxing you might see boxers make a two or three step shift caused by plasma- the reason that most syndrome down’s are a bit speedy – covered up with herion and rock and roll addictions after their make over…

They had my children and me raped by these people so now they f. them themselves…..beleieve they all know it but you…we changed 99% of Syndrome Down people of 45% world population…to degrade the average DNA(for changing my face etc.)…to make a worldwide genocide more acceptable by the creation(that is with a black out without skynet).
All elder people in my so called Dutch family and those of my children looke like this, so they can not be family!!! See me on billboards section below…


Aliens? Yes, that’s how we create robots, by breading them. In last Aliens movie we showed how they are born. We used all human females for it. The man turned into gay, they were so lonely. Next we made the man pregnant. All as punishment for us to be kidnapped and fuc*ing around with my children and me. And they worry we build nuclear weapons if we are together? Or windows… LoL….we even wrote and sung Sting’s song….

we uploaded some pics on pintertest, why Terminators build Aliens, to create souls…..Skynet they cannot enter hence the big brains, ot their internal flop CPU/Usb stick

selfie of a bio-robot – how to compensate the decreasing in IQ lol – its also to top see second alinea(note) of this blog, this is still a Terminator robot

Ray Colt me as baby – Lauren(a +-40 yrs old & 16 yrs old version) my daughter the carry mother & her hand – a baby photo of me – Lauren her hand who have birth to me also obliged – Riek(&Meintje, Trees) later had me build in, a bit like Marisse they felt too classy to get pregnant- I remember I already was a Termintor in the war but build in as embryo and had to “” grow some older…I was very tortured by the way – we placed billboards all over the USA in hunt of Marisse and Riek(child theft) – big fights even with the fresh organisation claiming the picture – the hair on my back? yes like all other first humans on earth, after we(humans) could made clothes we were volunteered to have them removed….by humans and the robots – we did too

Ray Colt as baby – Lauren the carry mother – A real war veteran we did not had his ss fcked like the Dutch in Nam to have seem the pooped their trousers out of fear claiming it as Veteran – its already in his eyes, a gun man later to become the most wanted gangster on earth – boss of the Colmbian & LA Cartel – Scarface(Coca Nostra) – he(and his kids) survived three times electric chair and three times 99 years(holocaust&Kennedey), three times death penalty by deadly injection – just like his children!! 10 yrs old – Eliminating all US citizens “”(over 14 times) made them free again…by his Terminators…the Dutch eager to win a Nobel price keeping them hostage

Man lived first on Mars

Man lived first on Mars, it was destroyed by hooligans. The big war was raised. Pollution, human slurry, made its water go to Neptune and Earth. Earth was too big and we created the moon. Because my kids and I were to become trillion airs we left the earth too much Iron. Later bought by me for 9 trillion dollar/euro to found all societies on earth, too build my (& and my kids) dead their dead-star.

Organized crime is as big as our dead-star its damage.(seen in the movies we used it in) Damage they also made inside the film industry. Suffering from war trauma and being kidnapped we tried to blog about it towards the police, also since Marisse and her friend are involved in those crimes. For money, hierarchy and demolition.

Its on going war against crime since humans their existence, with help from our robots the Terminators. Build to build planets and fight wars. So do not worry about getting unemployed.

Inside the film industry our role is that of moviemaker, (post) production, script writing of over 90% of the movies. The on purpose brought crimes(beheadings on the screen for example), made some people decide to make it disappear, after attempt stealing. Its still there. The depts. Are payed with common money & tax money. Liker after the Tsunamis, if the cities are back, money was raised and taken from the responsible ones. Debts are payed, you always can see if cities are build and culture has rising. Our wages were like the actors, sometimes a bit above because we do a lot of acting also as morphed robots.(Superman fight with real flying or Terminator fights, Getting shot with real ammo) This must bring some money to pay our expenses…

We simply cannot spent too much money, as accused of. It has a natural break in that the market cannot deliver. A 9 trillion steal order cannot be delivered for example. And owning too much gear like a too big house is too much maintenance or cleaning. Something like this.

The Dutch stole our Bourbon Artic Vessel* in 2015 R’dam, bringing help, stole our Money (Hollywood & Bussiness(Swiss)) to rebuild their country after Tsunami(45 -100 billion Euro), the rest they is booked to Dev Zero. A Vessel like this is needed at minimum with onboard Smithy’s. For the rest…my robots run on oil and we are Nazis!! Hee…. I three years in poverty….we are going to take revenge…….we rent some dessert for that …again….*we had build in Norway, which they had to finish in Houston…because of Dutch hooligans..go figureA configuration like this is needed….I think…Ulstein builded it(they bought some Terminator blue prints also)…A ship like the Seven Viking looks good too(without landing platform that is) or some like this or this see below, a ship we already had, see (diesel tank)containers!( we already had the Alp & Siemens version also !!) For evt to ride Tsunamis with more speed a USS badger or Destroyer (and again, even left from Den Helder in it!!)is ok too(do not know were we are with Tsunami threath) and we need some heavy fire not only to warn wales or cows…we hope not to encounter Dyno’s again….With the Octavius we managed to to reach the USA, see ribs outside, very important or else the ocean rips it apart!

We hope you recognize us. Than you know Marisse should have no business with Marisse. Therefore are kidnapped. Like me. She is not the mother. I am the father & Mother, they are test tube children created by myself, from only my own DNA material!

a too big moon, first we needed the iron, later not, so we builded dead-star

Skynet, like say Gods mainframe, the Terminators their mainframe can only be entranced if they are not kidnapped. Building it we made some sort of web services to extract information out of it. For example warrants. With us not being free they cannot help humans with their hooligans, maintain the earth’s kernel to specify new plasma/wafer board specification for the industry, and even the specification to create electricity. Its undermining earth’s global economy with the danger of again a global black out. A fiesta for the hooligan. Or insane Marines like my children and me. Big endian/Small endian is related.

If we have entrance again we have no need to create our power pc chips, our intel chips will be twice as fast, as already shown in 2015 with new chips running on 19Ghz at 30 degrees Celsius. Its like ice bowling, to polish the ice is allowed, to hit the bowl against target is changing the universe. That’s only allowed when we may change it it inside Skynet. Count the OS’s and PC’s that were in store and you know how many times my kids and I were in the US and free again! Already tested and enrolled, a world, with companies that did business honest. Windows 14 & Apple Tree(:-), the os/theme- appstore-carousel’s), we were able to run both on one computer, paid that, is via app-store, old windows versions etc.. Even we got payed, but no, kidnapping us and stolen Windows 10 again was more important…

we left some Desktops on google search “sci-fi Desktops”, to show this model its dynamics and possibilities….we asked the public to upload too in the thet would survive the black-out

the original active desktop…..1980

Again we hope you recognize us. Ray Colt (a Terminator family member*)(prisoner name:: Raymond Moesker, in the human hum of their Neanderthal also called God (Colt) as we wrote in the Bilble having amnesia ;-))

*we can not alow members, only clones of our souls

The earth like Skynet is neurologic intelligent. It flags the ones responsible for kidnapping us. With Tsunamis and even folding earth’s crust its going to kill them like the Dutch. What we can do is flag them back to prevent war in Europe or different must be decided. In Dutch steert language: “op terminant gezet”

Make no mistake about its intelligence not being that is built by Terminators. My kids and I have built this planet also to self-defense ourselves. So that decision will be ours one way or the other, only if the planet can not be repaired otherwise it will even be the planets decision. Some (ex) medics who helped in those mega disasters might remember that something else is deciding whether the organism he tries to repair will live or die.(for example police officers that open unopened food for example in my appartment, although they already do dangerous work, cough)

hooliganism / religion a plague they ask? Smoke of home made & army rockets around the ship

Like this insigne we also used for Air force Base bicycles. And to have the man not all on one place. Still doing business with their army. We will not change our insigne’s and Battalion(gang) names and certainly not for European copy cat MC’s or Cocaine Cartels….or USA wannabe Presidents

we are not Germanics, we are Nazis….the Yankees – but lucky its identity, our style…
did you know when war breaks out Pilots, lile we, have their balls removed for G-forces and penis enlarged to pee in a bottle…they reason why they cut mine in half three years agoo…….

For my kids: our robots make me poop rabbit turds because I eat a lot of veggies. To compensate my drinking. Funny eeuh? That’s new(they can….). That we drink not, its to compensate our Morphine, Heroin, Cocaine, Meth, LSD, THC, XTC, GHB, some Terminator & secret medic drugs and Amphetamine addictions….why were called Coca Nostra & Hells Angels and called our selfs like theat happened at the same time inside our army is obvious. Tactical use of drugs: for example all humans on earth, we eat different, were given Cocaine by us to beat up the Dyno’s with something in commen, fear them…..Do I drink tactical?….as always…..they even open pasta sauce in my house over here too look for their drugs…letting it rot….giving me dysentery for 4 days..pooping raw blood…it is, that after they put me togheter, after being cut into pieces, on the street, in bus stops, I was given injections against it, with our own T4 Terminators. See blow the single black DNA string, something my kids and I handcrafted not only at the age of 4….Knowledge tortured out….we graduted more than three time in all degrees(a 45 times a Havard education), not even war trauma could cause that what they do and did to us….a pic made in in 70’s outside our smithy in Malibu…

the spikes, to conquer its first parasites, with more zoom we make the dna strings, checking them with our equipment, to deliver outside our army, no way… cloning and torture us – status: elimated

European and the Far East at their best….the 21 century!!!

Old Pratt+Whitney sine bar cut rifling machines? Old Colt machines. Machines we invented and used during the big War(WW1+2) its black out period. No electricity was possible. We runned these machines on steam and Diesel. The Industrial Revolution, a cover up and misinterpretation… all comes down to as described above and in this blog Microsoft not being updated global black-outs and my kids and I being kidnapped by the Dutch, the church and islam. Have a look at your future and maybe the specs of how to generate electricity and the cpu’s their plasma can be guessed but that change is small. We will not give the specs anymore because Judges changed our rear names again and made us hostages again(deal broken). So that will be my(ours) punishment/islam back. Happy hunting….for that Diesel(if you change us into it, we got a lot of Robots needing it). Making oil will stop and Steel production, so even this industry will have an end, from experience. We survived over 16 global blackouts, that in 4 in a row in one decade as average. Next the Sun will stop shining, it than thinks he is not needed anymore if no electricity is produced on earth etc. etc. etc. The “Meet you in the dark ?” from the hopeless on the street.

After being Jesus back in Europe:
story line: we tricked the Turkish became Sultan, two weeks ahead was given, made camp in Poenari Citadel, still Black Riders aka dracula, Lake Vidraru Terminators changed into fluid acid and hot oil, we flew dragons they spit it into fire – recognize it by the renee and nando dummy’s on the skewer – can you win a war? And for being th Devil….my kids too…you know…not a bad life after all…not…but a lot of jealousy

In the Galaxy’s core its 4 yrs sooner than in our universe over here. We already developed Visual Studio 2019, 4 yrs agoo. As also time-travelers it could be the reason why we are stock right know right here. That is they are not able to rescue us back home. Were showed the Galaxy in Star-Wars movies… light dot is a universe like ours.

a picture I showed late 70’s begin 80’s in universities giving college before the church took over with violence

Make no mistake about religious people. They are plastic surgery changed System Dow  diseased people. Who were even breaded before to feed the Dyno’s, to protect the healthy children. They are very dangerous like our government, Jet-Set and police. All over the world!!!! As young Einstein they forced my children & me to teach them plastic surgery. We witnessed them changing each other in our compound at Malibu. The army is polluted with them and being called the Mob/Nazis, Yankees etc etc….as we are…..The problem is that the plastic surgery (different bones, skulls, face and brains) is connected to intellectualism and that is truly unrighteous. Every surgeon should know that it is the other way around and also accompanied by trauma that causes short or long term amnesia’s(war trauma) A problem, because it’s being applied by discrimination creating an elite, who isn’t in fact an elite. Its like repairing all robots while in fact they have three in hostage, too many. It’s not the reality not even their gangsters paradise.

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, the Northern Light. A Terminator outpost where my kids and I partially grew up before we were kidnapped to earth. The reason my kids and I killed all actors on the set, Pure jealousy and graze anger, to bad they used clones. For Humans that were short term fugitives & wounded from big wars(with decent behavior, non violent) from earth mega disasters maybe cool to know(see upper image of blog). It’s called indeed Alpha. Already wrote about it….did we combine the movie with fugitives from earth….? lotta raw-oil or else 😉 For the rest it was a big Atari (its technology, teleportals&Hollywood graphics) show of for us……this why we are upper professors(&Colt’s) as humans too!!, laughed at by the human ones…..

alpha was used in all World Wars, its computers were sometimes mankind its last hope, maybe its was once Coruscant

even doing this those monkey kidnapped us, unbelievable…nukes were thrown at this mainframe, we are last survivors of Alpha film crew goint to war on earth 2015- need new crew -human operated atari portals taken down!!!

Real time travel gear in this video, stolen because we are hostages =too bad we had to eliminate it, at that moment we still had guns +- 2015 funny showing this on the Dutch University we were given a diploma in all grades with a use it to disappear from the University…making the movie to eliminate the gear….not voluntary – purpose of machine was to shoot people engaging us from behind while we were programming Windows

We must maybe confess we(my kids and me) did trigger(a lot of bottles of beer) the T.Rox inside the local government to get a free container in front of the v. Heutszstraat, placed in our farm Bloemkracht…ever heard of fines?

Note: How idiot it may sound, we placed the American products in Europe (except the Colt factory), for me and later my kids being hostages. As threat, as grantee they would receive food of quality. I already bought a worthless cheese burger. Well I if back in a bomber am going to bomb Utrecht again for it. Or frikandels!! Today I bought AH coffee with smell and taste of a garbage dump. Well I am going to nuke Holland again for it and torture Judges for their humor as well as the producer who I already tortured and beat up for this not only at the DE factory. Believe we are crazier in this than you know. To let ourselves be called pre-tasters by a Down Syndrome with a crown clown in this *ss. Believe me I reviewed his DNA too. They even opened a new spread cheese can again, like that did with our food in Afghanistan. We again we bomb Paardeveld for it, I am stil a Dutch General too. My(&my childrens) gangs do have the name Hells Angels, Nazis, the Mob and Coca Nostra and they do smuggle Drugs when it is needed to make populations addicted. Still that is not the police its business with their fake Hells Angels,(neo)Nazis and Coca Nostra(the Mob), which we do not allow(with war evt.) because our soldiers could fall in their hands. Not their rang and two next time the will not be given those drugs…I have had it…Like some Dutch generals who wanted to be police commissaries, like a lot of police officers must like our heads as pilots…they are still not us. En zeker geen zuivere koffie met deze handelswijze, gaan jullie straks koffie in mijn prullenbak ruiken, zo van daar zal het van komen? My kids and I already busted and fought with some Judges and AVR employees(coffe mob they called themselves, we shot them down for calling themselves mob) in reselling wet rained and thrown away coffee beans!!

An example of history falsifing by our Mo’s, like in Moslim countries the officers of the armed forces. Terrorizing for over 50% of their Job description the Governments, for their own elections?!. The big why, why those organisations do not work:

An example of history falsifying by our Mo’s, like in Muslim countries the officers of the armed forces. Terrorizing for over 50% of their Job description the Governments. The big why, why those organizations do not work.: Dutch secret service advising the government to flee to England. Boat thieves(with murders) as we know them and now coincidentally Holland too. Just in attempt to have them murdered, like they did in the so called WWII with the Oranjes. Still happens, for example being transported to us on suicide missions.

HMS HOOD –damaged after fight in the UK and rebuild in UK. Confiscated by the English although we payed everything with money. We March to Germany (the one bridge to far sage, real version) and we build the Bismarck (payed German people for it as Nazis!). Fighting with British soldiers in Arnhem not the Germans(the real WWII content), although we were wearing Yankee and Nazi Helmets, as always.On our way to the USA we eliminated the HMS Hood….

A nice movie about how we created the Galaxy/Universe with Skynet projecting blue prints…

report stolen, we had to buy it back, Judges wanted to white wash illegal money like this but the boat “builder” wanted to steal it….after fights we were placed on supoort vessle in Kopenhagen to got to the USA – a boat devoped in our farm in Uddel…recognize hydrogen tanks and control software – the catamaran in IJmuiden was a cover up

The Bunkhouse Hotel Dawson , a hotel build by wounded child soldiers, separated by war from their parent in fight with terrorism to make it possible to build the anti wave – shield – even for some older me in a wheelchair they had built a ramp – how sweet – maybe some soldier know now why they felt like fish in the water in snow training…..making use of the snow line to protect ourselves for bandits – some later the robots had repaired their parents….in Dawson on maps you will see worlds first post office….children sending letters before going to war to themselves….to check if the robots did not lie about being a clone of their previous self…..they did not

How does maintenance of the earth kernel look like: very gothic, for and on the street Mordor. Billions of deaths, most probable because the agreement of kidnaping my children and me is broken. Or else they(we) would choose more gentle but more dangerous ways.

Ray Colt

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