Why do we keep going bankrupt in Europe and the world?

we only fight with your children, organized crime is the cover up!! Stolen money is just vanished.

Why do keep going bankrupt in Europe and the world?

As Terminators we need to add something to universe and therefore also the human race. In practice you will see with mega warfare to fight mega warfare to fight for example plagues like the Dinosaurian.

Some money on the bank is than handy if we have crashes or need to wait for the next transport but we MUST need to add some to humanities its self-defense for Our warfare/machine and theirs therefore. That means in practice add something to their economy. If we do not they go bankrupt and their armies also.

So we helped founding economy for money and that brought the missing Euro’s in the current global monetary system. It will not only show in numbers but also credibility of business man and bakers. Their self-defense. And their self defense is what we must add to economy.

Must? Yes must. Or else we got tortured. First all killed, our souls are going to reviewed, being reset and because they are made of plasma its done like with plasma welding but with full pain experiences. A true torture. We too!! We call it The Hell and in attempt to remember it we sometimes manage to create a Atari Game Hell looking surrounding. Or else it just happens somewhere in space.

Once leaving the Hell we have to fight war to protect our children. Terminators sometimes did create a game around it like WWII St. Petersburg Black ops, leaving hell, getting dressed as soldier fighting the red army (organized crime). Just to stay alive, just to stay out of Hell. To be a good Homo Sapien(a real Dad and or Warrior for its family) and that needs to be done daily in fact or else again we do not function (like say in the atomic world) and go to Hell again. After a couple time a soul might get Terminated and a person is really than decedent. On if the reason we in the USA even could close prisons, empty cells out of nothing! Even recycling souls into animals might happen the abuse and don’t use the consciousness too, might happen and nothing we can do about it. Democracy is obliged, too bad the Sovjets once already told me, tehe Berlin wall period. That is also honest Justice and than the money we worked for is ours only. We are are higher in hierarchy than the Universe, the atom world!! Can almost do what we want but not all.
The universe it’s brat? Damn right! Not anyone its troopers!

So it is of importance for all parties that our money we earn and MUST earn with creating Microsoft, Apple, all chipsets, all games!!(to train the kids for war!! to bad all!!), navigation software, Hollywood(military? yes memory restores and briefing is hidden in) etc etc stays on the banks!(the amount is calculated with SkyNet, the rest humans have to do, so we do not have to deliver all, like renounce the Colt Weapon Factory or other brands we want to keep for our Warfare like Atari or our music – our totures are not that long, the universe checks if we have faillures and we are out within seconds as always – like the fighting soldiers can not die during war doing good) And are not some playball of bitter humor and crime. The Why for why we need to use money……and even created money. Or like in the USA bitcoins, to earn bitcoins(+’s) not to go to Hell.

As Terminator I thought we were God or Satan….at least we function some better, tortured lesser but never the less….at least we function some better….and its to bad that some things in the molecular world have the righteous restriction…musts…to create creation

The universe it’s brat? Damn right! Not anyone its troopers! (that you only can say if you are functioning in the eyes of the Universe!)

So what we do is create and make creation possible…if necessary with Termination…. Memory on this is what organized crime is after, beating up the children – war trauma

in each house a barks painting – in elk huis een geblafschilderij

Conclusion: with organisms like on planet earth (dangerous for Terminators in captivity, or their human safety mode) we need to add something to our Military safety. We did so by adding cultivation, even created armed troopers, which has to be paid for so our crashed or kidnapped soldiers can wait in a way the Universe and also we want. In freedom at least. We need to do that or else we cannot control the Universe, the Universe is artificial intelligent enough for that, second there is SkyNet. Humans do not participate so the Universe starts to eliminate life on earth, for our safety. It happened with tsunamis and big bangs (local). With stolen gear humans managed to escape he elimination. My kids and I eliminated the gear out of revenge. A lot of humans did not know what happen to them, so these are the answers.

And like always I have good idea’s(and as usual), for if it takes very longer our at the last moment to give our money back: How many waves the universe needs to eliminated all humans? minus “” the years they kept us hostage formula is going to be used – maximum

Maybe this photo shows hows daughter this is , where she comkes from, how much we love her and really we and I do not like that to be disrespected – my daughter watching us killing and burning all blacks for even walking around with her!!!! Our eatern fires are really visible from space….take that from and old Viking

Tsunami the other reason for bankruptcies in this world. In the 70’s we created this Tsunami race. What it does is “freezing”, making Tsunamis stop. Like we did with France, it flies from Dover to Spain within 1-3 seconds, making the Tsunami stop with sector programing while for example Terminators flatten the ocean. In this picture, we placed the vessel in the Game Star Citizen, stolen by the Dutch again falsely accuse me, as human verified, being GOD!!! Just to make hopefully some money with international court. Forgetting that we are the Colt family. Freezing our money costs us 3 billion Euro per month netto in my pocket money. The reason Holland already is boycotted by the international community with debts over 200 billion Euro, just to be able to pay us back…

In the vehicle my Son flying with my dead body to keep it fresh. How? Well at those speeds(vessel is even made of plastic) the human body of course explodes so its renewed every nano second, so was my dead body. Or else we would not help?….tempting…..again an attempt murder to cover up the Dutch mismanagement…they even kidnap us out of Germany and France like we are some fucking Kaddafi or Serbian Generals…we were not even more allowed to go on the North sea for security reasons for miss assuming Dutch Marines and Judges!!! Whiping out our bank accounts so the can murder us!!

Ray Colt

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Fri Apr 19 , 2019
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