Gangbangs with negros (racials), typical for our Malibu up growing. To protect ourselves to be going to be raped as prisoners of war for more than over 20-40 years & and the other way around. Europe followed. It was going to be war. The Dutch kidnapped & raped – tortured us in the USA to Holland. A major World War inside & outside the USA followed. 1975 9doing birth control with all government wives and Royal housed in the world, ridiculous) Normally this happens in wild, not in some sleeping room in Stadkanaal, they had their portion…

Fire Power

The fire arm brings and

brought Democracy.

By knowing how to us a Fire Arm!!

Power talk or a Cum Laude on West Point?

Dead punishment? No, its about identifying your enemy,
and classify it in the right way, (cognitive programming them, (to) who wants to be you or someone else, showing it en public, the vendetta/duel – we take any duel, Colt is a miltary family, The Robot Terminators(invented for weapon building, where they want to fight with), so high in hierarchy and dueling we keep on killing any other Colt or wanna be in the world – even cut out our family weapon the mustang tattoos) -The Tsar, Khadaffi, Hoessein, Vietnam, Cambodja, Japan, China, Tsalin, Yugoslavia, Spain, Iran, all Eu fake USA Presidents, Iraq etc etc these days the Dutch, French and German are in duel with us…..they wannbe me or my children ohaaahhw my goshhh…insane isn’t it? We have to be killed for it….?? We already killed all USA immigrants for this again…. >45 billion people!!! To proove who is the one in power…..are they taking a 4 year pause those pussy’s? To win a vendetta with that many deads, we all still live….

As inventor of the fire arm I must have had a reason to invent it.

That reason brought met a 100% fire power, a Marine with 100% fire power.

Logic is that I Marine that does not do his job the right has no 100% fire power. Identifying inverted, wrongly informed or instructed on purpose, being a bad cop, serving idealism etc etc logic is you will bring Democracy.

Why? The reason I(&my kids) needed to invent a fire arm. If you got one reason that’s already enough, if you kill to many innocent and children you create tyranny and did not need a fire arm for that.

Is tyranny bringing terror? We do not think so. The reason we needed fire arms was to really bring more terror back. A victim that could not be repaired, unstaiged. A know as veteran, it’s your last fear. Tyranny(religion) you bring with hostages. Democracy with fire arms. They have a reason….

Ray, Janick and Lauren Colt, founders of the The Colt Weapon Manufacturing Factory at the age of 4. We were the weak, the children, but did know what tyranny was.

People that demolish their guns in fact in service practicing????…we call traitors…cowards!! F*gots!!

Like the Iraqi and Libyan, Syrian and Afghan they brought me religion. In their prisons even and with my children. The reason we attacked them, that was me and not the European TV horney American wanna be clique. We are going to attack Holland too and again for it. That we promise.

Not shure that the original Lauren, Janick and me are triplets(*military – they do not need partners, my lazy) seeying these pics with memory now…..but I was the dad on the lie detector and indeed. Although original we do not differ much in age. How can be? Read my blog svp some more. We have our own elder, maybe the old rich klnows me as diamant dealer, maybe the old rich knows me as diamante dealer, diamantes I found in the Galaxy my kids and I collect and sometimes sold on earth to Kings for example.

*homo-ray(this could be my face owner, the one who gave me and Jan our face – made my face ourselves ras ritual and to remember/hunt) did built robots with device (eliminated)for us but most of them wrong robots, because of mmy kids and I being kidnapped – all damage rtherefore for the kidnappers(like say nato/cia for example)

1976 – as General too personal involved, because harm was done to me – Renee and Willem Alexander crusified me(and we them 1000 times more) – so they must be protected with non mongole faces – the troopers turned into green – criminals therefore???!!! – I must have a Jesus syndrome – for the lie detector of Judges I am a free man? Troopers green == quilty of desertion of human mankind, human rights therefore – sending my kids & me back to the USA is now into the wild, see the non animated dears in the movie Rings I/we made – I want dead troopers before I/we must go – diguised attempt murder I call it – the why Holland is called a crook country it is – their troopers are and managers – I have to go to t-shirt print nl for wearing a t-shirt of my own company to wear a non criminal Colt t-shirt!! Killing Marisse her children or the princesses we call military tucht – puhnishment…..if the rayon hoofden dat niet doen vermoord ik hun kinderen als straf…heel simpel…en al gedaan in vinkeveen….straffen van criminelen- kruisigers!! science

all wars incl. since Vietnam are killing the responsible ones in real life!! Eliminating all US Presidents and World leaders! JUST KNOW THESE ARE OUR ” JURASSIC- black out/OERTIJD” WEAPONS!! Its a war about how other people think they may establish our image – the Colt Family’s – for example how the armed forces now see our AK-47 or (s)Tommy-gun…we fight wars for that for example as we did against al qaeda – who determine how they must be established or else we kill you! The American way….or else make your own weapons…an image issue – like those Ibrahim’s or Woodward’s on our site today!! I did not look good in my own factory anymore, given a carton box to sleep in, we killed all nikkers next day in the USA, next all other immigrants! North and South America, taking back our Colombia, our Coca Nostra & Hells Angels & Nazi party & armed forces! Its good to be mob indeed, but do not forget who is the Mob on this planet!! Also an image thing…msg: do not pretend to be Colt, also as factory, also not in Europe! To consider yourself a better picture…the all candies from one factory vs my candy taste better than yours baby behavior…..just an image…we got the best candy baby and us only our candy or want to!!

maxim: north pole- is ocean resistant
You know I could ask Holland to build a yacht like France called my Yacht Club MED2 with their national flag. Next the France marine would confiscate it. An as usual we turn all French people into oil to pay Holland honest back all as usual. But you know it does not mean anything if the same organized crime keeps my children hostage….

I really try to lobby robots to extract us via internet, they spy on us. (I fear the worst, so a boat would our transporter will be best) Not only earths start bit we have to set but also check/set the earth’s crust plasters. Like under Holland and England, bot or else will spilt in two.

we parked him in Central Amarica so French people could not steal so not in Le Naivre (2015) – that boat is by know total loss – we want a court for that Brussel! All club med are USA, the Culb Med 3 is made by R2D2 go figure with sauna’s on it etc..maybe we offered this ship to be stolen as inspiration…

red army – blue army – these blue cross ships – a extinction prevention must for us to build, to work in the USA – Microsoft as OS not a must! Microsoft OS for humanity a must to survive. So stealing these ships brings severe damage!! see pic below. Upto not even or delivering DOS OS again!!

The ocean’s lava* will make the water boil, next the water is unable too cool the lava. Next the USA will be overflown with tsunamis in attempt too cool the water which will not happen enough. Next the shields will go down to create world wide tsunamis of 300 meter, 2-3 km and even 20 km high waves. Also water from Neptune will be involved. Humanity will extinct. Escaping to bunkers on Mars and the moon or even on earth did had no use. One way or the other we were transported and killed on earth in the tsunamis like all life forms. The only reason humanity survived last time is that some escaped to our space ships keeping us hostage. That’s not possible anymore. And only the fear of SkyNet being hacked made us recreate humans as diversion.

*The water pressure of usa’s earthquakes created tsunamis will melt and make thinner the earth’s crust monthly bit by bit

my kids and I made this quantam made simple site to hide some info about Wave-particle duality – pounding on Europs soil if Tsunamis are not controlled. A have to or else the shiel gets pounded with micro waves/quakes. The reason why Holland splitted in two a couple times and even lava problems in France, Danmark, Norway and Germany were raised watch video

How did we manage to grow food again on our 2015 expedition USA, we have put in this official Star Trek trailer as you know we do not use special effects

Our money we made with weapons in all wars, oil, software, diamantes, metals, and gold. Founding the World economy with stock for more than 50-80 years. In America the Colt family is big as 40-60 billion Terminators in the USA, in space in the 70’s at the moment we were building the universe 23 trillion Terminators, in 2015 35-36 trillion Terminators big. Go figure how hostage we are!!

Did you know my kids and I at the age of 3-4 invented the pencil nuclear, like all our invention!! Even the car. That is with our Harvard. Calculate the number of elements we have and combine them min all possible ways with an big ! All under our analog but very strong Microscope. Next we had to look for the right tree and carbon in nature. Having my kids at school is regime’s its expression. But know the Colt’s are military family called THE MOB on this planet and even copied by the Italian and moviesL. Just know. Pls do not introduce people too us as the Mob because…..

Tyranny as religion wants it forbidden by the Universe?
As far as I remember that’s true. The dinosaurs did extinct for herding humans and animals without the capacity to repair them or to bring replacement for the animals their being useful on earth. That your call Tyranny. Keeping my kids and I in hostage while we must work on the earth’s kernel in the USA is exact what the Dinosaurian did. Humans now too. Fill in the rest yourselves.

To stay on top we invented Microsoft and all industry coming from it to make it possible, also for religion to bet the top of the food chain. The Colt.com not in our control brings so much criminality, for example stealing Microsoft releases by so called stock holders, destroying it later not be guilty that it becomes even impossible to publish it. Without us to become hostages for example without a Windows version with table chipsets applying to the earth’s core requirements. Taking down humanity its Top of the food chain. Tyranny rules than. Next the human race will be erased.

Humans necessary? No, just an organism we prefer sometimes for crashed robots. But if starving to dead is prevailed above their hostage taking and tortures we do not need them anymore either. We created the Alien appearance for that.

Its impossible for humans to access SkyNet, for one reason my kids and I made it like that. Its impossible for us to access Skynet when we have a hostages situation, for one reason my kids and I made it like that. I do not have a plasma computer Terminal when I dare to ask the Sky in my flat over here, so I am a hostage. My kids too. Ps We need Skynet to altert earths kernel. To get access to SkyNet humans were prepared too genocide us, no problem for us either than. Not necessary but no problem what so ever indeed.

coca nostra colt picture(killing Ayatollah), the real CIA!!: Back in Utrecht I was cut into pieces by Utrecht police officers, my soul train trousers were ripped into pieces, also too beautifully….The real reason why they closed the Red Light District. Officers kept on cutting the woman into pieces because they were too beautiful!!!!. My body parts were fished out of the Vecht river…

a pic I made for our google its ai j.sebastian audio library(my latest composition as js), showing the ape, the ape human(who we turned into schizoids-the raped us, carton box priciples) and the the human – see pic of me above even Renee remarked the same – brave we all are – grazy they made walking in the wild, still do as burglars/vagrants – a very agressive ape we did regognize them anymore – war trauma.. ..towards animals a killing(extintion) embarrassment – a worldly decision to turn them into mongoles – not only Nazis/Yankees/Robots – and revenge for changing our faces

Even Google+ compared to minds.com was too beautiful by the Dutch police and I had to schedule it for past March to be taken offline!! (3-4 years agoo)Too many illegal activities was the (un)official reason.

Pictures like these after Tsunamis will be past, its beating each other up for those waves. After Earth is going to eliminate Humans for not functioning as Top Level. Some human’s escaped those waves recreating the human race with devices stolen from us, who stole back and destroyed

well I drink, and knew a lot of pin ups. Me(&my kids!!) as Nata General Colt in Germany I believe….just like forgetting what you eat…also stolen but not least with Colt.com is the extra Visa/Mastercard arrangements for Nato Government(From Putin to Rutte etc they must have thought :-)) and Military top – its placed public while it was on a network between Den Helder, Apeldoorn, Utrecht and Brussel anf for real problems a mailaccount to GOD mannn 😉

In reality I was kidnapped from this home with my kids, sieged. By jealous Utrecht police Renee and Brennan(wannabe CIA). We had to destroy cars or else they would drive in it. Later a youtube movie was recorded here backing our steaks….?

why a NATO General, there are bigger enemies than Aliens, the scammer who prefers to exterminate himself anonymously, just like animals

On Mars or Neptune humans may not live no more because they exploded their planet in war, in the USA they may not live because we created the moon out there – thin soil

the mutual check mate(earth is going to blow if my kids and I do not work on SkyNet, are being kidnapped etc): the human race has to complete their souls, to program their souls. They that only means they may have cows indoor because they take good care of them even with doctors. But they have to show they are more than animals. Animals extinct themselves. And even humans helping them is not enough for the humans. How, in this case very simple by letting the robots, the Colt maintain earths kernel. Other cases for example to have Justice and armed forces doing their jobs. In fact the human race is being blown to pieces by the macro atomic world, hunted. Funny. We took away those escape tools together to force ourselves (I say as human) to finish our soul programming. In the beginning major disturbed by the animals.

What we did in Star Trek beyond is damaging the Terminator family, repairing that from the molecule world has a higher priority than saving the human race it might oblige us to. So when it come to us we are going to kill you all! Just by doing nothing. Read above for more…

Why do we need that much money for delivering Windows. For Windows we need to maintain earth kernel. If necessary, and if we are not allowed to throw in old cars for example, we need to buy new cars from humans. Or ore if in the USA no ore can me made anymore. Logic earth was a Terminator planet and they needed the whole planet for this maintenance. The humans blew up their own.  Just to trough them into the core. No kidding.

Humanitarian?, no just to clean up the mess in this Universe, we have to work here. We really do not give a f*ck about humans or animals but ourselves. We do not slave them which gives us the superior to animal flag, we do not extinct ourselves flag. If you touch one of us, we throw entire populations into the core!*(like we did with a lot of Germans, Chinese, Dutch and Russians already) We may self-defense, and yes genocide is a form of self-defense. Earth stays from the Terminators(Yankee/USA after war territory), humans are just granted a place under the sun. Euwh enough.

Even though we have been betrayed internally to deliver Windows, to be imprisoned as long as we do. We will never do that again. Understand people why I nearly demolished the entire fleet, because I really pick that the others live differently than me or even working on the Galaxy or kernel I will not tollerate. And I am the boss of SkyNet, so the interne will destoy those robots just like humans. Do not turn against my will and my co prisoners, we/I made them boss in the beginning.

What would the police say themselves with a hostage taking in a bank to those terrorists, when this much money and violence is involved? Right. No one gets out alive!!! If it is a Fortuyn, Rutte or Willem Alexander or even the pope and the Eu American president(again), it does not matter. Sovereignty is not granted, not even to the troops, just like what happened in Iraq and Lybia. Ray Colt(Upper Master Chief(Upper General) of the USA & Galactic armed forces, as all termininators are) Simple you may not slave(secure) humans, not even Terminators. so or the interne kills them(the macro atomic world) or human armies do not feel for that. Having a moon bouncing on their heads!! Why not a Colt as being forced upon, well the result is the same, no money, not even a big car. Thats how dangerous our work is(not onlyb the danger of getting kidnapped but even the brand our name Colt, I was Jesus & Ivan the Terrible, Dracula in real human history!! made billions and also billions of dead humans) and theirs to become, so we can not pay for those compensations(ensurance or the gov ditto) and are not going to work for nothing….or lesser than a stock holder…or employee. In fact for what they no make of our brand we want compensations!! It does not really look like our Porsche, Mercedes, Ferrari, Audi, Rolex, Lamborghini etc. designs/style & cars but like cheap semi-professional non-high end garbage. As if it is pride to be on the stock exchange ditto. We make weapons, we deal(ed) on secret networks with military or not at all. The current stock holders may not have a claim, they showed up after we made some money again in A’dam/Holland/Germany, which we stored in space or military international bank accounts, which was erased also..(restoring it with lie detectors costs us a lot of money, always. They claime to be Colt after the work was done so do not wat to pay for damages etc.

A fighter jet of me personal. Camouflage indeed to fly above the USA Atlantic and Indian ocean. Fits in our story about the ocean floor showing a lot of lava traces. A big riot in The Hague, for all reasons I guess. My kids their planes, these planes fought in the great big war!!:

One big joke is that of course humans destroyed their home planet. They are not even capable of fighting wars, their armed forces are one big joke. My kids and I fought their wars. On TV they do it, just for the images. They kidnapped me and hold away my two children over so I(we) took away their two home planets and destroyed them. Kicked them on this Terminator work planet on which they will extinct in the end. The other reason we did not want to expand the Colt weapon factory.

some stolen material, with some photos we shot in 2015

we managed to acces skynet three years agoo, finally we could increase the Galaxy its size as we wanted, more power it brings to torture humans even more in hell(some sort of atari game hall kind off game with real injuries )

SkyNet is going to give the advice what to do with humanity. So again very smart to keep my kids and I kidnapped! As always things to influence that decision you read maybe above. Terminators now will have no time to make windows in the end humans will extinct. They have no time to pic us up, the damages after the war are big. For them repairing them is not a Must I remember from the old days. Access to SkyNet is. We even sat on a destroyer its roof like the do in India with trains remembering this!! Kidnapping us is giving them a lot of work. They even may not build a Windows although its created to create dead robots. It will influence SkyNet its decision negatively and of course. Killing us also. We getting killed floating or walking around in the USA are plusses. Like you guys did before with us. Having us around inside humanity, in freedom, with our war past seems every time an impossible task.

Why did we(us army) create Godzilla?: to confuse T-rex like this in uglynesses trailer

a present from world war I – “I tought I saw it moving dad” – 2014 – once cut off by a Terminator – left to scare them away – letting them think they will turn into stone over here 🙂 – “too bad no space ship”

we could have build already Dutch Uzi’s for the next coming 15 years for example like we did in the 70’s

my helmet – stolen – war: cali-nam – D.E.A. – Coca Nostra – NARC – they must have thought 😉

Our real old faces, changed later by the Dutch kidnappers who wanted to be winner of the war!!! The Colts….Germany protested and stole their stolen Nazi signs…..we falsified history etc etc

The police Apeldoorn took Janick, Lauren and me away from our homes in 2015 sick of Utrecht & Stadkanaal police. It took 3 days or we had even our own farm. Insulted police Utrecht kidnapped us back like numerous times from out Amsterdam. They wanted revange but 3,5 years later no sign of my children. I swear revenge that I swear. Damage = Colt.com and our smithy atached too it plus knowledge!!!!!

An original Book of from us. Stolen. Curious. What is when people steal your books, the might get lost. Like the Original Lord of the Rings.
Colt Firearms 1978
by Colt (Author)
Publisher: Colt Industries Firearms Division (1978)

it is the cover but its first design….enough for our publisher in Chicago or Detroit back in the day
Bringing the Dutch back after we replaced the core by a new one – we even needed to use one of my Atari Teenage Riot sub-woofers from the old days(my marriage with Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot 2 my second or 1st?? wife…just take care of her well)….hence the green plants in the circle – inside McDona;ds, Subway etc, even hair dressure
-we placed a lot these pics, even with German parlement on pintertest, to remember that  the  kernel needs to be updated. They had our billions under supervision. Not Holland we owe tax money, they are car thieves!(from the old aristrocrat car thieve game, we need to stay away from, hence our German polizei chopper)

North Germany/Holland 2014/2015 : How does a Terminator invasion look like(seen in World War I) – like this – see space pics above – the travel long distance and high speed – cooling down and breaking speed – our Marines without parashute land like this – asome – the clouds, like Asterix and Obelix are running robots – I placed the cam – jumped with as my children – not bad, as Satan there is a lot of identity in – IVY-MIKE ditto – the mushroom clous I created with my robot hand for the hostages – of coursre these exdplosions are also tested by us, for ther influence in the universe – remember one thing there is not a nucleaqr bomb in world not tested or build by us. Not even the Tsar bombs. In reality to test if the robots can land this way, although, although 😉 these bombs are usefull if you drop them in amounts like you would drop napalm bombs and for the same reason

Two pics I placed online to show our gang, our origin. Elfish devils build of plasma…..the Terminators…. The real Hells Angels ….”” – the real us bombardeers- do not wander why I as founder of Harley and all car factories is going to kill all people that drove these vehicles past years – this time, next round they will not escape

must a be known appearance from us, to WWI veterans and country founders, Warrirors, plasma steel/fire robots – The Elves(from SATAN)/Hells Angels(the real and orinal ones, also found on bikes) – making Terminators for ourselves was for hooligans their stones protection

Think police in time in fron of a robbed bank/ The criminals take hostages and think they are the ones in power. The police knows they are, in time etc etc. Kidnapping my kids….as human too……(the one(me) that wrote the law the police must follow or else(and not the other way around – thats for all countries -logic that we wrote them isn’t it? Not only for living on a Terminator reactor. Also a matter of hierarchy, also being the murderers here, the mob, the us armed forces. Not some fag*tly gents that impulsive need to dresure others – they can not write laws) for shocked f*gats in uniform – military clothers are really murderers clothes(clothes made to murder in??!! – I designed them ,I wouldn’t know!), plain simple and not gentlemans clothes as f*gots like to expose them and for looking for war with real ones like those jokers and their “troopers”(dressed up jokers therefore) below – fighting those war they have to themselves than…

My Marriage with Marisse, also racism, forced upon just like Marilyn. I might be a Nazi but Nazis like to be free in choosing their partners, that’s in principle not racism. Although I might prefer a skin color.

My Marriage with Marisse, also racism, forced upon just like Marilyn. I might be a Nazi but Nazis like to be free in choosing their partners, that’s in principle not racism. Although I might prefer a skin color. Racism bring genocide, that’s what Nazis do too. The why is earth’s kernel will explode with too much racism on its surface. Too many syndrome down it will create in conflict with the kernel trying to be perfect. Genocide than become necessary or the earth will do by blowing itself.

Most of the time it will first try with Tsunamis. The why we do it, is because its our task than, to prevent eventual damage to the rest of the universe. And this is the only reason why racism and its forced marriages are forbidden. It can be punished by dead by us, the responsible ones too. Kidnapping my kids racism? Yes in this case. The police is so educated it even thought they must be some sort of Nazis….thinking they were educated

And even my kids a proposed to have relations with, who Nazis call Jews, schizoids, gay or syndrome down people. Who I want to kill all, and if I manage will kill all just like all government in this country for it. Just like I did in Iraq and before in Holland emptying the IJselmeer to pump their remains in it as raw oil. Like we said with killing Marilyn, the same for Marisse also a remaked sydrome down woman and not the mother, impossible genetically.

Added to the past::Both Marisse her pregnancies she interrupted to kill, to be interesting or knowing what it takes to be Mob/Troopers, are repaired and placed in other woman who we tortured for amnesia about it. This out of revenge for stealing my Twins out of my belly again (with Judges, to dare those Judges) and placing them into Marisse. If I removed my DNA from the first, added Martin E.’s. This way and Martin & Marisse may not raise their own children either 🙂 still doing it back..military..to the Dutch or humanity…who cares. My belly?, yes… as part of my military training, even my kids did that West Point training(the reason it is not allowed but allowed by us), changing sexe, being tortured etc. etc. The average officers training.
My kids are created by the us army, as I. All three are stolen for military and fortune reasons by the Dutch. Could also be their kids were placed by them, and were removed to kidnapp mine again?!! Without SkyNet we could not even trace them…or they might even be in our hands mistreated as my children as we showed Marisse and Martin – eliminated their children in Stadskanaal, Marisse was feeding flesh of my children to them to black mail government – and now she wanted 4 times child government benefits – so they kidnapped my kids to pay her that way – we eliminated her children for it – they might be stored into SkyNet

did you know Los Angeles its real or underground name is Los Ageless – city of the immortal – city of the Hells Angels – city of the Coca Nostra, city of the dead? My kids an me in a rare trio::

all this work to kille 1 person…hell yeah

The Post Ranch inn – where we got killed into Terminators(the real and only Nazis) see photos on google maps – Tha Nazi pictures, are pretenders, some for real some for the practical Joke towards Holland….for kidnapping us and for Holland preteding to be the most wise…..even France played them…

A movie in which we show how strong the ocean and universe is. The reason why my kids and I normally live in Germany but the Dutch keep kidnapping us for over 50 years now. Holland pulled into the sea by ocean forces. And every time I kill a Dutch famous for it en public. From Pim Fortuyn to Andre Hazes etc etc. F*ck them and Help!? Even with global warming 😉 Ocean strong steel, like for Tanks we even somtimes need to build our own electrcity plants for it to welt steel that thick…..

Liqir store I bought with my military bonus after Servia, I moved it to the USA seen my status in Holland was kidnapped again with my children. I was kidnapped back to Holland?? finish my military Service although I was sent home after killing 20-30 millions Muslims with my robots Spirits of Downtown New Castle – damage? first a store in Hilversum later somewhere in Brabant….

The Colt’s founded all companies in the world. The ones with most firepower(in power) could pull that off. And that is necessary because off robberies, child tortures of the owners and employees and black mailings or else. In practice it means kill every one that did not want and attacked a factory, police station or shop. They will stay doing that repeatedly. Our factory and money was stolen, by the laughing third party, the current business owners and politician, so we placed back all those dead criminals back in society. No good profit can be made, debts will rise only.
The laughing third party kidnapped me for it and now my children! Marisse is even used for it like they did with Riek and Jan. Of course
The laughing third party are the ones we are going to kill and hopefully.

Humans tendency to blow up their cities with fertilizer bombs in contest with others. Survivors don’t matter. Humans hard extinct. But do, we know, we do not belong, we may not participate, we survived the global pollution. Some tele portal jumpers from the past repaired some blasts. Than it takes some months for them to appear again. Some flew, some were accident. In contrary to animals and us humans flagged themselves to status extinction (in Skynet’s database!!). Despite the discussion which and who is the bravest in this story. Who in the universe is that stupid? Like we are not brave. Also they kidnap us to wait for USA’s earthquakes to bring mega tsunamies who we normally master. Without crazed people mass:: Human religion towards the molucule world, the other “plof-anemoon”, to master the universe versus Skynet, master of the molecule world. A broken Skynet showed them that as inspiration. The atomic world creating life forms, eliminating them also for it next on short terms. Also a very stupid mechanism.

Did you know we have forbidden the Jew David star in the USA for insulting the Swastika, still hanging in our Senate? The Jew forced me to draw this sign, althoug the David star was original a Nazi regiment sign too. What we do not give up is the USA Flag (our galactic flag). Or the swatika or iron cross(for and given by iron man(robots))

Ray Colt

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