Why did I kill An en Eefje?

En trouwens alle bekende Europese, Amerikaanse en Nederlandse kinder en jeugd moorden zijn door mij gepleegd.

Eigenlijk waren het en zijn militaire doodstraffen. Die voer ik niet alleen uit natuurlijk. Voor het dodelijk en seksueel en ook groepsmatig mishandelen van kinderen van anderen. Ook al is het om hun eigen kinderen te beschermen. Zoals de Politie nog steeds doet en toelaat in Stadskanaal met mijn kinderen. (gemaakt van alleen mijn DNA zonder Marisse als moeder ooit bij weten te hebben erkent)

De politie blijft er over heel moeilijk doen, gijzelt zelfs mijn kinderen en mij er om. Probeert de moorden aan hun Volkshelden toe te schrijven. Fascisme te noemen.

Zo leiden ze mij met dodelijk geweld voor in Brussel na de moordt op An en Eefje. Natuurlijk werd ik vrijgesproken en meneer Dutroux werd uit de kast gehaald.

Militaire hulp hopelijk en gewenst, dat doe je voor je eigen kinderen gezien de snit van de heren politie. En dat is een wereldwijd identiek probleem.

Generaal Ray Colt
(door de politie geregistreerd als Raymond Moesker)

Why did I kill An and Eefje?

And by the way, all well-known European, American and Dutch child and youth killings have been committed by me.

In fact it were and are military death sentences. Of course I do not commit the alone. For the fatal and sexual and also group abuse of children of others. Even if it is to protect their own children. Like the police still does and allow in Stadskanaal with my own children(made of my own and my own only DNA).

The police continues to be very difficult about it, even my children and me are being held hostage. They attribute the murders to their People’s Heroes. To call fascism.

They lead me to court, with deadly violence, in Brussels after the murder of An and Eefje. Of course I was acquitted and Mr. Dutroux was taken out of the closet.

Hopefully and desirable, military help is wanted, what you do for your own children, given the background of police gentlemen’s. And it is a globally identical problem.

General Ray Colt
(registered by the police as Raymond Moesker)

special thanks to

While breeding humanity on board of our ships, one threw a small robot against the wall. We kicked all organism into space and eventually threw them on earth. Hard to distinct? not really they managed to steal some gear to escape our genocide. That gear is being eliminated. While the government is walking around like they are going to await the tsunamis and genocide life on earth or else… they must not forget we programmed these waves. A self-defense system to erase or minimize humanity to amounts they and even we as humans will not survive the animals. Animals which will be programmed back in bigger mass then humans. Than unable and too weak to place them in stables.

msg for my kids: terminator dark fate/rambo 5 we recorded in in 2015 – movies on the shelf keep hope – me as Jack Sparrow in Child hospital, the kids recognize me as Terminator robot, it is that Johny was occupied…scary for even a robot

Mein Kampff: a military book written by my kids and me, a diary. The moment to make the enemy jealous with glamor from a successful leadership. If they copied it, we would win the war. And so it happened.The Nazis a real division of ours, an identity, very common practice for armies. Mein Kampff a book to find Tiran’s and cowards who let the weak do je job. Fascism. The Dutch government obvious to simple or schizoid still thinking World War 2 did happen. Compensation payed back to Germany are already payed to Brussels, go figure. And again they secure us in the hope to find a court. PLS sent to your superior, General Colt, the real one.
Holland: giving the weak(low in IQ) the best jobs will prevent such fascism. So therefore what I say is fascism they say. Than again giving a dumb f*ck like Adolf an important job which needs IQ & education and at least General ranks will always lead to fascism our book is about. Once I even was Holland, Germanie’s and the USA (electable)(even France’s as nappie?) first president go figure, with my education…

2015 – landing in Canada
Dublin, Moermansk, Moscow, London, Paris and even Berlin are good departures for such a mission again (according to https://www.distance.to) in this clip( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYPUm4hdEcQ ) you can see us fly in the USA 2015, without being nuclear erased, 11:00 minutes until the end of the movie ps non real us president Trump in Londen landing with a C-5 and two Escalades were stolen from us, the plane was hijjacked in the air!! Again a lot of wounded and dead soldier..see suit cases…..

Twin Janick or Ray Colt (my son “” or me) Malibu 1977 back at home – dutch kidnapped me back face was changed even more…(out of revenge for our age differences we did the same to the famous Dutch Zuidema’s and Oranje triplets)

Twin Janick or Ray Colt (my son "" or me) Malibu 1977 back at home - dutch kidnapped me back face was changed even more...
The Durch BVD offered me a last cigarette* before a was killed and transported to Holland – see pic below +- 1983 – although Janick and Lauren already cut off my nose to say f. u to the Dutch – plot :: we made believe we were Nazis and the only way to win the war was to have me kidnapped in Holland for over 40 yrs *they laughed saying the raped my daughter/sister to give her her cigarette so up into the future we raped their woman and children with billions of Terminators and indeed a cigarette was welcome every time and in fact we fathering all their children children like we did with all Royalties….an ex linked Atila—-his last at the spot(pepperdine)song paly backed in Utrecht

The nose they gave me to black mail us and change my face and brain damged me – making schizoid/syndrome down failed…as I designed it –without anesthesia they cut off and operated my nose those animals(junkies) – still in trance or even death

The amount off children killed in a battle with the Dutch army and hooligans, students from the Pepperdine University I went to as wonder child in attempt to prevent me getting kidnapped. The (global/our(i was the pilot))cover up is 9/11 so we could keep the flags up un-seen. Average age of the children was between 4 and 19, a 13 all clones of us. Patiently we wait until they have children. Around 3000 flags…..all they were killed for was this website with new band names like 303 101(atr prev.) in the end, all music on this site is made by my kids and me….

we pressed our music while customers were waiting – with the famous white stamp – also in A’dam and Berlin

Than you find out that Holland is defending the right to take and have sex slaves. To make that a discussion they did that in the USA, with us. We do not have family and parents they must have thought. Holland obliged with torturing us took the right to be international court to protect their right to have sex slaves. An and Eefje their parents also t took part in the killings in Malibu. Or the Turkisch kid from Nieuwegein…

twin-brunette-and-blond-Lauren.Colt 2015 -abbotsford – Go figure just two souls 3 years ago we could rescue out of the massacres in Pepperdine, while we had SkyNet. That how many hooligans again knew to attack us. The reason why we decided to get extinct 30 years earlier by taking the hooligans its weapon en mas and threw extra robots into World War I also in begin, so pls jump. These to robots and girls again we killed over here. I took pic.


When we were young we were not allowed to leave each other in the USA and Amsterdam. We need to stay close not to un-stabilize Earth’s reactor (kernel) The reason that there are big bangs after wars with robots with us in it. Some Judges remembered it, the reason I was placed in a big house in Stadskanaal nearby were my kids live with Marisse for example. |We need to stay sets of three, our souls, as creators are made of plasma and so is the reactor its “fire”. This is really true, the earth did blow many times so many we even drawed cartoon series like Skyland about it!!! All because my kids were killed in A’dam around 1980 and I grew up alone!!

Attempt Dutch parliament eliminating Colt – my son is thrown out by a Terminator my daughter and he had to let go, go figure. But we survived

The Hague(suicidal about this) confiscating our billions logic:
“we make you jobless, you do not have to work, you get 15 thousand euro a year”, “let’s see that’s a man hourly wage of eeuh: 15.000 times 3600 equals a hourly wage of 54.000.000,-”, “that will make you the riched man earth again you see?”,  “when we need you for army you get food from us”

But someone normally us really have have build a Boing C-17 of these (war)strenght, to make even beach landing to go to the USA. What we normally try to manage ith our own money!! see begin of this movie(again a self built and we did landing+cam, double land speed on rough soil – on purpose with robot in cockpit):

if you send us by boat to the us we need pilote high pressure suits as before – six point race/pilote chairs with buckles in steer house cabin – why in half a second the ocean can lift itself 300 meters that is a lift of mach 1.8(2,222 km/h)!!!!

One of our very old ranches in Thousand Oaks – have look at the door our logo of The Colt Weapon Manufacturing Factory

Colt’s Rancho De Los Fresnos – the amount of war fought for this logo at the door was not normal – to be compared with the civil war – the whole valley was full with Euro soldiers and Hooligans – millions we eliminated and proudly we nailed our family weapon next to the door

The governments just should not panic having us as hostages. Or doubting that was a necessity. We were mainly hostages of Pim Fortuyn, John F. Kennedy and Jan Moesker. We just also were given the honor to eliminate them. Brennan and Zuidema act out of panic, bravery and trying to get some government “Bitcoins”, kidnapping us again(stealing a C-17 with cars might do the trick too*). Yesterday evening I was reviewing our last movie, Alita: Battle Angel. Recorded in 2015 begin 2016. Showing were we come from, a race of robots and bionics robots. Again the film set was turned into a war front and as far as I can recall it even the government agreed in taking down the Humans their weapons, in hands of amateurs or gangs like the RAF, who made that possible. All we need to do is maintain earths reactor every decade. We confiscated the USA for that to create a wave shield to protect Europe & Asia from Bible-isch Tsunamis. Inventions to stimulate earth’s economy might come from that, as usual.* we drove in those cars to show we are government a bit too, that helped in that more than 80% of the population hand in their nuclear devices voluntary all over the world. Trump just lost his film set….as prirates we robbed the USA back…

Binary serial number: 001734946300 Ray, Janick & Lauren Colt – 12 years old – Stuntman film set Mortal engines – as primised some iris scan but indeed they vary – in traditional costume 😉 – to ease our kidnappers we are in blond version in Holland – JUST 5% OF POPULATION IS BLOND THEORIES CALMS THEM DOWN….go figure – The original Colt’s of the Colt Weapon Manufacturing Factory – traveld through time with us to 2015 or 16(aka young Conan) – also a prank, a bet, to get on a cover not as robot….

in Movie they talk about (operation)Medusa, after Nam we blew all US cities with neutron bombs – and lived three months on machines as shown in movie – they were stored on board of our ships to repair us one day – due to the kidnapp we were forced to offer the Dutch this movie, of course a booby trap to have a lot of Terminators on earth again to destroy humans their weapon…our robot and neutron/plama weapons for and in the movie were real as part of mil. operation – kill clones raf

We discovered on the set, due to amnesia, that all Hollywood films ever made were with Dutch people. Once because it was a hobby of us, EU agreed since they do noy have much economy. Since we discovered they kidnapped us, even took our identity, obscure over 60 billion euro & property from us, we will not anymore make any movie, music or games. We quit!! Believe me Germany and Germany stand without us!!

They are mixed in in these video clips we made for Eefje a Dutch singer who stole Atari’s music tapes, obliged that is. Cool thing is in this clip of hers we show Atari/303-101 De Melkweg, Parkzicht en de Vrije Vloer we owned their show (nuclear)technology, no special effects are used but the camera. We had the crowd flowing in what seemed as water with even xtc addicted nemo fish in it trying to steal XTC for fun but okee by the police. Both in those days. Dont be jealous at your ancestors. All recorded at our Fatamorgana & Wisseloord studio’s. The original Water parties not covered up. Our latest clip – if they steal this one(Weval Someday) – Atari will make no more music for humans – we even removed foot step parts recorded at the Dam A’dam by bew one out of disrespect – recorded living in tents – org. Occupy was founded to steal this clip – go figure(fj) for some techno tango/coca nostra chil out acid – we are honoured? recorded at 1979 re-finished in 2015 – living in tents on the Dam(we found out with acid staring at the crowd, maths pure maths) calling themselves billionaires.. The most expensive video clip ever made!!! USA City fly overs in the arms of Terminator I film protesting(wigling legs) against him obliged bringing me back to Riek and Jan…

How Janick, Lauren and me should look like – me as 195-200 cm*(Janick too) bodybuilder – with thicker bones so my muscles would not break them – a demand before even someone thinks about sending us to the USA – for us no place under the sun, then neither for humanity, we then avenge -* did you know doors were made 2 meters just so I(e) would bump my head everywhere – as joke because I always did….see this blog for more pics – finding these images, briefed leaded for my kids to be taken away again – me being cut into pieces and put back togheter outside even in bus stops – for the same reason we look like we do…money

Not only for the Dutch for taking away my face and muscles (I lift a 300 kg to test if they are contaminated with doping!, body lenght 198 cm, feet size 14/15) again also or kidnapping my kids and doing the same to hem. Like last Tsunami period we will punish it. Do not forget we are the most powerful military and therefore economy. Our economic injections drive a multiple ten trillion worldwide economy. An economy which we will not inject for the same period we may not be ourselves or have spent our money. With sabbatical. If we are nice. Not for keeping us alive we will bring out injection again against leprosy, polio etc. thing that will not be here anymore after such a sabbatical like late round as they call it!!

colt-coca-nostra-limo-vs-europe-wannabe-coca-nostra-judge-arrest!!(Kidnap) 2015

stolen music i sang as conan.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vK4D23t1G8g Mailbu Point Dume(mount doom) 1977 or same my marilyn monroe marriage https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bl3BoX6r7w (at 19:45 for me rare lauren her voice) or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bl3BoX6r7w at 57:44wantin “dutch cheese on my taco”:-The Conan Brown – Blue eye issue: not to create a super race as accused or assumed. We trained ourselves with blue eyes, brown eyes disguise the human emotion more than the blue eye. So to become faster warrior we trained and fought a lot with blue eyes. And as Black Smiths we were forced to re-create and replace eye-balls in total on each other.

I look like some fucking Johny de Mol jr. in Holland -accidentally? no even he is involved in mutilating(fighting war/war decl.) me/us, deprivation of liberty – hence his dead warrant – look above how I looked – how the French repaired janick and me into Conans/Napoleons again by following pure dna science!! baby od camera we/I killed Sadam Hoessein for my beard, Gaddafi, Jan, Pim the other way around, conan look a likes we are going to kill too -our rich is +- ‭6.400.000.000.000‬,-(6.4 trillion euro, based upon 32 million acre worth average 200.000,- euro, we also own the rest of the galaxy!!)-that makes us the Mob in this world and not de Mol’s!!
Our name Colt, related to our gun Smithy and not obliged by Court to have employees(or being a LLC, being at Wallstreet)- we would loose our indentity as Outlaw if would ever hire employee than. Why all humans are schizoid on this planet and we are not. We find it strange to hire people that need oil baths with exhausts pipes at noun for example, not our business!. Two for the part we are Bounty Hunters, we might endanger the (political) power of schizoids united, at least in their head. That part they will kill us with our own exhaust pipes. Three next wave round we remove our second rear name from the Coca Cola bottles and call ourselves Coke again. Imagine people saying Mister Coke to me, having my scarface etc. I swear.

the movie starts with skulls. our invented how to repair them! So childs are not born with these lines. This is thought on skools since it became a ritual to attemp kill newborns and rape thei mothers…

a travo who I cut off dick and put on crosss – the dogs literally come from hell – acquaintances for some

What did we do in Vietnam: fighting illegal trade by mainly mutinying soldiers of both sides with the promise to treat war victims in the USA. So in cooperation with the Vietnamese population. A major problem, like in Holland yes indeed.

How? Well the army, the Colts created Heineken and Bud beer. The Dollar was not to be trusted because in America live the robots. So for undercover work we created Heineken Amsterdam. So we could create short term illegal beer. Heineken of course co-operates as long as it is short term action and in favor of the factory.

The Army also created Cocaine (also as chemical weapon) and is called as family The Colt’s the Coca Nostra. There is no need to have and outside by the army created Coca Nostra or Hell Angels since it is not in favor of a legal trade or legal factory. It’s a military necessarily to have gang names and at our hierarchy certainly. And because of it’s sensitively for illegal abuse the gangs stay family Colt only, closed therefore. Decided by Court. Not to be copied by troopers. Just to lay criminality (a big big mouth against this policy included) at instant on the table only.


How Hillywood makes (Terminator) movies in future, if I/we do not make real ones… lol…Bob The Builder graphics

a plasma gun they forced us to build, if we go further in presence of human we got shot – how it works – i do not know but a generator, a windblower that with no logic blowes space dust/star dust

Ray Colt

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