Why do they almost every day sniff around in my apartment. In fact humans do that with all humans. Just to, or in the hope to, remember that his planet, these houses are not their home.

Humans kidnapped me at young age, I lived in space. As revenge we blew up their two home planets and threw them on earth. To take away their home as they did with me. At for the past 17 years with my children/brother and sister.

They may not even live in North and South America or their home planet for ever more.

my twin brother and sister already hidden, one last glance of home…..hope we can take revenge with stopping the economic insertions for good…by the way the real name of New York I believe….

Like we once created the song: Everybody needs a home baby. We hope our Terminators manage to kidnap us back. The USA, space station Alpha are in between stops.

The Dutch again mutilated & kidnapped us, gold fever. Disrespecting the truce between the robots and humans. Humans their conclusion they cannot win from our war machine from the moment they saw us kill a Dinosaur.

the changed me into a blond kid again, if not keep my mouth shout they would not give me my penis back or remove the breasts


We are the real Colt’s as you might know. We want to stay soldiers that sell weapons of any kind and order to Generals. Some sort of way non-commercial but the most commercial for our wallet way of life. A religion, working for the Devil, Satanism. Killing humans as profession.

The government want to give the Church a Welty look with our money by masking Colt commercial their way. Going to Wall Street with our company, paying Wall Street people with our money. Hiring a board of commissionaires and Directors from our money. Which we do not tolerate. These people have to earn their money Honest too. They even took our rear name for it.(which we punish with dead, like Kennedy and Pim or van Agt, next they will be tortured in a Atari plasma game hall named Hell for twice or three times as long as this discussion lasts, in years that is – church for church – all programmed automaticly)

It’s all against the law, it’s against the constitution to govern with religion, that’s what it is, and it’s even called fascism and tyranny.

We have right to refuse because we are soldiers and even Upper Generals(all fields) who may refuse too by buy commercial weapons. All for wise decision for humanities its self-defense. Commercial in real life means Dump Army material and quality. From Bayonet to Tank from Tank to fighter Jet.

All against the law and the Constitution which politicians and General are obliged to apply too.all programmed automaticallyWe are the real Colt’s as you might know. We want to stay soldiers that sell weapons of any kind and order to Generals. Some sort of way non-commercial but the most commercial for our wallet way of life. A religion, working for the Devil, Satanism. Killing humans as profession.

The government want to give the Church a Welty look with our money by masking Colt commercial their way. Going to Wall Street with our company, paying Wall Street people with our money. Hiring a board of commissionaires and Directors from our money. Which we do not tolerate. These people have to earn their money Honest too. They even took our rear name for it.(which we punish with dead, like Kennedy and Pim or van Agt, being our LLC, next they will be tortured in a Atari plasma game hall(with levels: real, hard, beginner… once commercial) named Hell for twice or three times as long as this discussion lasts, in years that is – church for church – all programmed automaticly)

It’s all against the law, it’s against the constitution to govern with religion, that’s what it is, and it’s even called fascism and tyranny.

We have right to refuse because we are soldiers and even Upper Generals(all fields) who may refuse too by buy commercial weapons. All for wise decision for humanities its self-defense. Commercial in real life means Dump Army material and quality. From Bayonet to Tank from Tank to fighter Jet.

All against the law and the Constitution which politicians and General are obliged to apply too.

The Chinese(/Berlin/Israel) wall we build to prevent polution from and stop our black >50m high tsunamis. Made of human slurry(raw oil). We raise big armies for revenges. still we send them to our hell

Just bought a Colt M6 Bayonet Replica (for eventual a quick escape to the USA). I have all weapon licenses* and certainly at the other half of humanity, the truce part. I am Colt……*although burned together with other General’s to be able to leave home empty handed….the hmond harm was obliged by me as uncle sam in the US army, to train marines and commando's, to able to let their own girl dance and not the enemey(Renee) or me as dril instructor or els I would have shoy bullets at your feet and make you dance most of all to get used to therapy...for that last bomb that changed your (nuclear)soul...result you become schizoid, syndrome down---if the harm does not work your last hope than is a Terminator(hope not but we) - as a surgeon I will put manicure set in it 
For a M9 Colt weapon it is disapproved. For built at the war front with too less iron also. The blade ends up in an ice picker. But we would sell it for 40,- too. Original Colt, war ready bayonets weigh more than twice as much costing 125,-. After repairing your rifle more than four times you might end up with this one…it really looks ridiculus in real…..a wrist injury for sure – have look two Colt applications a 60,- and a 125,- version and a non Colt(except trenches) commercial version of 43,-

Like this rifle made by us at the spot, in the field that’s Colt quality…a bit Nam but than again, made under same circumstances – made with 11lb anvil like ray was showing on his site we made the brand for the ones that now exploit our brand – they did not accept nut have too from us – they are not even able to make our 3 billion a month and sometimes a week!!! those are damages that have to be paid! we will repsond with warfare!! – hence the 3 or 4 ocean steamers we have build a year worth 11-15 billion euro!!!

Also not maintained by my kids and me & the Terminators – like -although a back up site like dare to even touch this us army site, you and your family will be killed as I promissed before and over here and we hope you do! For every character, every bit, I have to change these site back I will cut you into pieces!!!

request for robots that did survived or gonna survive 2015 war against dyno’s & RAF maps url:

doing this smoewhere in space, if we would have an internal enemey – without skynet – managable

If I am not correct the kids Martin M. is showing on face book could be breed in my daughter suggesting I am Not Conan or Janick* or that Martin is family, this after multiple courts proving otherwise, for a lot of money which we will not pay again(divorced before tsunami, divorced after). An Attempt two, since we already genocide it a couple years ago. As punishment we killed/raped & let them breed Aliens to fight in the war against Dyno’s all Dutch woman. As warning. This time I suggest we kill them all in Hell. Do we need those Aliens again? the same ones that Máxima did her triplets so that we would claim that out of powerlessness —Say we are team God. We than have to & can top Evil, like say being the Devil and God the same time. Also military logic. If the religion and offering sick Dutch think they please Evil by what they are doing to my kids they are dead wrong! Or calling themselves Hell’s Angels if that’s our gang. a God’== GOOD – That has to top Evil by being more Evil…duh…does Evil than excists for relious…not really, good neither * for schizoid Dutchman(like all presidents) so called president Trump his damages, stealing planes and cars even having us kidnapped, gave us our current face, blondes. Stealing or breaking boats only worth together over 38 billion Euro. The Dutch have to pay for damages which they may put on a pallets (and we will check the cargo) in our boat or planes for if we are sent to the usa…so we can do business with the Chinese and maybe their surgeons. Another Dutch black mail was Rihanna who the Dutch gave big boobs etc. She made some porn to remember and placed them online. We gave her a role in “valerian and the city of a thousand planets” so we could repair her back also in favor of our memory and for publishing. She knew we looked different too.

These are tapes from Malibu 1978 and 2014 – exodus – humanity restored walk until transported to Europa side road concerts. From techno back to guitar, 6 yrs old. This girl, RAF member, performs to embarrass(make fun off) older brunette Lauren. Raped mistreated on stage in attempt to rescue our life as surgeon on stage. See lipstick and raw cuts made on the moment we got shot or stabbed…she acts as if the audience does not notice…based upon schizophrenia

the minimum starter kit we gave all tribes on earth, so please add to our plane or boat if you send us back at minimum!! De shuttersput…in dutch…cool

Even we,. The Colt’s, received, although sieged, these Smithy start up kits with a 2000+ microscope from the Robots at the beginning of earth(early 70’s) – I have memories of being cross faded into movies, obliged. old “Dutch” army trousers I wear…rapapah the real Colt( me in this case, exp. USA 2014 Malibu, might be recorded in Malibu 75+-) from the weapon factory!!

Of course this counts for humanities extinction right know also::

WE WILL TAKE REVENGE ON OUR WOUNDED BACAUSE SKYNET BEING CLOSED – Do we want to kill all humans? Yes. The why we didn’t is they are better consumer of earth’s animal stock than for example Dinosaurian. Replaceable? We need to investigate that option in that case.

To build robots we at least need 4-5 years to gain that knowledge, body size and (mental)strenght, we are not for nothing gradutaed in all grades, to remember that fact, next reactor maintenance must be ready before 2023!!(i know by head since the day I was kidnapped to Holland, my depression) Develop agriculture and mining.

In Malibu we need to make a robot, a Smithy. Not only to replace Dutch Red Cross who can’t help us no more. Maybe even computer chips. Maybe it’s a good idea with permission to already create a T2 (see movie next to blog) kind of robot shell of tempered steel, fans, and eyes with glass with some crystals in it. So maybe a dying robot from the war can jump in when we have put together in Malibu. As being done before with succes in coperation with Hooghovens and the Marines. Than we need a plane.

See below for real pics of me I gave the AIVD, my normal length and that of Janick and Lauren. 196 cm, feet size 14.5, hand size 23 cm, avg finger width 3 cm, hair end eye color brown, weight 160 kilogram. Lift strength 300 kilograms. And if we do not match these measurements we are not even going to the USA. We got a 2.5 year left so this what they have tor repair 1st. If they can’t, too bad! And in the USA the waves start 2-3 years sooner think Iron Man 2 film set. Well its a wish to eliminate all humans…..for changing our identity – as punishment we gave all humans & their future children syndrome down(understand again why prenant woman are cut open to already change the babies appearance) which we(I) do not reverse either..the reason to to extinct humanity..let them suffer our punishment….so maybe more weapons if you guys prepare someting is better than to replace our muscles – 2.5 year with a we might acces SkyNet but that’s like a Windows OS, we need to learn a lot to operate it!! We need that much of a Time, to invent even time travel & clones again to start working 4 years earlier!!
lauren-brunete-2013-point-dume – her bat skyte(BIRD SHIELD FOR VULTURES)- Not only blue blood we are the Dutch , their real army(with claims also not) , throughout their history. They mutilated us again so we will punish by not being their army next French, English or German invasion. We are Colt USA, we even must build weapons over their so the Dutch their enemy’s cannot stop us. For the rest of the world when it comes to tsunami protection from out the USA we will punish with x years not ourselves x years sabbatical. Don’t forget we have an afterlife!! In short, in real life, off camera: As their Emporer we betrayed, resisted & defeated the Turkish, Egyptian, French, Germans, Servian, Italians, Belgian, English, Poles, Russian, Chinese, Danish and the Norwegians for example. Stealing is also a distraction to protect the surgeons we are going to hunt. We will betray the Dutch back next round!

fact: Ponderosa Lodge (our primeval hut) 566921 Aspen Drive, Springville, CA 93265, USA our 1st real adress after we discovered Point Dume was a volcano – it was even on my passport arrived in Holland kidnapped at the age of 4. see baby picture of brunette lauren left side picture inside Lodge – me walking in – in middle of winter some Dutch steal our stove/heater see other pics also in maps

Lauren walking dog 2014

living in a Lodge? Yeah!! I think its looking better than this::

Renee wanted the same school as my Son and twin of Conan. This is me although already with blues eyes. Living in young Amsterdam, learning even Esperanto on school, working at the Hoogovens. Known as Ciske the Rat as his parents got killed. Even Danny de M. play backed his songs. All before Rieki kidnapped me. Police asked why is Danny helping you? I must have helped him than once….funny thing Ciske the Rat movie hugged my real adoption parents….hence the movies Schatjes etc. Jeroen K. etc…..this is rare unique pic of Ciske, make no mistake…..founder of the Penoza…who knows….he killed 30 Nons in Egmond for sexual abuse and walked right back into A’dam!!! The Kid was a hit back than!!!

Replicas of our skull tattoos we made at the age of four. A hit later within the Coca Nostra up to carving and even obliged. The Dutch keep on removing them we keep on killing them for it…..surgeons who took this from us are send to our Hell… THE COCA NOSTRA/VIKINGS!!(THE 1ST AND REAL USA NATIVES):

These facial and bone changes leaded at a young age to a disturbing IQ decrease. I was even punished for it also because we were not able anymore to create Windows versions above 10.0. We blame Holland for the full 100% for this. Creating Robots to create Windows is the same effort.
Nor that we can practice Quantum Physics, and design weapons or computer chips anymore. A robot could repair us with the same effort of building us into Robots. Keeping my kids and I separated is therefore scientifically total madness(inhumane again) and an cheap attempt making good of what the irresponsible Dutch have demolished for humanity!!

*even after or for transporting them to safe houses!!!

My kids and I killed 443 Dutch hooligans, they caused billions of damage every year. Average is 443 than billion Dollar per 10 years, on earth with its tsunamis!! Its war damage, terrorism even making those Tsunamis possible destroying all countries and economies & Budget. That makes a budget to be safe of 300 billion Euro. The murderers/hunters get at least 1% bounty, the real 1%’ers. Holland owns 100 billion budget instead of 200 billion debts. Plus they & we can invest in USA Tsunami prevention. At least(it are even more!) 443 dead RAF members, its just a small effort to finish the Job en end their claim on society.
ponit-dume-expedition-usa-2015-attempt-26 – we are woth your money…vote for me as president!!! Teaching seals to swim and fish as young Conan they brought me to shore to show old me(Conan/Ray) my eyes turned into blue, that was not right! Even he did not know anymore after such torturements….
They thought the were allowed to make our Cocaine illegal……very dead wrong they are & were! Lile making Colt illegal by making it an LLC.

The Third World a we see them, they extinct without our development aid. We are The Third(robot) Empire again! After 40 yrs war::

THIS IS WHAT WE CALL “LANDJE PIKKEN!” We won the war with humans, destroyed their two planet. We placed them in Europe, Africa, Russia, Mid- and Far East as prisoners of war for a couple days before we started to give them their freedoms back. For what was left of it. Then again we did not start the war!!! and tried to be as gentleman as possible, like say according to Geneva laws, with the prisoners. A contradiction to the way we are treated!! Known as religious extremism, the reason why our operations as humans were approved.
how? with human “ikkies” – some Terminators – it brings instant life!! Like we manged with us in the war. So let the reactor energize you robot feet or so! Broken(light we hope) ships enough by now..maybe even better lesser functions more voltage!….robots alone ditto we had succesfull extractions from Malibu, on the way back super macho robots….you know what I mean? Bring a belt….(3 that is)

A movie my kids and I made from our home Malibu 2015(to show kids their friends) – Billionaire’s Beach not funny: these are all Eurpoean cars pretending to be Malibu people. How do we know, we got different camera’s. Different frequencies in the USA. And we invented both and tried to sell both types of camera’s & light bulbs to the EU in the pas. It shows on flickering car lights like the bus on 6 minutes 45. How do you mean criminal? So many people want steal the USA from u?….yes. the car park ditto. Handy it was all those free cars with J*ws in them lol….as you can see…

Ledson Winery & Vineyards another Colt self build(2015) residence. Those who exploit it must be careful with us. Like with, we will kill them for it.

one of us inventing planes – next the shute – it did not came easy for us 😉

Did you know we obliged Arabs to use Iron and not copper back in the days making this game and movie? The big copper Giant terminator is manned by Janick, SheLob is copied many times to fight us I believe & (also cool to see the real Samson(Conan of the Jews, Arnold Z. of the Dutch), yes from the days we wrote the bible, these are real images we still had!! Although it was a movie, we wrote about it, the wars were real)

What do we do with Skynet and maintenance on the Galaxy and earth? Giving structure to all elements thereby creating the constants*. Necessary to create flop and non-flop computer chips, Math’s, Electricity or even being glued together as an organism with cells and even their souls. Now and again terrorized by some Dutch Judges and government people with no vision on the consequences or our need to punish Humanity. Our souls (those of my kids and I, I have to write for mental sick people with no vision) and those of our robots are made of some plasma, a plasma made of material above all elements. The only reason why we can work on the Galaxy if again all falls apart.

Chipsets we normally deliver to keep humans stupid was to protect ourselves. Since they cannot reach our motherships anymore that won’t be a necessarily! Even the production of calculators will not be possible! As already shown by our enemy robots, who also we have defeated.

*Like big endian and small endian: Phi is like 3,140239023028 on your intel screen for flop chips its like 3,140239023028140239023028140239023028(just a for example), big endian reads it inverted. How could big endian be faster?, indeed PowerPC chips were cheap flop chips who we also all confiscated and rebuild to intel chips with an extra inverted, which make them slower but it are older chips. Warfare.

Are these really Terminators landing with haste on earth? (like I already briefed on this blog before) Yes and governments must know before they nuke each other. Fact is some Generals try to impress with it, even torturing my kids or me to call those robots. That’s (those) “wapentuig” the Dutch king pointed at these explosion. Meaning the Colt’s from the USA, meaning the Terminators. Translated as “our ” weaponry/armament.

The Generals or whoever (politician, judges, police bosses/forces, troopers) that rises above the criminal of the Dutch King (a King is an absolute monarch by nature) for example, are organized crime and guilty of it. Of course they try to make friends with him as colleagues, but they will insult him with it. For the King a big minus in self-defense and maybe also not. So in principle Holland does have a cool political structure. It’s just hard for, most of the time, lower ranked troopers to organize back. If they do they have to rob banks to get payed, am sich again cool (why we were called the Mob, Nazis and Coca Nostra & Hells Angels ). But have look at us …. we have no banks when they do talk falsely about us. Who would that be? ps we should be loading brown beans into a international transporter plane or ship vessel by now!!

Co.Lt. means Commander Lieutenant, a step back in rank we made to also assist in hiring Dutch (and all over the World) Generals and not through favoritism, a sign on our recruiting desk. As it might seem as Generals. By the day everybody did need a rear name ours became Colt. Later we started to produce weapons. Favoritism is a big problem because the word is sold as professionalism. Lieutenants enough that do not need to ask how to make career or being born with blue blood. What Generals did to one of us after not being hired, but now in service we saw, military camp Westerbork, go figure how they falsify…my skull was broken they used a tourniquet/toggle!!

Humans must know this because they have the tendency to raise their children wrong on this issue. No human on earth is self-reliant enough to live on this planet. Especially the Dutch must know they are not self-reliant enough to live under sea-levels. Even Holland is built with international help and help from us/galactic robots. It’s just very irritating for helpers to be attacked over and over again by the same Dutch families even keeping them kidnapped! They used deadly violence, rape and torture. This is going on for the past 50 years and even the English, Germans, Belgian and French complained about. It cannot be true that foreign troopers have to do work Dutch troopers can do themselves. That’s if necessary really kill those families. Just have look at the picture above this blog. Humans cannot split their planet to change the planets reactor kernel. We have to do that, which means humans are not self-reliant enough. No one is and even robots can use some help on our issue.

My kids and I were not the only robots attacked, the other ones who changed into humans were burned and tortured alive, all twin brothers and sisters from us! While we were helping the Dutch after a earth’s kernel switch. And now we live as hostages, the Dutch refuse to admit for their trade, while there is no skipper in the world not afraid for R’Dam harbour. But know we do everything back x 100, just because robots can….with whole populations?…yes with whole populations!!! From Hell to Hell.

Hands off of international help troopers is the message! From Soweto upto Holland! It are the Dutch people their criminals, no one else their criminals. They are their responsibility. Malibu, the only reason, why we repaired earth….that might change::

“Let’s try to help our white native neighbors” international troopers often “joke”. Because like in Africa they really cut Marines into pieces once captured or burn them alive. Like with me and my children. That’s what happens if troppers are not really doing their work. They should what they they do to me, do to criminals like the Neus, a fan of war/riot, like we or dutch troopers, but now shaking hands with government people, their employer, for example.

Is the Coca Nostra responsible for the beheading videos? Dressed and talking like Arabs? Yes, we taught them their languages too. There is a bit help in for Arabs in Holland, go figure. For the rest normal Marines work. Even I am in the video’s beheading white natives, with my original brown eyes that is. What we do with trators. A bit like what we did with Dutchbat, try some more troopers instead of harassing only me back then. Good hope we do not have with The Hague who is still not even a player, they got filmed by they own criminal Generals&Presidents, while we got our orders from the ones they are looking for. Scary. Dutch secret service thinking they are us with their beheadings for amnesia “”.

They all want be Veterans like Vietnam veterans/Nazis(Nasi eating people). Not a single operation shown in internet is true. The real and only Vietnam veterans are the Malibunese and Vietnamese themselves fighting f*cking commi’s. The Vietnamese as international troopers saying, like to Dutchbat. He Ray why not bring them over here!!!

Creating them for food happened for short period of times in humanity, three moths at most. Robots stopped it. Some kept on creating them for compensations which leaded to war!

Auschwitz a military camp like Vugt, Westerbork, a Steel Smithy to start up society. They stole our food so ate some hippies. They threw their shoes at us……the rest compensation hunting.

All soldiers Smithy’s::

Lauren, Janick and me, switching places as twins, in a obliged Dutch secret service(BVD&AIVD) video made in 70’s with original skin color…to make a colonial point…even the hippie dress was obliged(ditto cheese croquetes with even shorter thumb!!)

Official this is our National Autumn(our tapes stolen by Prince in ’77). Telling exactly who the Americans are & their instruments. “America keep the children free”. It means we are the most powerful super power (international help) in the Galaxy on one hand and because of it a possible threat for those children. We recieved the first Nobel price once for not being a threat – wiped! like our money and like our help! The Terminators (robots – family Colt – we won their self-proclaimed civil war)

My kids and I may not live free as threat, example we have to be servants of the Dutch AIVD/RAF/Church/Islam! Personal damage they gave us is over 9 trillion Euro!!!

How far does stealing our music go?. Kidnapped by Tha AIVD to the USA to record, Obliged playing in the band, snowboard and surf. All with violence although no-one did return the Holland – they did sent their clones – ditto All them Witches…ditto Quaker City Night Hawks

Did my Son looke like this? Well he is singing it. The answer is Yes, Jimmy they used to replace him….a Brunette with a rough druggie mouth 18/19 – although they are a bit immortal too – art is mine(Tolkien) shwoing Point Dume with giant mushrooms so big their spores waved on the wind….injected to dead also by Jimmy who we injected and eliminated back – next we are changed into blonds??!! against our will – our babies too – as with all beautiful things, that also applies to the AIVD – we do not deliver music anymore!!!

So where are your terminators Ray the RAF must laughing think and not the international troopers, because we are too. We have to repair damages, we, instead of protecting the trade. Those robots of us are busy, suffered damages and will recover slowly because of the Galaxy its Maritime. So they must work until that moment like say one million robots have free time for an invasion to rescue us. Sending us to the USA will create an extra scenario. Then they just need one Terminator to get us. There will be more momentums to rescue us. Next there will be more time to create some prosperity for humanity. Why, well a dead humanity bring dangerous pollution, also for robots. Creating some chips has been an alternative for the past 50 years. I would go for that!! WE DO NOT REPAIR OR CREATE HUMANS EVER AGAIN! MAKE NO MISTAKE!(we rather make plastic vessels etc than) The “ancestors” who could & did repair humanity, have been eliminated/extincted/terminated because we find the tsunamis are too much work.(humanity their hope, plus we killed 95% of RAF its members in 2015 another humanity its hope) We don’t, will not, fight earth’s corretion, tsunamis, we update kernel, that’s it, most of the time that is enough. And we need time for those updates because really SkyNet will not accept any code! until all Terminators are free. We do not have that Jesus syndrome smile, charity, chistian volunteers have who stole our music for their patients!!!

The other way around if humanity dares the tsunamies, the governments go for non face loss, like my kids & I have to wait for a momentum, like now, longer than 3,5 years….humanity has to survive the wild for those periods too, no water, no food, no electricity etc etc. Momentums that could better be used for product updates, since we own and created a lot of brands!!(FERRARI, Ford, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Saab, Lamborgini, Philips, Sony, Samsung, LG, Cat, Boeing, Airbus, Nasa, Microsoft, Apple, Linux, Unix, Youtube, Twitter, WordPress, Google, Yamaha, Roland, IBM, Dell, Nintendo, Atari, Gulfstream, Shell, Texaco, Q8, McDonalds, BurgerKing, Hollywood, Colt etc.etc.)

our mission usa 2014 – we made movie around it – we lived couple weeks without Terminator help – a lot of Dyno’s still

Like human armies in working in other countries we have placed money to create help. So that must be made free again!!

Review Avengers 4, A movie (post) produced by us. We traveled back in time for it with the crew to ravages of World War on dried bottom of the Indian Ocean. The first big battle for California. Vietnam was World War II. A young kid I wrote the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings together with my children. An attempt to remember. The final battle in the movie will show some of that front. It just shows how 1 day looked like in that war, which lasted more than 9 months. Mordor!!! Murder!! Murder!!! On the Horizon sky crapers of old Los Angeles. I remeber from traveling back and as young child. Future us were obliged to loan them our weapons. In principe we won the war, our warfare is taken from humanity. We had one day off back then, surgery also…..Time machine:: old gear from Studio 22, Vlampijpstraat and Jaarbeurs stored and stolen from US/Dutch army – we used it to transport dumped in the past people back into future – status ::eliminated!

Agenda 21 note: obliged to compose this movie and place it online 2014/15. Their link with Hollywood movies like Godzilla etc.. We were forced to make those movies to prevent them to blow up the Galaxy’s kernel. All this to pursue the New World order their goals with by Terminator build moster and giant robots, demolishing an USA which is not really their, but in possession of the Robots. A club of idiots(schizoid vandals) that contradicts each other and its goals in practice. Tyranny versus Democracy. To hear that from a real Nazi General.

A movie 50 years ago spotted by our future spy bots. Which made us write Mein Kampff. A book that made Jews wanted to be Nazis, The New World Order. At the same time hunting for themselves, also due to them being schizoid. Giving real Nazis some breath . The snake biting his own tail.
Are schizoids capable of surgery and changing our faces? Are schizoids capable of copying US aid inventions? I mean politician, The Neus, The black Cobra, Uncle Renee, Royalties, The Red Army, RAF? Members of Agenda 21. No, not really. So the real organized crime is formed by “healthy” people. People who used deadly force to earn their wages. With their surgeons they really misuse, torture and threat people like me and police officers. Meanwhile officers are kept busy by Agenda 21…….(tv)terrorism (Maybe some officers from Antwerpen remember something in that dark about what happened around my car at the airport 2010).

Look at my face and that of Janick and Lauren compared that of Conan. Once we were rental police officers and commissars that had to bend for doorways inside Paardenveld. Just be warned non of these people are real engineers & industrial leaders!!! As we for example. They copy even worse than the Chinese, think Skill, Ferm, Tulip Computers and even worse Apple and Microsoft!!! If your order a Jaguar in Holland its build in Klazinaveen etc. etc.

Why are we the Mob?(the strongest party, and have a look at avengers 4), we have build robots. Those robots brought the prosperity humans and animals needed. Everything in this world is copied from us. Everything! We draw Disney cartoon movies on 5 cm per second! One of their movies is called like that. Our story a bit…

Oh yeah, they need to pay for our products or else we change them into oil and sell them to the Arabs, Germans or Chinese as raw oil & coles. Thats why we are the mob baby. Call it epidemic protection, DNA protection, look at my face and how they convert Mongolians to destroy DNA. Our business as creators of the human race!!! No cole or oil on this entire planet is not made like this, I swear!! Its made by us!! Take a good smell on your exhaust and you smell dead humans…

Most off all we are the Mob, the most powerful because we can do things no other can. Our inventions for example. Like we are the only family that wants to a can work in a mine. For that part they are the mob. If they stop the mines have to be closed. In our case we want to be the Mob and then you better have others drive around in bigger cars. Or else there will be no cars in future. Are we in that powerful? Yes we are.

Or bringing us deprivation of liberty by kidnapping (also again) as cover up for mutilation….

Police, the army, government, a King, a Priets or Pope, labor workers and criminals can never be the mob because someone else will do their job.

Ray Colt

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Tue Jul 30 , 2019
So America does not really exist! And because we in Malibu we were bullied by big groups we gave Holland the face and function of our industry. Think Hollywood from out Mediapark. Think Sony and Playstation, think Oracle and Microsoft. Think Philips and Apple. Think Hewlett Packard and Dell. Think […]