Conclusion II

So America does not really exist! And because we in Malibu we were bullied by big groups we gave Holland the face and function of our industry. Think Hollywood from out Mediapark. Think Sony and Playstation, think Oracle and Microsoft. Think Philips and Apple. Think Hewlett Packard and Dell. Think McDonalds and BurgerKing, Think Heineken and Ahold or Shell. Think Coca Cola or pepsi. Domino’s & American pizza’s. Think Boeing and Airbus or any plane. Think the University & Electricity. Think ASML and all Chipsets in the world!! The world economy will collapse if we do not roll out its economy from out Holland. Which is happening now for over 50 years. Think all Computer Games in the world, the economical world agreed(or the Dutch a turned into raw oil!! or have no economy at all!). claims therefore are criminal!(for example Atari France or even Nintendo Japan) The Dutch have no Iron(ore)!!! Is having no Iron decisive for this compensation level , the answer is Yes. (after war USA aid(their companies not EU’s!!), the Dutch their famous commercial public services, it just goes some further than R’dam and its harbor & customs!!(for police officers & welcome in California!(they do not want this, they want to live in Lutjebroek with mill owner Klinkhamer & Jaap Zwart)

The microchip only!! Without humanity & trade extinct!! This is done & created by Terminators. Who place entire server racks at Oracle office or Microsoft office, for example!!!

Criminals from all over the world find this interesting also the RAF. Criminals that keep frustrating the World economy from out Holland for over the same 50 past years.

Aka the Colombian Mob, still is

We cannot deliver these products and updates if we are hostages! Plain simple because SkyNet goes into Warfare mode and will not allow it. It’s than like police in front of a robbed bank that does stop to bring Pizza’s in!!! Yes SkyNet from the movies!!, it’s a real self-intelligent defense & police Computer system. We did not need Oracle anymore as Database. We cannot enroll it globally without losing fire power. But Oracle is made by it for example!! Our space ships vs Shell its oil vessels etc etc.

II. we will not deliver these product with Holland down-top to the rest of the world because that’s delivering criminals. They do not make the money we & non criminals do, we do not get paid enough so we do not deliver. III. it’s a war declaration…… IV. Holland has no Iron!! – They are partially obliged to deliver these services – no one is willing to compensate them -Blogging this will already cost the millions we did spend!!

Oh and No we will not allow Colt as American brand to be rolled out. And that’s all, the only brand we want to keep since it’s our rear name. Although criminals took one of our military servers with the site on it. Oh and we do not make music anymore really! In principle that’s covered by the university.

Criminals took hostage over my kids & me, off and on, that’s being going on for 50 years now too.

Is Holland too busy with its TV performance instead of its (leiter)underlying reality role in the world economy? We do think so. As you can see two different worlds, like Hollywood movies. It doesn’t bring in the tax money needed. Holding us resposible for their 200 billion debts!! Making our money suspect!!

This memorial was for the 3000 dead Colt children made in Malibu by Hooligans. Me flying through our Twin Towers was our cover-up eventually for 3000 dead’s in the news!! & on the street.

Pepperdine University

criminals!!, looking for a Shell logo I found these pics of me, tortured although again with brown eyes – I got 1st person memories on it – that my eye colors and body are changed I just remember just a couple months
the way this brought in the news only by EU’s fake CIA….

The RAF member who was killed for it by us the same way…for free –

Conclusion II

So or the past 50 years Cyberdyne/Colt USA enrolled after war aid to humanity. The have tried through Holland because it’s a country without Iron Ore in their soil. At the same time we tried to get our hostages back they kept on taking refusing their role in World economy. They really want the rest of the world to take care of them. Bringing our weapons, software, electric tools and other inventions to Beijing, Tokyo, London, Jerusalem, Paris, Moscow and Berlin leaded to big fight with Dutch politician refusing to work in the world economy. Waving at the same time with history falsified Cold wars, a fake American (cnn)president and second World wars. Me as 6 year old kid in Malibu made this picture, fighting for our identity. Fighting against the Dutch giving a factory a Hebrew founder Samuel Colt and not the Colt’s themselves from the (galactic) USA or me, Ray Colt. We killed Samuel for it, he was one of the reasons the Dutch even changed my outer appearance and that of my children.

So it seems that spectators of the war, the cowards, like the Dutch and their red army scream and protest the loudest. Claiming heroics with falsified Wars that did not even happened. How sad. They destroyed beautiful life’s for that, so we do not feel petty. Even animals fought in that damn War…..

Being hostage, maintenance and aid are not possible. It will result in not being possible to create electricity or even fire! The earth will raise >300 meter high tsunamis (in movies we have put as much as possible real images of them) to thin its crust to melt it down to go back to its origin, a lava star(attempt reboot).

Cyberdyne? Yes. a Real Colt’s(USA natives/indians/cowboys) look like this, some even have Colt logo. Colt as steel. With Iron crosses for Iron man. Claiming thoses crosses means in reality you are criminal or war wounded.

Earth is a reactor, see prev. blogs. We maintane it for the universe. Organisms not really needed but present. Like say we have poluted water for our wounded and need fresh. Europe asks money for it and let us sell inventions like new cars, weapons or space shuttle. We do and deliver. Current situation and for past 50 yrs – The Dutch steal our money and keep three soldiers kidnapped. We stop trade & aid.

Why are we Vikings called Yankees? Look at this Star Wars 9 movie we made in 2015. On the shelf for this Year 2019. Just hear the machine’s sound flying towards the woman. It’s called yanking(pull, wrech)**, like the Dutch’s the “janken”. That’s how our (USA) vessels sound for over 50 years already, our superiority and white supremacy. No special effects used. We sector programmed her brain to jump like this as exception. Normally Lauren does stunts. On purpose in the movie? Yanking that is…. Yes ** and of cource our known as Jimmy Hendix’s or St. Vincent’s guitar slides….

Lauren-Los-Angeles-Liga-Cookies-2010 ::: End 2009 I went on vacation to Los Angeles – to much expensive Hotels – too much expensive girls – I ran out of money two weeks too soon- My daughter 6 years old ran away from home, Janick got busted at Schiphol – she found me with a rucksack full Liga Cookies and stayed over in my motel

Once in 1979 I made this sig in Malibu USA with my windows 10!!! already one year before wanted it to ship to Europe. Some witnesses might remember. I was kidnapped to Holland and Microsoft & Apple USA stopped developing any OS’s.

even found and old style sheet from this site made bu us!

The note A or La(A….?..or LA? – A suprise or home?). Gave myself this tattoo after I threw away cd’s. To remeber we are makers off all music anyway – or -how. Also an old symbol of The Los Angeles and Colombian Mob therefore, read US Armed forced(Terminators). Accidentally?

My kids and I were sowiso adopted by the US Army 2013 again – everybody needs a home baby they said and once sung to us kidnapped in Holland. we appeared to be family after DNA research…Colt’s from the Pistol factory.

police report: and again schizoid narco police officers & crazy senile old Judge find it normal to cut pieces out of my T-shirts for traces. Very irritating. You know how I know. And why? I am Coca Nostra? And also a USA Narc officer. And Yes if necessary we create drugs, even too Genocide or poisen whole populations or to create drug wars….So?

Ray Colt

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Notitie aan Burgermeester van Utrecht, Gerecht, Generaals, Democratie:

Thu Aug 1 , 2019
politie chef pls fax ff: Mijn reactie op veranderd afval beleid: is dat u moet afkeuren wat Den Haag ook zegt. Ik ben Ray Colt, Generaal directeur van de Colt vuurwapen fabriek USA en het Pentagon) en Raymond Moesker en initieel ingenieur van Nederland en alle landen op de wereld!!. […]