Around 4 years ago my kids and I as inventors of cocaine were asked to create cocaine on a big scale in Germany, France, Holland and the USA. I was just thinking about the why. Which enemy we tried to identify or at all?

Cocaine was sold in store to the public. was back online. Something the public can not forget!!

Was it terrorism as we know it. They just seemed to be hooligans in daily practice. A select group, without making friends?

Behind the scene in my memory know we are terrorized by some medical staff elite. Hansom police officers, detectives do things for them in exchange for a better look, bigger penis or more beautiful face. I got memories on the rich and famous already protesting against it because they have to pay a lot of money for less. For less for what is in reality possible with surgery. Something medical criminals need to hide. The broken neck can or can’t be fixed, which one you want to govern us? As surfer? Soldier?

At the same time they inform the governments falsely. For example my children and I are victims of their and their friends’ slander.

The American flag is planted in the USA from out the Galaxy’s its core. Not the other way around like on the moon. That’s where we come from. The Robots. Yes we are nuclear professors and weapon builders. Are we a threat. Not really. For example If I would blacksmith a gun or axe there will always be a police officer’s joining its lunch. At least in my experience in Holland.

As already reported do not forget Marisse and Rene from the RAF are beautified syndrome down humans that need favor’s of the same medical staff.

Do not forget they changed me from Conan into Ray M. !!!! Like we, do not forget, the princesses were or are from origin triplets!!! Etc. Etc.. Not only changed by us that is.

We topped in principle our makeover. Skynet also will change people into Syndrome down/schizoids on chromosome level for even insulting us. It even did with me and back to normal so I would believe it. Although I am one of the builders of Skynet. It already did with all colored races(at least their proletariat too) for kidnapping us and slaving us. The mega Tsunamis humanity suffered are also created by Skynet. Not only to kill us and put us back together in the states. Skynet is as big as the Galaxy, like say an A3 size papers. The robots would be a gray dot on the paper, humanity not even a wood fiber.

Walt Disney’s Moana is an autobiographical cartoon we made returning from Guam, after the big war, with the water to the USA. It’s making fun of our Veteran traumas. A forbidden movie since 1979. It show a bit how we looked as humans too.

Did you know the Barcelona Cathedral was build as cover-up operating room to change my kids and me back into Conan’s. Also to have an indication about how long such an operation in time costs. Also to hold down religious protestors. For the spanish to declare themselves white also!! for the war and Jesus(me) being crusified…and me a bit colored

The robots are also petition department of the people’s governments !! Not just a possible enemy !! To euthanize Marisse and my kid her being pregnant was also a protest in 2001. We wanted natural created children within legal marriages and not by the medical staff created!! Army was involved. So better late than never a thank you Dutch government because they had to hold me down protecting the child.

our brown eyes cut out on film set Indiana Jones – since then we kill all those mf’s on the set

Why do we create atmospheres (like on earth)? Cold we told and pointed the first humans walking around on our space ships. It became our name. Colt. A “t” at the and for registering and adding something from ourselves to it. “Samen Duel en geen gevechten onderling werd Samuel” became Together Duel and no fights among themselves & that became Samuel but not an accepted by us name. The brought up a other Samuele who we eliminated 4 years agoo.

Can SkyNet create or repair space ships like Coruscant?(home for my kids and me) Or create or recreate billions of Terminators? Yes. Can it recreate humanity? Also Yes, but humanity has declared our computer war. It will only take some years without Terminators.

As we always say nostra pasta(onze pasta), Coca Nostra(cocaine is de onze/ours)(we are the only ones who can make pure cocaine!!)

Hells Angels prison run infiltrated as robot in orange to get the chidren janick and Lauren out and the dutch princesses….this big? this big(fake-usa as we know it fake, police fake) – they were already beheading them…flame trowers present

our enemies(top-level), those of the Royal Highness and government are the same, although of course we are higher in hierarchy, and those who want to rule instead of current(it is not more difficult than this)- don’t forget that I was Napoleon and Ivan the Terrible, Tsar and Emperor of China and Germany, Emperor Ceasar(identified as rock band Ce Soir by Utrecht hooligans)of Italy, Dutch government !!! in real life!!(this means the church is not capable of putting down a real army!!very important!!they are S5) Guilty of mass murder but in favour of Democracy – a temp. emperor – and indeed Lord Father and Mein Kampff our own parody en warnings

Why we placed Dutch troopers and GOV back? We they find my kids kidnapped convenient, what a disgrace, what an insult to the (military) university IQ to think that it is self-defense. This way they are as abused as them….A new Gov could do both, kidnap my kids and defend themselves…

The habit of normal armies is not to take hostages for one simple reason. It has nothing to do with warfare & self-defense. Simply nothing. Its comparing breaking up or stealing identity with warfare……

our first milk cow – point dume 1974 malibu usa – Betsy Colt 105(attempt) – 4 yrs old 15 x 6mm bullets

I Just hope they know the US does not deliver these countries weapons. Because hereby we declare war on Germany and Holland!!! Make no mistake about the brand Colt. We create hurricanes to destroy the Fillipenes for it. And will bomb Holland and Germany agin for it to. Government and soldiers also all involved. and sowiso for have taken our name..our brand…and .
src On 20 September, the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) has announced that as part of the Foreign Military Sales the Colt’s Manufacturing LLC received a contract for procurement of up to 10,000 additional M4 and M4A1 5.56mm carbine rifles.
The new 5.56mm carbine rifles to be supplied to Jordan, Morocco, Afghanistan, Senegal, Tunisia and Pakistan* as part of the Foreign Military Sales.
” * countries that bring tyranny and where we sometimes have to offer help….you know what I mean…do that with own names and brand svp….cause we are the ones that going to be shot for it….it already happened!!!!

Uddel:: our computer farm wiht 60 times 90 terraflops
to create movies and games – how many terraflops do you think it costs to create reality?
our last offer to hilliwood&game industry 2015- all stolen and broken for a colt site
to teach human? no, cause one thought us – since we are not acknowledged for it… no

Even the Red, White, Blue flag the Dutch stole from Malibu
and cheese and herring!!! We already had thirsty bears baby!!

1st farm units in Helden – 11 kids of me I buried here mid 70’s(apple tree for if we had no mem. on the name Colt but moesker) – the bodies were transported to point dume in 2014(public burning funeral) – Dutch army from future did that in great protest of current Dutch – we are just waiting until they all got children and wives…we destroyed Jan grave and killed him for not telling me about this cemetery in 2015…,5.9880717,3a,75y,341.33h,62.31t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sroxq1K8FADnwOgm-b74-Yg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656?hl=en – we trained hundreds of farmers over here with the Dutch army – all three farms were ours – changing the past this rude caused three big bangs past years!! Think Mickey Mouse and time travel machine cartoon we made. They threat to send 100.000 Ajax hooligans to the past to kill the first humans and you got a big bang…and they did. Now since we took away that weapon they cannot anymore!!! We are just still kidnapped as last weapon.

If you remeber we shot Holland in two to get the bodies. They were floating in front of Norway 😉

Lauren we brought to Malibu to burn her in the Volcano – in priciple my real mother!!

Servia report: yes we killed 20 million Muslims. First strike/blood, the white part of Servia army was watching. Very good, what we wanted. They wanted to sue us for racism. Logic we are The Nazis. Next we killed 20-30 million white folks & army. And not to make it up…do not call not Generals…that’s all. So many people like the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, even worse, had to split up her country. “some sorting” 🙂

Ray Colt

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