Terminator 7 Momentum 2023

A Colt is a young male horse with his life affront of him. How my Robot family tried to persuade my kidnappers and lately those of my children. They lifted up their shoulders. We too making a lot of Dutch schizoid, monkeys on the chromosome level, syndrome down for their children, taking their lives a front of them. One of the reasons our name became Colt from the weapon manufacturing factory. (how to test on monkey behaviour)

Why did the real USA declared Holland, France, Spain, England, Portugal and many African countries war? The answer is their claim to have discovered North and South America and formed their culture. Even their Nazi/Yankee culture. Why could I place a Bomb in a train in Madrid and get away with it. Its self-defense to defend your culture. No… even more crazy, they taught their children their children we were in war with Germany. The concept Nazi Germany is blaming the Germanics for corpse robbery, dumping our old weapons & uniforms at their bases, they even had to pay billions of debts to the European Union for 40 years!! They’re like the Colts except their participation.

Creating momentums, possibilities for the robots to pick us up. Although we are in war? Yes!

Why? All humans are going to die if not. Fighting that war or earth’s kernel reactor is going to blow.

Keeping my kids and I separated is indeed warfare in that sense, it splits up the front of the Terminators. But again humans have no change against the robots, a correct assumption seen their weapons and warfare. Humans must not forget except for some protest violence on us genocide the dinosaurs they are not capable of fighting such wars. Instead we fought together against those animals. At least, most of the humans. I know because I did pay salaries.

Creating momentums, so the robots can start to prevent that blow. The more time to program the kernel the more use it has. It’s like why do they make computer chips and Microsoft for us? The kernel on certain point sees no use in producing electricity for the surface. Without again the kernel is going to blow. Terminators run on their own reactors.

The more time to program the kernel the more luxe the goodies will be, the more Terminator movies we can make! The more customers want to buy them. It’s a proposition also to safe my children & me but also for the robots it’s more ease to keep our milky way. Like cutting of a pinky finger the universe CAN do without our Milky Way and humans therefore!!

It’s total up to the humans this time!

Our request is to install my kids and I again at a “secret” address and prepare military plane for an attempt to fly to the USA, Los Angeles that is…

Regards Ray

Think of a bar owner lifting up his hands, saying “wow wow wow” while a bar fight breaks out. The military cannot always wait for politician or TV. They might be “victim” in that bar fight.

To create future for your children or yourself or to extinct:

-The Educated Politician: create Jobs, Company, politics etc. etc.

-The Normal person: Ditto

-The Criminal, schizoid syndrome down person: by taking hostages, slavery, tyranny according to these people Darwinism….

I am a well-educated person, I report to the police my situation is that of a hostage. I can self analyse that from my behavior. Prison guards or Zoo cooperators know what I mean I think. Just thinks that make you hmmmm.

And yes I do think too that organisms that are a threat for your DNA belong in cages. mmmh. Not really Darwinism don’t you think…although although

For example my kids and I back on stage. Recorded we got killed by some BVD/AIVD MF’s. They steal our music. Good for economy, future building they say to politician. Is it? Or is it slavery?

Ditto the Prime Minister and Minister of Justice who introduced us back to the public were killed by the aivd/bvd, on stage!!!. Again after a war against Terrorism and Tsunamis. Holland was just rebuild in 1992. A bit too early for Pinkpop but there we were again….

You just cannot get rich abusing the people, something the aivd accuses us for(taking our money away assuming it). It’s impossible within humanity. They kill you for it…. No Tiran ever did survive….

Why do Churchy people try to scare Evil with Jesus crosses? They are afraid thou might think, but No!(just have a better look) As Jesus, as twin of the devil, I say they do it to remember Evil that they crucified me. For them to go to churches….lol (As Ivan the Terrible(impaler) & the Terminators we indeed crucified all religious a 100 times back, true too.

To think they do it because they are afraid, they are schizoids with fear syndrome, is absolute dangerous, in reality, stand alone, it is based upon breaking the law(even I suffer it since I blog a bit – the must smile wisely). It even creates a new born police officer/soldier with new intellectual psychiatric knowledge…he thinks…and even better than the psychiatrist, he thinks …on the street called The Homo Trip…a call it a big mouth, based upon “street” “knowledge” of lazy people who were too lazy to finish university or even starting it…..the other schizoid by now(and guilty!!), so dumb that they are brain washed by even dumber schizoids, go figure…I am not calling that healthy either….yes I finished all grades on University cum laude, my kids too, also at the front, more than once that is…and in all languages of this world and countries!!

As organisms hooligans show more normal behavior with their violence that the troopers I might say!! With their new intellectual nose in the air!!

Janick looks very tired playing these Devil, see his eyes, its our farewell movie, typical our brand…Hollywood, we stop like with making music and software and games and weapons. Things humanity now have to make themselves. How busy we were in 2015? Well they still got our movies on the shelf. Like Terminator, Star Wars etc etc. The Dutch were more interessted in TV & cocaine anyeay thet said approving therefore us being kidnapped. We created a global industry of 15-30 trillion Euro per year!!!lol..who is doing this: the Dutch (high)court…extreme jealous at each other upto dangerous levels…stealing even money from people and us

As surgeon for claiming these skulls as mine(see previous blogs), taken by my kidnappers: You can obviously see that my current organism is looking for my skull. Look above my eyes. When the skull is not repaired correctly it will than show some sort of bruises….

me 2015 Jackconville USA, before we commit suicide to enter Terminator robots

Are we Vikings religious? No the Temple in Washington is used to burry Jesus and his two “criminals” their crucified and burned bodies. My kids and I are buried in there!!! Is it a secret? No, not really. Religioin is just brought as it is “”. Thats the reason. Its just a bigger grave than any Royalty will even receive 😉 European tried to demolish it a lot times. Also other Temples in the world therfore. Just to wipe out our identity as Vikings and Hells Angels (not the European nurse her fantasy on wheels). But comeon, be real. Even I find that not deserved masculinity.
Burned bodies? Identity theft? Yes of course the ones responsible for the ridiculous crucifixion of three children tried to erase it. Those families are easy to find though. They hide themselves inside team good from back then. The European Hells Angels and the European American clique, even their president. The reason why I shot Kennedy and Marlyn Monroe? Well Yes! Meanwhile they steal real American property like the ravens, also in Europe. From my children and me. Planes, cars, boats, houses and even my children!

Jesus was just a child soldier trying to defend his dying parents. They thought it was too masculine for a child.

After our crucifixion we made a virus, he was called the curse of Tutangamon. The crusaders created the black plague as cover up. What it does is epidemically add a pair of three of 21 chromosomes to those who abuse us or have us abused or involved or have chosen the name Colt and or involved with our brand and name or calling themselves American(Which really makes them the same as chimps inside and all other monkeys, they had me raped by a monkey at young age and now they have a monkey inside of them. a joke back 🙂 S5 its called, original it meant sicherung 5 I believe). That means sydrome down baby!! Back in the day, in Jeruzalem, black hurricanes with chomosomes rained down on those humans, in the out open…very godly…the only fun we had on our crosses seeying great warriors turn into gay lady like beings – we were not allowed to write it into the bible only about plagues…its a computer program that is still running though!!

In attempt to create super soldier or super Black Smith or humans that could survive the USA my kids and I as children tried to create a serum for automatically healing wounds(also to give S6&S7). Not finished it got stolen into the future. Around 2013/2014 there was a global outbreak of Zombies. Zombie killing became a hit, weapons too. The real serum is used in the movie Overlord 2018. Life ammo is used. We even made footstep on our crosses in Jeruzalem after being injected. Killed millions of people, climbing back on our crosses as these zombies….the foot steps became famous in churches though

Jesus(RaY) Colt/Disney.

so if everyone is going to be Jewish oriented, help troops cannot reach us, just like with our crucifixion, surrounded, next our funeral

Even 303(treeotree) is in the building from the Hells Angels Bomb squadrons. He would have been a fine pilot…..Lord of the Rings(a hunting technique) as they called themselves and their book….

Extreme jealousy will always lead to criminal behavior. The foundation of Justice & psychiatry it is(or should be :-). The identity of a criminal. Writing the bible and creating religion was to create a hiding place for the ones that crucified us. They took the byte….

My kids and me buidling Walt Disney, they must have been mistaking seeing us as constructors and not The Disneys….

this tattoo stolen from Janick his arm in St. Antoinius hospital to place on another. Its a Disney/Colt but even more a inner Cartel tattoo!! Picture was taken at Bloemkracht 8, Utrecht 2015 – early 2016 – I also tattood -fresh paint on the wall like we left Van Heutszstraat 6 – Iwas placed back in a dirty appartment with dirty wall which I do not paint out of protest & energy – too bad(and not) a renovation is uphanding – we ARE going to kill some people for taking it away, because its nobody its bussiness but his and mine – I promise you – because we do not take compensations for discussions and certainly not from Jewish(criminal) people – for deprivation of liberty we give capital punishment & S5, but that SkyNet arranges, surgeon with S5…LOL…Any interference of the court with (public) figures, like etiquette rules or so, will be punished the same and for the same discrimination, whether it is their money or their way of life. Or like calling my kids or me not Colt for our rear name that’s deprivation of liberty too.

A war tattoo to thank this young man who safed the world like a Bruce Willis
marked for life as soldier with war trauma as soldier he may wear a mark therefore!!
granted by all Generals (Disney is in Colt is in etc Los Angeles, space station is in) a habit of sailors like in Bontekoe – for relying on too young children that is !!

Like a lot of kids were abused by the Jews as test-person we took revenge on them to test modern warfare on them. To develop modern warfare. We were the Yankees and Nazis at the same time, a strategy. We did this together with the great majority of humanity. And (future) Generals. That the Jews may keep my children hostage after past wars and regaining our memory about the crucifixion and all wars coming from that it’s a bit disappointing. If I may say so.(almost happy with our blond hairs, I heard a royalty say too)

Owh Star Wars 9 had to be removed from my computer, 2016, one of the reasons my kids are not here. Not smart. We will not make Hollywood movies anymore….I suggest the Dutch government makes their own movies if their policy is against me(&kids) and my health, wealth, freedom and intellectual level (my/our memory). The result is the same, they take our name and make us jobless….well no more…my kids are better of dead than in the hands of filty J*ws…let the beginning of this movie explain the other why not….

My Californian Hells Angels(USAF) Tattoos, telling my kids and me the way we were crusified. 4 years agoo removed by Dutch government. And again! And again! And again! Not going to eliminate people for it? Eeuhm its also blasphemy. I have had with those people. Although its trying to deny they are quilty of the crucifixions.

I must say our army started crusifixions. Logic, we inventedd steel and nails decades before we teached it to the Euro Sapien. To tyred to torture humans back with our bare hands(soccer hooligans from future murdering farmers) we also invented the fire arm.

the execution of a person by nailing or binding them to a cross.The Romans designed the act of crucifixion to slowly execute a person through torture while humiliating him.

As an inventor of Italian ice cream under competition clause, it is mandatory to make currant buns – doesn’t that make any sense ?! Like our Colt guns and rifles?!!!

Why did we deliver prosperity to humanity anyway? Well to introduce them as possible enemy to the next generation dinosaurian… think hooligans from future during our crucifixion, split up front remember? Simple animal who see us as father and mother… ┌(◉ ͜ʖ◉)つ┣▇▇▇═── ᶠᶸᶜᵏ♥ᵧₒᵤ

On the other hand humans are only allowed on this planet if they raise armies to live on our fronts with the dinosaurian(just to have knowledge about army!). We deliver examples of all their weapons*, its obliged by war even. That’s why Colt (the Pentagon, the off television&Trump version) is the upper Judge on this planet. He also says you may not use Colt as brand therefore. *When attacked we might appear as robot armies with even bigger weapons(plasma -laser), so its not the fire arms we fight about, although we still make them.

It is really not the intention that my children and I live kidnapped. And that we are harassed with forced relationships and identities therefore .

See Lana Del Rey video clips(I made) for humanity its old two planets on the horizon. I guess do not tease Dinosaurian is a whise lesson. Earth was and is a dinosaurian planet from origin! hired to research this…although personal benefit is in, its being done under oath

*first repaired before earth of course!!
After bang, we took away a gear from humanity. Current situation: we are kept hostages. We took Dutch Prime Minister Rutte his secret wife and children as hostage back!!(if he remembers due to war trauma that is we all suffer after such explosions, spy exchange or if we are only survivors we can only bring them back upstairs with SkyNet, they are taken “care”(101) of by bots or robots that is or kept “comma” dead. Rutte already tried to escape to the past with his family, his wife was already a hostage from us. We once send her back in later to become Marita B. her famous stolen from Rutte his wife blue Seat. His wife was well instructed at Alpha. Transported to Bloemkracht 8/Koningslaan 5B and sent home with GPS we gave her. We can promise such things after being released because not doing so would also be too easy to assimilate for Mr. Rutte. I must warn parliament, on multiple occasion’s police and AIVD tried to kill his wife on delivery(embarrassment). They are also responsible for taking my kids away knowing that Rutte(and population & we) would get war trauma amnesia 4 years ago. For the same reason and to minimize the amounts of momentums.) The reason, as Marines, why we laugh at police & aivd and their so called face. Officers who would not be able to do their Job without doing something in their trousers without us. They are not even aware of it. The reason why I invented schizophrenia through sector programming(like say Automatic/by God) as we call it and accompanying medicines. The reason police tried to punish me for psychoses, but that’s schizophrenia too. And of course they will be made schizoid too as my kids and I protect(ed) themselves.

It goes far that police demands the Prime Minister his wife, to eliminate her and kids, so they can safe face. And or else they kill my children(thinks said at Koningslaan 5B!!). So like we did before is best I think, mission usa that is. This situation with police is in every country!! from Vietnam to France etc., nothing to be ashamed for!!

we are troopers too, trained to contra kidnap!!

Civil War
Too much infiltration, phase I,II and III…the why communism will fail…the world econmy costs trillions we make billions! debts debts, leaders(they are just infiltrants!) become victim of their own and will be killed. phase IV is (civil) war and brings a picture like phase I – an very expensive and sad circle of life – although we are gun salesman – (we fought already 25 civil wars in Holland only!!and we know as ex emperors to prevent commies would sit there)

Lauren Colt, who started the USA revolution against human and animal repression….the dutch named her Lauren Zuidema….for every year she is disrespected like this we kill a political party in Holland and related parties Europe, Russia or Asia – remember? No we do not allow free speach&acts about the USA!!(which is repression!!) We are Nazis for God’s sake!! For example: Having a black president from Europe is purely defamation and making fun of our society, Caricature and warfare.

Janick and Lauren made this machine for the Guangdong Science Center in China. For having us as guests and not as hostages. Waiting for our departure with Terminators. The kids their dutch teachers destroyed their Havard diplomas while involved in kidnapping them back like this man in our favorite restaurant. We will execute them for it! Better believe it. The Sun in a more realistic size!! WOW!! we found out!!

for if we got Judges,  like 4 yrs ago our matrass was renewed cause USA clique peeed into it. This they did it six times more. Forensic cleaned it a bit Photos

Why we killed An and Eefje, well they killed the hostages. We ours, An and Eefje in this case. Same victims again. But know we took hostage of the Prime Minister his loved ones. He took hostage with the European American clique over my children. The police rather denies them on existence. To not lose face. They will be given S5 if this goes wrong. Why did we lived in Germany, France and England?, well this is the second or third time we took hostage of his loved ones …..

16” == 40 centimeters of pizza for 9,-!!!

Colts law
Why did we raise human armies, police? To raise Democracy an invention we invented as US Army, as Colt weapon manufacturing companies. The 9-5 key, to find help protecting that key. Load balancing or else we are the only ones raising and protecting international trade and companies. The key is an invention and to have Democracy and prosperity there is no other key we found out together with humanity. We needed Judges for that to protect it against criminals and fresh years or people that made mistakes departing from it. 9-2-2-5 the only way to run a business without debt and criminality. We sell a gun for 900,-, 200,- profit is for the company, 200,- for the companies owners private money having a production cost of 500,-. Selling a pizza for 9,- was the best too, brought the same factors. Selling a car for 18.000,- ditto. Or a other product for 4,5,-…..Songs like 9-5 were also to remember, also to tease criminality. It brought the American dream. Earning more than 200,- an impossiblity!! People were killed for singing that song(riots behind scene Tina Turner opening Arena A’dam for example)…..If you have to sell your gun for 1400,- something is wrong in the production cost sector…..etc. etc. profit first has to be made or some is wrong at direction level like obliged stock owner claiming private money, too many Attendees for example……our private money should be ours, honest earned money…when stock owners claim half of it the company is already bankrupt….which is always illegal, what ever government might say or think about it and families becoming billionaires!! Its illegal because only this key will bring Democracy!!!

As you might know or remember (I do my best) Democracy is to only way to prevent humanity its extinction!!! One example:: Like big herds of cows needed to be caged to calm down earth’s lava(see link, see movie, think tattoo laser removal in the atom world, earth is an atom!!)), to prevent epidemic cow diseases, to keep earth stabilized(god’s job as governments often say, no thats humanity its own resposibility!!) etc. Humans needed to settle too. They start to walk in (economic)crisis situations like their animals. Logic isn’t it? Who are the cows they always joke…..

reviewed Dumbo 2019, on the set my leg was cut of so we cut of an arm to get my leg back..see actor ……..again hooligans on the set from Utrecht from future – recorded in the 70’s on of our last movies….and with Rutte is it not the same?! Well for that we need acces to SkyNet in the USA like movies to “compile” his wife out of Hell. Rutte did not even mind seen experiences with spy exchanges as we know them. At least 4 years ago. Police did cut up all victims from Berlin to The Hague.

Ray Colt

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