How to become a full grown Mafioso!

How to become a full grown Mafioso! A real grown up man or woman I mean. “Owh that family from Los Angeles

the logo of also our/my Tequila bar
than you know who we are and what our art and trends are!

Well we ended up crucified, a bit too much indeed. Although we are the biggest Mafioso imagination can imagine. Since every human is a Criminal, a Mafioso. That means, biggest, best and meanest. That means being God and the Devil in one and even bigger, better and meaner.

A very simple example(big or small): You steal food from your neighbor, he is a farmer. In the end he will die from it. That’s just how it is with businesses. Next you will need to repair him with your own farmed food. A simple conclusion is you might do it as well yourself. There is no power to gain. You are the one that needs to repair him, you lost your power, it will even cost you money. What’s left?, the hustle, the trade between humans. In our case humans and robots. Or give me 500,- right know, everybody gonna know within a minute. Buy an extra steak for dinner my God everybody knows. The best conclusion was that crime did not pay.(next to get the lazy police officer of his *ss)

Official Los Angeles is bigger, it goes from Malibu to San Clemente from San Bernardino to Temecula.

A lesson every criminal has to learn to become a full grown Mafioso. Some do, some don’t. Them we call criminals in the eyes of the law. We even punished them with syndrome down, they don’t know when to stop either. I guess a grown up human is smart and is lazy at the right time.

Who we are? The Colts who founded the Los Angeles & Bogota Coca Nostra (The Cartel), the Mickey Mouse Mafia (as Disney’s), The Hell’s Angels USA. The US & Galactic Army (armed forces).

The biggest Mafioso imagination can imagine? Yes our inventions (the fire arm, space/time travel, all and for ourselves), grades, our trade, our big and army made us. And everybody was given a change with our clone devices!! Although a certain death match is in then.

I was World champion heavy and extra heavy weight boxing in the seventies. My body had to be in good shape or else it would weep. The (TV)audience could see and feel that weeping otherwise. Same for my children and me right know. Our bodies are weeping. That means it could raise aggressiveness meeting public figures(think movie I once published, dragged naked by police, burning car, after I was presented in Pentagon clothes but wounded, public figures ripped them off[kicked of from youtube so pls lobby for us!]), like say political or police, who live under high tension with a lot of top level (enemies). Staged it is, damn right, not only if you know what they did to our bodies but who.

The same for this picture taken in Malibu 1975. Soldiers, although enemy, who look like this is more normal than we want. The war is over, Generals or politician visiting the front are shocked and aggressive. The Japanese, Russian, Red Kmer, Chinese and German helped by making up prison camps(like Auschwitz) so that the soldiers in disguise could be rescued and receive proper medical care. Due to the risen aggressiveness it’s very difficult to keep things in order, fights always followed, ending up in falsified history to temper the anger. Still no one’s fault but who knows some may come from this. For the troopers and their Generals and politician. My soldier’s(welder, solder, trooper, black smith) wage, “plata o plomo”(silver or lead) and my childen, I still want back. Theirs too. Waking up in Holland regaining memory about the wars my kids and I fought… Generals…did we end up in Holland like this, who knows, I think so, we are International armed forces though!?

Why were and are we attacked by A’dam Hells Angels , doing things for Saturdara (Molukkers), . Attacked by Church doing things for Israel etc. All for compensation fraud. Denying the real war veterans who lived in those camps.

The Colt’s from Malibu, founders of the Colt Weapon (not chocolate) Manufacturing Factory AND ALL ARMED FORCES ON EARTH TO BECOME GROWN UP MAFIOSO!!! They just tried to stop us & Democrazy, see pic above….

Janick-french-polynesia-2013-shelter-address – after his fake mom threw him through the windows over her in Utrecht – we were transported to French Polynesia-where the US Navy gave us shelter – his hair was dyed black ours too. AIVD Kidnapped us back!!! The why: Janick and Lauren are children of me and Marylin Monroe on DNA level, we breeded them both!! Marisse had them in her belly the last two weeks and killed her own son(he is on Nirvana CD cover I believe, if made with same construction he is twin too! and now a robot), they were stolen and brutally cut out with big bowies. I breeded them so we could give them a created Twin soul with me. All this for the money of some crazy Dutch families. Marylin divorced me, married another nerd, to stimulate us to get the babies back….we did not manage..yet…we even had to kill her!!(I had to do that myself, no troopers who would do that, only children I guess) I had her hospitalized in France, it did not work, she was un-repairable letal crazy (only we with plasma souls can be repaired from such, we could not give Marilyn one, the atomic world does not allow it, half a robot Like Black Beauty also she did not want), what tortue can do with humans I guess) …..the French were indeed involved in kidnapping Rutte his wife and children contra, they were sealed in sector “Hell” I believe. Marylin had no parents, we adopted her at young age. Her real parents fed her with their own meat during war, and died young. We found out later after our marriage. She had no future within humanity either, I even bought her from tribe/owners, that was the habbit back than.

It turned out that this baby also had been stolen by Marisse, the first one they stole in the 70’s, duh, afterwards, of course she must have been pregnant with a triplet. Marylin just thought it was cool to give birth for and to the devil, for her Rock and Roll and Cocaine. Black SM it’s called, carry others their babies, if it is that is. Our blond, Marisse her crazy, we saw making this picture, not only the Dutch medical staff its humiliation.

Qua humiliation Democracy will always be the winner. Something the Dutch government does not understand. They even know better they try to explain. We even made Die Hard movies to explain. First you love the criminals, than the police and Bruce. Some sort of way things are settled like this in humiliation. Only choosing that side of the force always brings Democracy and a hostage less society. If not, because everybody knows*, you look like a fool. You are not positioning the highest place in humiliation/sadism. The “that’s not it”. So there is a higher humiliation for tyranny, religion and dictators, and that is democracy, it sounds logical, but also factual, the rest will be illusion. Being an illusionist for too long is schizophrenia, for if it is to be repaired will always be a question. *then everybody must have been a bank robber….


Robots? Yes they were even needed to work in our non extraction based Cocaine, medicine and drugs laboratories. Think virus & poison etc. even robots exhibit poisoning phenomena at the soul level….

We lived in Amsterdam too, founding it and its steel industry as installation Army. One of the reasons, they could steal our identity as Hells Angels at first. But like the necessarily for troopers and police to wear uniforms. They will encounter new born enemy’s attacking their lives. It will raise some symphaty but keep in mind the identity of a criminal, as grown up. We just had so many enemy wanting to kill us and steal our prosperity or drugs (medicine), ridiculous(think the Vietbam&war for California& Caribbean wars, one war really). We formed the US Army, go figure. Our divisions are named after our gangs.

Why are criminal’s genocided by SkyNet from time to time? They form too much of a pest, endangering and interfering with The Creation. Including humanity its extinction & production level. As soldier I saw them fade into nothing and sucked into space in hurricanes of human bodies, we encountered empty prisons all over the world. They are recycled into other organisms or raw oil. Terminators are used or it’s done by SkyNet only. For example SkyNet offered to play a role in Annabelle 2 the movie.(all Annabelles and movies in priciple, like Lord of The Rings or Rings) It takes care of the devils suck & push special effects/voodoo.

Criminals who also steal your hair, skin, tattoos, nails, organs, bike, car, children, uniform, identity, house, company, books, music, movies, flesh, brains etc. etc etc. Not even knowing what to do with it. Freaks.

Do we take care of our enemeys like this? Yes, when we find it required, we programmed it. The genocide is a recursive, all-directional neorlogic intilligent epidemic program. For if we got hostages it runs also without us.

a born and conquered place in space!!! 🙂 We are attacked by all humans and animals at the same time and defeated them also as humans(the clone wars)!! They just offered their hostages and we don’t!! Te become friends or to negogiate peace, never ever again! No other mob familly this is done too and still it isn’t therefore a given hierarchy, the pride of mind of many beaten that is. The ones who can’t stop(not drugs), the biggest cowards during the war, trators! Sending a cruise missile at a sailboat for example.

stille have hopes it doesn’t become the 80 year during war track…we are just a little like China…other whites and colored are not welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

prove that we are the USA real natives, stolen from 1975 Malibu
our totem pols

Time Travel, hooligans from future? And we, the enemey, only created Hollywood movies, US presidents with people from Holland?

Pyramids in China
left over of humanity its installation by us. We parked our space ships over there to protect them from hooligans already – you might remember

FF voor de politie, misschien kunnen jullie lezen dan of het waar is: Als ex collega troepenmacht hebben onze rechters ons alles afgepakt. Als ze de kind slachtoffers van de kerk niet kunnen uitkeren omdat het er teveel worden. Hebben wij ook geen recht op bonussen. Pensioen, hypotheek, woningen alles pakken ze af. Een uitkering net als de slachtoffers kinnen jullie krijgen! Ook al is die Kerk jullie werkgever. …Op zich betalen ze wel die rechters, met loonzakjes in het begin…mijn huizen zijn gegeven aan angel porno bazen, cor van houtens, endstraas, oranjes, zwarte cobras, angel places, klaas bruinsmaas, hilliwood stars…haal die kids van me nou ff weg!! aka “de commissaris”…..”oud” generaal ps we hadden zo’n 45 miljard Nederlandse euro’s!!! ze bevriezen het!!! ook de belasting afdracht!!!! en anders voor aan het lijntje houden read above… belediging al…die vieze wijfen

Attempt 6, every 10 years the Church and Islam tries, is to hope for the gorvernment!! lol What they try in Naples too past 50 years….Why di I work there from time to time, and how, as who, what do we do to bring Democracy? Or in Holland?
Het nieuwe afval scheiden. Zelf met je zal over straat. Als ik een machine geweer te pakken krijg loop ik weer de dienst binnen om vuilnismannen af te schieten….voor de vergelijking dan. Die J*den in Den Haag bezuinigen maar anders in plaats van gegijzelden te houden. Lees weer!!! Voor iedere zak snij ik er een weer aan stukken, wacht maar af. Geen vuilnisman op aarde gaat mij uitlachen….als veteraan, rechter en Generaal, Burgemeester, President, Tsar, Keizer, Prime Minister!!…Vieze J*den…kliek…FC Lagere School/Crimineel als jullie hun vertegenwoordigen…geef ze nog ff een joystick en vrachtwagen…die gasten mollen zelfs oud burgemeesters in (bejaarden)tehuizen wegens hierarchy en uit te kunnen lachen onder de noemer bezuinigingen, wel het geld opstrijken….hun hebben een baan…dat is hun hierarchy…figuren…zelfs zusters en broeders zien het zo…als een mongool om je heen kijken…nou wij maken gewoon mongolen van ze..begrijpelijk dat Nazis dat weer doen… de andere hierarchy beschermen is tevens Democratie beschermen !! Waarom een keizer Wilhelm in Nederland, ik zat hier met een ander gezicht, hem probeerde gewoon mijn geld te jatten, dat wilde de Oranjes ook wel dus die molde hem weer. They recieved the armed forces their Dutch palaces for I believe. Zijn eigen vuilnismannen schatten zijn paleizen van boven de 20 miljoen op niet meer dan 3 miljoen.

Vuilnis ophalen een Democratische wetenschap, een noodzaak om Democratie te heten, te universitair zeker…mijn God dat leerde we op de Lagere School al. Dat zijn vragen van kinderen baby. Ik pleur ze zo op straat als iedereen het doet. Een voorbeeld, ouderen krijgen hier problemen mee, te duur, die laten ze verdwijnen en de getuigen ook. Dat wordt oorlog, epidemisch.

Wat ik de politie ook heb geprobeerd te leren, met Windows 12-14 en us army/police helmen en vizieren is dat ze sneller moeten reageren op de dingen. Anders heeft die moderne technologie geen nut! Dan moet SkyNet teveel inspringen en kunnen we geen Windows 14 uitrollen bijvoorbeeld. En touchscreen tabloids is ook onderdeel van de mensen sneller te laten regeren op dingen(alle software, machines en robots zijn ontleend uit gedrag, procedures*), te trainen met touch te werken, al was het om sci-fi acteurs te trainen. Vanuit mijn (en onze) achtergrond met de mensen als ras. Dat geld ook voor deze kidnap. Die brengt oorlog. Als was het vuilnis lees ik weer. Waarom wetenschap? Die mensen kunnen niet anders en zijn misschien nog ziek ook. Sarge.(een vijand die klaagt over mijn taalgebruik, let op je ‘eigen’ leger, wij trainde de mensen, klaag me aan met hun internationaal gerecht, dat slaat toch nergens op, dat hele (communisme/kerk)gerecht niet)

Even more important: What people buy, also in Holland, what people throw away is carefully composed by my children and me. How it’s randomly burned in ovens like in the oven we initially build in the Rijnmond etc. ditto. It’s obliged to also burned it. We live on a reactor that’s demanding it, through the molecule world. Or else even in a small country like Holland it will raise earthquakes, tsunamis or even split Holland’s soil in two. Past years both happened in Holland and England, my kids and I were even kidnapped from our kidnapp from the RAF to vsist the ravage. So its very important that garbage for certain percentage is mixed in a bag und burned like that. The Dutch used to only burry it in Groningen, looking for proof. It went wrong already in the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s. What’s the use of having a new Prime minister to prevent things every 4 years like, while this hiring the same people for this job for over 50 years…unchecked…why did we nazis let the schizoids live after war..they wanted it…to contribute to a natural polution…as long as they live…stick to laws of war….if not kill them!! Just watched willem, marisse and her so called twin sisters….they were infact already mongoles….

My so called dad Jan M. posing as Whale hunter, 2014. Weel my real dad was a real Whale hunter like my kids and me.

The low sun silhouettes a whaler as he takes aim with his harpoon gun on the commercial whaling ship, Sioux City. Commercial whaling in the United States was later banned by the Commerce Department after December 31, 1971.
Pepperdine – 3000 wonder 4yr old kids murdered by Dutch (RAF)Hooligans – also a couple foreign – the story behind 911 the cover up and next fight – I am one of the survivors – 911 from the twin towers is alo a day of festivities in the USA! America Immigrants free!
where they make Microsoft @ my own University – the University where humanity bought(AND STILL NEEDS TO BUY) all its knowledge, until today they were not capabel to top us!!! cool!! And Yes this a Nazi University with a real Swatika instead of Christian cross and claim, and note we will f*ck them up on the chromosome level those who mean otherwise

* Why it was important to keep us working as commando’s: we cannot make a new Windows otherwise. Why? Well we are the Colts and invented the firearm first. The need to eliminate another human made us next invent plasma laser weapons. We need that knowledge to keep our brains stimulated to control plasma/laser(you will need all university grades for that, active). To let it do what we want, we need to program the universe for it, we called it SkyNet. Only than we can do the same with plasma on top of a CPU microchip running a modern computer. Without those chips humanity will extinct!(no reaction at all humanity gives, ask mommy!!) Being kidnapped all that knowledge is lost due to war amnesia. Working Commando’s suffer it and survive through daily briefing and routine. “Daddy doesn’t feel like to be a trooper, to save the world, to get shot, he explains his children, mommy has to do that, he is more into Politics, Psychiatry and Justice , I guess” To control that plasma we build OS’s, next as luxury we often build the known OS’s.

“Brain damage is one, to fly a bomber with a half shot face off, your eyes lifted by your fingers is two, three the humans soul(his eventual intellect) its plasma makes that possible.” – the why University is immportant – if you place my soul into a frog I still could give a lecture, a frog or regular cop can not gentlemen

Did you know the Kremlin still had a running copy of Windows 10 from 1980? You are looking at it right now, the church/hooligans destroyed all our new versions.

For the rest we should be busy with Bruce Willis things….although although

All this music is written, recorded, performed by Janick, Lauren and me. All is stolen by Europe, my marriage with Marlyn Monroe a distraction to make it possible, she loved the music too………Pilot we don’t have to listen to our enemey’s…bombing with half shot head only your souls devils fire(plasma) keeps you alive – only than you may call yourself an Hells Angel (Dutch AIVD made me spoil our logo with side burns, we did let them believe, a mega prank for those gay wannabees from europe, for if they would steel it, the red from burning cities is still on helmet) Just listen to 2:56:19 Iron Maiden – Murders In The Rue Morgue as if Herman Brood did not play backed us, I hear two Young twin Herman Broods….Janick and me…we started rock although we invented (acid)house in the 70’s after our children fled to the future, so they could recognize our voices…

0:00 Deep Purple – Highway Star
6:08 Motorhead – Burner
9:02 Judas Priest – Freewheel Burning
13:26 Metallica – Hit The Lights
17:43 Grave Digger – Headbanging Man
21:19 Running Wild – Adrian S.O.S.
24:09 Exciter – Violence and Force
28:14 Agent Steel – Agents Of Steel
31:21 Defender – Deadly Peril
34:42 Venom – Witching Hour
38:22 Piledriver – Metal Death Racer
41:47 Anvil – Jackhammer
45:20 Killers – Vengeance
50:21 Thin Lizzy – Thunder and Lightning
55:17 Warrant – The Rack
59:08 T.N.T. – Tell No Tales
1:01:29 Hallows Eve – Metal Merchants
1:04:50 Blind Guardian – Battalions Of Fear
1:11:01 Rage – Down By Law
1:14:25 Anthem – Victim in Your Eyes
1:18:12 Riot – Thundersteel
1:22:04 Crossfire – Atomic War
1:28:29 Pretty Maids – Future World
1:33:50 Anthrax – Deathrider
1:37:08 Universe – Stories From The Old Days
1:41:10 Razor – Take This Torch
1:44:30 W.A.S.P. – The Heretic (The Lost Child)
1:51:47 Accept – Fast As A Shark
1:55:35 Keel – Speed Demon
1:59:14 Talon – Defence Condition
2:02:04 Diamond Head – The Prince
2:08:36 Abattoir – Screams From The Grave
2:11:53 Ratt – Body Talk
2:15:45 Motley Crue – Live Wire
2:18:58 Metal Church – Western Alliance
2:22:19 Dokken – Tooth and Nail
2:26:02 Hocculta – Warning Games
2:30:07 Stormwitch – Cave Of Steenfoll
2:34:31 Enforcer – Mesmerised By Fire
2:38:33 Dio – I Speed At Night
2:41:55 Saint – Star Pilot
2:45:15 Steel – Heavy Metal Machine
2:48:49 Malice – Hellrider
2:53:00 Skull Fist – Don’t Stop The Fight
2:56:19 Iron Maiden – Murders In The Rue Morgue
3:00:37 Rocka Rollas – Heavy Metal Kings
3:04:42 Deaf Dealer – Mind Games
3:08:25 Ranger – Steel Dawn
3:13:29 Scanner – Warp 7
3:17:58 Sweet Savage – Killing Time
3:20:47 Cloven Hoof – D.V.R.
3:23:38 Running Wild – Pile Of Skulls
3:28:18 ADX – Deesse Du Crime
3:32:46 Judas Priest – Ram It Down
3:37:38 Riot – Swords and Tequila
3:40:59 Helloween – Ride The Sky
3:47:39 Marshall Law – Under The Hammer
3:51:28 Tyrant – Breakout
3:54:23 M.A.R.S. – Unknown Survivor
3:58:03 Heretic – Let ‘Em Bleed
4:01:07 Gravestone – Masters Of The Earth

me on the bounty hunt for George Micheal in Malibu 2010, they changed my apperance on LAX and Plane I was arrested in Amsterdam to place me in Woerden in metal hospital having my kids kidnapped in Holland, for I have looked like this being Hells Angel and Coca Nostra having murdered several people….all my nerves and brains were replaced after!!! “more than enough compensation”

Entrance cards I made for our prankster parties in Los Angeles mid 70’s. To not be accused for discrimination. “To get in you had to marry a prankster like Marilyn”. She a US Army pass member ship of the Hells Angels. European criminals even called them Pranksters and Angels. A situation I tried to describe in the book I wrote The Trip. Too difficult for most secret services since we were the Angels and the Pranksters at the same time….cool info to read the book though…at least for me

Review movie Mandy(Hollywoods last movie my guess, for humans, i hope, like stealing Disney/Hollywood or Colt and the Hells Angels a bridge too far): I created as young kid and older Ray, with my kids and robots. Still kidnapped. Autobiographical. Girl with scar face like Janick and me was Lauren, young me does her voice in the movie. We revenged her. Axe is a copy of our weapon, Conan’s. Drugs we made to make it happen as Hells Angels. To start up our virus that would make all criminals schizoids.

It was not even a film-set but a LSD factory. Real Hells Angels, Janick, Lauren and me, the Zombies had them self killed in the movie, finally after 30 yrs!! Pots with jell, seen in the movie, were to put in a bag to keep our skulls moist. We obliged had to walk around with skulls back in the day. Even in A’dam. Stealing our tattoos and faces to make money, we made them all schizoids.

Even Rene B. his real twin brother plays a role, why they differ in appearance weel for the same reason as my kids and me. And the one can operate on bank robber level the other in Democracy.(read just above notes)

Now they have to take care of their criminals. Everything is relative in this Galaxy.

Professor or Doctor Colt.

the first Colt logo: a C and those two planets above, as inventors of carpet making (me in Malibu 1975)::

me at film set “” Annihilation, my wrongly placed side burns! movie contains strong autobiographical elements – the film set is one of the party locations of My Marriage with Marylin Monroe and brother and sister. Nothing you see is special effects though. And yes aliens and terminators were there too, see caves in the lighthouse. On the boat house we danced too hard.

The Ocean Worthy Ship Cool Aid Acid Test – the Nazi helmet minus 100 gram steel became the Yankee helmet times 70 billion soldiers made us 7 billion kilo steel

Did you know this area was the Colt factory in Europe, combined with the Demka factory. The Hoogovens as direct supplier. We lived her, our typical architecture. Created a nice looking park to fit in a growing city. The park was ment for army help troopers for if phospor fire broke out etc, first agricultural acres. Something A’dam was really jealous about. We were killed during a night robbery. I was reapired and placed again at Riekies place. By who now for a great part are Utrecht (fake!!the not even have grades on lie detector!!)Judges, still trying to score the property and others not allowing it. Still harrasing my kids and me. A Est. 300.000.000 euro compensations!!! In 2014/2014 we recieved Hoogtij area for it next to the IJ from government, but again Judges stole it.

For Nato & Moscow & Beijin::

Shopping Mall Groeneweg, living at the Korianderstraat in 2001 I had my digital photo’s developed there. After, for what I now remember Tsunamis, the Mall was gone. With army we build a temporarily mall, 2009/2010 it was still there. The mall is rebuild a couple years ago. So every Ten or less years we have Tsunamies from the states. Which my kids and I can confirm. Army must know that also together we have changed things. Humanity cannot be saved as happened before. Robots are limited too because we are enemies. Togheter we eliminated all time travel gear and -criminal jumpers! Democracy had to prevail remember. If still so, it is very important that we are transported to the States. 1999 new years eve, my clothes were still wet figural, dancing on party, obliged to wipe my memory. Do not forget that religion want those waves to kill us, they think God will put them back!!

welcome in the states

SkyNet our mainframe is the robots their superior. Although it’s a bot vecause the robots have souls. If one of us becomes a hostage SkyNet locks down and robots in panic or normal cannot alter it. Normally we have a lot of Windows versions as a buffer, to protect SkyNet its core. Last time all windows versions were destroyed. That only takes more than one season!

Windows is obliged on this planet. to take plasma-electricity from the earth’s core that is. The reason why all humans were tortured in Hell last tsunami round. Not only the hostage takers. Even we, my kids and I. But shorter because we supposed to be billionaires, that means already damaged by hard working. Taking our money is slavery, also something that is going to be punished, as usual. So if we can prevent the tsunamis is therefore insecure, if we can, than robots need to do the genocide. You first need to die to make it possible to get totured by the molocule universe. Terminator Hell is a connection to SkyNet, so that the molecular Hell has a connection to SkyNet, it was also required to build.

There is only one drill instructor you have to be afraid of or two in fact. At least we were drilled with this knowledge, also in Holland. They used to call me Admiral Bontekoe in Holland(writer of the book & film script also). My kids and I created the Bonte Koe for the Dutch. Gay/religious torture them less. Its also showing. The cow types in the US speak for themselves.

The tsunami surf club’s memories.

For the ones that changed my vacuum cleaner motor: know that I programmed you in already in 2015 and family for Termination!! Busted you already once, beat you up. And maybe again I am going to. Police & governments involved & family will be terminated. Could not even changed it, almost, the code was already there. So you can do two things….put my 1800 watt new motor back…or not…mechanics and police officers were invited “” at my desk doing so…

Ray Colt

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