My Swastika…

Human rights & Law books are bought from us pure out of fear for who we are, having seen how terminated the Dinosaurian in the big war. Having seen that we can change into human if wounded. A manual how to treat those Terminator “victims”. At least not as hostages. Something your ancestors thought it was worth a lot of money.

me as Ciske, “orphan”, A’dam (read below), mixed with movie O I believe – after poisoning/killing 30 Nuns(see Overlord) in Egmond after abuse, sacrificed by lazy troopers, no boarding school..My name was Bell, Pietje(Ray Colt in the USA) from the book, my “Vader”, a shoe maker(dr. Martin and (Army) boots etc.), did not want a woman. The police killed him for it and I was called Ciske de Rat. Both book series and scripts I wrote…I already elimated the A’dam police boss for it couple yrs agoo, I founded the Dutch Army to fight also police..go figure

Why were and is a non-multi-cultural society necessary for The Colt Manufacturing Company?

There is no other way to produce weapons, planes and other inventions of a certain high quality necessary to protect the (universe’s) hierarchy. As a matter of fact to protect humanity for the Dinosaurian.

China did its best but did not manage either to form such society. It became the Colts and their Terminators, the North and South Americans that is, their responsibility.

Further occupation of America was stopped, humans from future were deported the rest eliminated for Democracy, to fight future charlatans, like for example the President or a Samuel Colt(1977-1979). Only criminals wanting to kill us were sent, so we had to lower oil prices, made from their remains. The 70’s its oil crisis it became. The danger of immigration, this happened in many countries! To us in China, Vietnam and Holland except for the fact were are not immigrants but US international troopers.

Key words are criminality, identity theft and company terrorism. Already hard in a non-multi-cultural society to prevail. Impossible to prevail in multi-cultural society.

Having my kids and kidnapped, as hostages or even war criminals in Holland for over 40 years to black mail us, stealing our rear name, music and -band names, identity, billions, inventions is a pretty good example.

Hoping for a plane, flight plans to Detroit-Metropolitan (Ford/AK/Colt factory) or Los Angeles to end our situation and to go back to work.

Accused of prior knowledge having made Terminator films with my brothers and sis, costing us billions for real!
The Colt’s.

T800 Colt

Case crazy Nurse
Once I had a nurse at Zon and Schild, Lauren my daughter in this case. She was drawing with the patients. Patients complaining about calling this art she did not interpreted correctly. One of the patients explained it to her doing her face and eyes with a pencil. The pencil was stabbed into her head.

Police came and made pictures for their album because Junkies looked like this too from time to time. Not knowing that Renee was robbing other junkies and dealers like this. Also a schizoid.

Janick 2014 sick of the cauliflower ears they(AIVD, mormone types) gave him, cutting beheadings and skull asked me what those ears meant. Answer: as twins we were giants, see Conan exiles. Drawing made in Phoenix, hide out address in the USA made for Tattoo shop.

Our car and pawn shop we had to left, for the Dutch kidnapping us again

Lauren 11, with peers family living in phoenix with me 2014 tapes stolen::Amyl and The Sniffers – Big Attraction & Giddy Up via @YouTube – so called seventies youngsters of this bands known as clones we eliminated see other video clips

Hitler Youth

This movie about Hitler Youth in reality shows the Dutch getting society lessons from my older me’s blond (current me) and brunette (Conan), aka The Fuhrer, my younger me’s and the Terminators. This after big wars in Russia, where the Dutch fought in my Army as Ivan The Terrible. Again against hooligans from future and hooligans sowiso. We were still installing Humanity. Lots of images where taken in A’dam, some buildings were sold to Berlin for steel. Black people & Turks were advised to wear our Yankee clothes, there were more whites and we had more of those left, also by charlatans from future.

The whites were wearing our Nazi clothes.(our uniforms we used for all countries by the way!) Pure training, pure un-wilding, babies in prams for example, their woman’s wish having it seen from us, voluntarily and on request and even more important at the moment than fighting those charlatans, it formed the Dutch army. The charlatans were defeated.(last disguised images are riots A’dam 1980) As war heroes banned from Germany, Belgium and even Russia. Was it racial?, we hoped. We did build Holland together, it was still some sort of a big salty lagoon/swamp.

I was part of the so called Hitler Jugend and fuhrer at the same time. It appeared to be jealousy, Adolf Hitler, he came from future showed his charlatan face. Jealousy ruling is Tyranny, we fought against it. Jealousy trying to rule the Dutch, became visible also in their country, the first upcoming years. The reason why we installed troopers on the first place. The jealous call it infiltration. An ongoing process it brings if you want be free. The same jealous that took hostage of me as Hitle Jugend. An USA/Galactic child soldier. In 2009 the street called me Der Nazi. My kids and I, both Hitler Youth worked it out. We suffered amnesia, history was falsified.

My younger original me, hitler youth, see movie link, brunette, aka young Conan

me Malibu +- 1978 kidnapped forced to make video clips – kids killed? after installing Humanity in Europe after Tsunamis and big bang – I was called wizard and God…my kids were killed…back home at least somewhat closer. “Jamiroquai” which sounds like my elfish name as God or the Devil. A stolen name by an artist like he did with our music. Also a wanted dead criminal by the US US Government. My second name now I write it indeed, on earth that is: Jamiroquai Colt, Janick and Lauren ditto.

End 70’s I was deported from Holland, my Heineken brewery and Hoogovens were stolen, my older me that is, my father on one of our party boats. My kids were kept hostage in A’dam. The English laughed pushed half way the Atlantic. I fished up some barrels to make water and Diesel to end up in Colombia. I found family and managed to kidnap two of my kids back in 1980. Young Ray had to stay in Holland. A picture of the boat made in 2014 Colombia/Venezuela. We conquered North and South America though!! My face burned with acid, jaws broken, I repaired with fish skin, later we used my head for the Predator movies….my cut of hand became Freddy Kruger(bar type) became Freddy Heineken became Predator its sword, Predator Jaws as hand replacement . Sand on my hands in Malibu became Sam giving answer to my kidnappers. Became Samuel Colt raised by Jews. Became Uncle Sam. And Sam in our Lord Of The Rings. Ray Colt.

SkyNet version 0.9. A Telnet server/Computer we made, hosted inside the Universe. As 4 year old humans, malibu usa 1975. War trauma, earthquakes and broken computers. Just to stimulate us, to use the computer(our intelect) again different. Funny they stole this too, a server version that is.(cmd telnet Even Windows came from these “memories”) our first AI computer, have a look at “a2”, “a2 007”, “a2 bloodquest” or “eliza”. Or “a2 dinosaurs – DINOSAUR HANGMAN ” we used to make Lingo(tv) its engine. webversion Have a look at “hosts”, you’ll see all companies hosting the first USA Internet!!!! This site I build, its now static with binary data, you will see original company names, handy after disasters and war!! We even used it to make Europe Computer enthusiasts!!!

SkyNet as actor, as victim of us being hostage, on to many hotspots, reduced to three we must bravely say, as robot by himself visualized, is to bee seen in new movie Coma, we feared the most, we recorded in 2015 ’17 and 19 version, he is still there…here …aka Sauron..seen in the Worl Wars, seen in Malibu, were we were really born as humans, on eath that is, as raising father of my children and me – he even gave us milk in a botlle..Sauron came from “Saug on”, writing that book

What I(we) did to Prime Minister Rutte his secret wife & children(also for stealing our 60 million with the AIVD euro from oil making in 2015). She gave birth to this. What I did to his son. For having my children flies to eat, starving them through Marisse. He still has to eat them. I swear police this how Hell looks like. For the years I may not have my kids as my kids, named not Colt etc.. That many years all your children are going to be tortured in our Hell.

his wife we turned into Shelob, Martin found her collecting and eating Rutte clones, the Ducht army eliminated her….;-) -the previous batch was attacked by she-lob her army but this is what we do with the RAF members who kidnap or touch us, what they call Hell, your future for sometimes hundreds of years..why they call us THE NAZIS I proud type…needles to say sieg heil…

There are two way to say things we wanted to say. To proove we are more harcore we made the movie Overlord and gave all J*ws syndrome down on chromosome level. We the Nazis are really more hardcore than any human.

A copy of our Colt Firearm Smithy Malibu at the foot of Point Dume, in the sage the “preserved house” to host and protect my great family. Our original beer and wine cans. The USA it’s first settlement. We are still being shown around by the robots that also installed the rest of humanity !! So I am born in the USA as my children!!!!(they where stolen into the fututre!!) Europeans our ancestors, don’t make me laugh. We made them schizoids out of insult. An extra chromosome, also for better oil out of it and the animals think they taste better, and for our visors. That means war, with Europe, extermination !! They the cowboys and we the indians, we are both, over our dead bodies. If we would kill all humans its one cup more oil, that’s what my children were worth wasn’t it?

have look in maps at the Maine State Museum – our lava tractor and Colt Whiting furnace

“I shall make him a totum pole” – Herman Brood – who got eliminated in Belfast USA . Have look at our bar Rollies, we had one like this on the Theemsdreef(snackbar) to, to get me away from Riek and Jan, to prove I came from an other environment(United States Air Force). A very popular bar in Utrecht, even outside people danced/ The why Herman and friends were found in Belfast, to wipe history. Rockers vs Brillies. We, the rockers had five Hells Angels places in Utrecht!!! In Europe these days brillies run the Angels.

With them you can see how we looked(our music!!), Lauren at piano me as drummer(Conan)

Our McDonalds sate sauce on fries – 1 st in the world – until the Dutch invented the world, cocaine, xtc. Hollywood, the universe and snacks. In Holland it had to go, with torture they forced the states to get it of menu. We took McDonalds out of Holland – src The Canadian Brewhouse 55FG+CV Grande Prairie, Grande Prairie County No. 1, AB, Canada
Published already three years ago, it will slip away out of everybody his memory, memory stored in the humans their “plasma soul. It tells me, like dreams that, that it is something out of reach of humans. Stuff Janick, Lauren and I once developed. To survive memory overloads (after war, disaster or abuse for example). Working with Arrays and keys, using the soul and universe its plasma. The reason I was named Ray, Janick and Lauren too. Brainwashing therefore, to claim it, impossible, they can only attempt too. Fear the ones, preaching a square earth, who try, with torture most of the time.

Aid has to be paid, every armed forces knows that, at least what the sell in Europe. Well we just do not bring aid, in facr European either. Releasing us, isn’t aid!

You Nazi!! Sick F*ck. No, my kids and I are fighting as American soldiers against drugs, against illegal weapons trade also….Marisse and Riek do need rocket launchers from time to time and kidnap us for it!!!!!:

Colt Manufacturing International B.V. from Korte Oijen – we going to eliminate them too.(all part of illegal the weapon trade, it would be against the law companies named Colt or else, God’s weapon shop sozusagen) we really will not allow any company to call themselves Colt. Without a war declaration. Court & all involved too. Know you all will be made schizoid to prepair your bodies for genocide…..We don’t warn anymore!! Its done by SkyNet, automatically, our great genocide! Having our rear name, we will kill them all! We have had it. Billions times one chromosome is a lot of oil babies! Having something to say about my name (& combined with our Company and name) we call homo trippin, SM, calling us homo’s/gay, in answer we make them homo’s/gay/schizoids(a clone of monkeys at chromosme level..also known as sydrome down). Believe I was quartered in four by Hells Angels on their bikes for bad Levi’s trousers. A brand of ours. Made in Amsterdam a brand of ours but stolen. We gunned down all personnel for it in A’dam. Angels place was closed. Ray Colt

Like uncle Sam alway says:

my son in the Colt (Weapon) Manufactoring Company in Hartford called Colt Defense by some MF’s

& me

Working in Hartford – the weapon factory

As I said we, the Terminators, made the USA(this whole planet in principle) by hand, for the rest nobody else may live in the USA but us – THE STRIPES(WHEN WE BLOW UP THIS PLANET YOU WILL SEE THE STARS) ….src [one stroke done by a single Terminator, we do it in line at the same time, >25 miles deep, its magic- and Termination power, just becaue a geography teacher f*cked me up the ass with his science)

“Bill Gate-sen” a term we once used before humans were created. Mr. Bobalina. The empty head so busy that he was guilty of treasure. Just a bit guilty, like everyone once, I still say f*ck them all, who keep on Bill Gates-en. Running around, like a Hill Billy, busy from gate to gate (teleportal to teleportal) doing nothing in fact, sun tomato eating juppies, NERDS. Not even having the consciousness anymore. Yes Bill from Microsoft, a Dutch criminal, one of my kidnappers derived his name from it. With stolen teleportals they managed to enter our ships.

We wrote a lot of the Tolkien ouvre at this place too, cool to see back, our happy youth : Thunderbird Lodge Preservation – Lauren and me – 2015 – on the rocks some some clones…I shot down all foreign kids though….

The gave me breasts once I did not remove them, even more place to inject cocain and heroin. It worked….they removed them….

Our invention(williams tubes eu calls them), for emergencyonly, high maintenance:
Electron beam faster than modern memory. For humans a 16×16=256 bit memory for robots random access times 4 a 1024 bit(4d access) times frequency times the speed of electrons. They travel faster than light, surgeons know. They can even time travel. Even our 90 terroflops CPU’s could be connected to these. 1st rows right to left:
1111011101111111 / F77F
1111011110011011 / F79B
1111101000111111 / FA3F
1111000111011111 / F1DF or inverted, robots only i guess

We eliminated the inventors who claimed it for I got shot in the head by a Marine for them claiming the invention, just receiving a Nobel price. Exact what we trying to say forbidding the EU Colt factories or other people claiming to work for us, the Colt family.

report stolen amsterdam

Ray Colt

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