Become Outlaw!

A society where not only the children but also grown-ups and the troopers are in fact always victim of criminals’, as they then sell it to us as Democracy, is called in fact a society based upon Tyranny, even Slavery. Just a note with my education and rank! Changing our identity into hostages will not help. I go diving when bored, abusers of children choose other children to abuse when bored!! That’s why we call Holland a crook country!! Proud slaves we are? My *ss. Another example: Having Religion and or the Hells Angels Amsterdam in your care as a judge, a normal judge shall oppose, for the same & right & all reasons.

I already wrote before in this blog as inventor of the vacuum cleaner and highest professor of the world(and my kids) that engines must above 1200 Watts upto 2600 watts. If not humanity will be punished by the universe not defending themselves enough against micro-organisms. Just a fact.

In principle the same as police does with creating outlaws of my children and me with discrimination, it will tell. At the same time they have problems with that identity because they play stupid, slaves that do not make mistakes. Organized that is and like the fake EU Hells Angels they claim the outlaw identity. Denying in all forms the rights of real slaves. They can not hide behind the uniform like police and even army or government does. Even killing them in old people pensions for Shell becomes territory.

Again like with vacuum cleaners they do not protect humans against these criminals, creatures, but became criminals. Again punishment will follow by the universe or even Terminators. Or even their own army might empty the Ijsselmeer to create oil of them before they become oil. In the first place the criminals will be Terminated, the rest of humanity will be evaluated. That makes Democracy obliged. Even dictators complain about it, go figure. As questioned by many police I had to eliminate. Answer given.

a real Colt as undercover outlaw – as Jesus humanity gave me 300 billion euro compensations, framed I bought North and South America, its too volcano, its mine all mine and of my kids of course..we did not only robbed the states from humans…a lot of iron thats true

Playing & keeping so stupid they become senile, pre-schizoids even. Even throwing on their car’s flashing light if stopping lights are red because others must be red than too logics. Coming from if the law hast to be practiced you must automatically be a criminal thoughts and practices. On longer term they do not even have to be made S5 and it is transmissible! Why school was important! A divorce for their woman most probably with fingers crossed. S5(the disease schizophrenia) we gave humans quilty of ‘Hannibalism’. We ARE the mob, pirates, criminals who raised the US Armed forces(duh), just like they did in the rest in the world, do not forget.

Outlaw you become only if law is denied to you as innocent on purpose to for making the identity shift as described above. Creating slavery, fascism. Not for explanation TV or even school tries to learn us. You than have no tribe no more after a short period already. You do not want partners anymore for example.* The reason for (my)forced marriages. Because they forbid us to be outlaws. Its telling who is criminal. Identity can not be stolen only acted and fake is fake. Even we kill fakes to protect ourselves! *For schizoid “psychiatrist”, its like why it is ok throwing non-guided bombs on cities, like our Angels than like even more. 😉

Is it necessary to create outlaws to create an armed force? What many stupid agents/people think, having seen us like that. No, of course not. Crimminals are S5, for them its impossible to become organised as should be to become one in sense. Although we are an Outlaw army!! The real US Army and indeed we discriminate back not allowing immigrants of any color but real Colt’s! As revenge.

As discriminated victims we had to declare war to all other tribes. Doing it back. All Tribes do that. In our case we are also the real responsible for all real shootings in shopping malls, train, car & market bombs, 9/11 etc. all over the world in human history. That makes us outlaw/mob/us-army too. Better than to take criminal money compensations!! Our 1%-er soldiers bounty hunters vs the fake outlaw 1%-er. 1% outlaw as we see it being nr 1.

Kidnapping is taking power, needed in the event of a failed operation, not taking power over, what many stupid agents/people think. What we do is to have (that) power. At least to be competing is then necessary. Because how long does it take? Having hostages is scarless sh*t, for long periods that is. For schidzoids a normal I guess 🙂 THE famous(ours, the one from the news they copied lol) Crook countries we love to shoot at. Comparing politics(stealing) with being a outlaw, how dare they.

Operation “Mooi Kaap”, a succes but in future, as I write and again, as hostage in Holland. Cowboy & Gangster movies we made showing the opposite meaning of the term Outlaw, like becoming number one, was to lower down the ongoing self-destructing cycle of violence in-between humans. Our kidnapped children were with them!!! And in principe the first steps for making possible govern were made, also in co-operation with current governments who called it govern too. People could setlle instead of fighting an ongoing wat with the Sovjets/RAF being transported from China to Russia to Europe and the mid-east by the robots(read about Pyramids in China). Note we do not work for any human government, we see them as competitive gangs too. We are the Coca Nostra & Hells Angels(USAF).

A day off from building Microsoft Windows 2015. I was injured even alternative mouses did not work. Some production girls for Microsoft arranged biker vests for our self-protection. Our Hells Angels vest too controversial at the moment but serve the same purpose. Self-defense taken by Dutch police and not delivered back for our tax money, again fascism. Have look at my original body!!! Also taken, like those of children, like our freedom with it. Surgery costing over 50 million euro’s!!


Wauw I found this movie, Janick showing a SkyNet-Atari Box 30-terraflop Windows 15 bust implementation we in 1980 sold with what would be today Ziggo abbo’s(casema) in our Winkel van Sinkel. He was allowed to have on living with me at Knapschinkel(Koningslaan-Utrecht).

OR Janick 2015 San Fransisco his M8 US BMW with SkyNet technology – not allowed anymore in the EU by the governments!!(ongoing terrorism, car theft fraude with forfeited statements)Like the rest of these super cars. Having us kicked out Knapschinkel again, placing them back at Marisse and her RAF. They almost conviscated his M8 missing a rear tyre!! His key noticed.

creating trees in China after the Tsunamis 2013 for labor flushed with my kids over there reunited- even Chinese temp. Passport src:

My kids/clones and I wrote this in Malibu at the age of 3 and 4 years old! Together with the Z and D engine of PHP. We just finished and got robbed and kidnapped. The shock that it was build by minors was for future European soldiers so big that it had no effect on the war. I found this software on github , we I had to place it, demolish it, with a gun against my head, and restored it as Lauren once asked for her birth day. The sound engine too, but we won the war with this one. Our jumps to the future(see also preb three blogs), we were there but could not welcome them yet without European criminal soldiers…

** is sing this song to expose Janick

The start of getting kidnapped agfain 2015:

A picture taken by me, Janick and Lauren are beheaded for it at home on Point Dume state beach 2015. A Terminators lights up their soul. As soul surgeon I explain that you can see three faces, Janick and Lauren kissing goodbye, an alien skull/face on the back of Janick his head looking at the girl (I even have first person memory on it, very cool in principle. In their faces you can see oa Renee, Martin and Marcel as beheading. For me as “soul squeezer” enough to see we are real twins-triplets. “Jij zo vervoeren” they told my robot….

Why immigration was impossible(& time travel), why foreigners are not foreigners. Let’s see humanity as a flu virus. Members of the virus cannot go anyware they want or the shape of the virus changes and then it might not be a Virus. Vacation most of the times goes well. Wars might goes wrong already. As you know, like with the vacuum cleaner the molecule world punish. Kills most of us, some sort of way your soul get electrocuted and you may fly back to earth as half a plant, than dead shows you your hands and feet etc. etc. Officials asking for travel papers when it comes to immigration etc. etc. Kidnapping my kids and me, part of a virus that guards the molecule world simply is not smart. The yellow, the molecule world we created, thats true too, as punishement for our kidnap. The reason people died after a minute after time travels, faded, with our gear(stolen).

hint::without diesel we managed, it looks like disaster but we threw anker too close to shore

messages to myself,:

Did you know we the Coca Nostra invented all pure nuclear made drugs? What does it mean nuclear? Well one thing it’s not made through extraction. So we program the atoms in a small bit poison to project, also experience, some computer code that will show hallucogene in the user his hallucogene reality. The reason by the way why we call “moving” images, kidnapped by the Dutch “.GIF”. Poison is GIF in Dutch. Think base64, an Gif its code, which can be interpreted by a browser. Our drugs did that with the user his interpretation of reality, pure science and fun. Did we made computer games like this too as Atari, in principle yes. The Atari box which was withdraws on Europe its war declaration by kidnapping us. Hallucinations can also be projected to a person if his health is disturbed. Non United States drugs do the same, drug made with extraction. Pictures Janick made in Malibu 1979 living with Lauren and me:

Lazy surgeon that for the same money work less because they have grades. They did not only half sized my penis but also my fingers are shorter. Something that many war veterans suffer. Nor do they understand that they cause trillions of world wide economic damage. How? As inventor of the human, for wounded Terminators I discovered it already 60 years ago. The difference between the claws of a chimp and human. I found out with grabbing a zippo. Think writing with a pencil.

A self-portrait painting we made of me playing jazz in malibu(as coca nostra/hells angels) in the 70’s proof that we could time travel and made all music known. see video (report stolen, Utrecht, bloemkracht/knapschinkel stole all Jazz of paintings from us. A dutch Judge same as we kicked out of the farm, webserver park etc. same as Uddel again glass fiber to police station Bunnik was removed, Uddel, Hoofddorp, Utrecht a 3x 350.000,– euro) pictures site taken inside farm – paintings downgraded in value like my brood paintings….I also painted the Nachtwacht for example!!! All Mondrian etc….The reason why I threw Herman Brood from the Hilton roof with his “volgens my zie jij ze vliegen”

*Samuel an aka name given derived from playing Sam from the book the Hobbit(I wrote) as kid in the Malibu Hills, I was playing with Janick and Lauren from future….Jews…if I kept on playing with them a Terminator would call me Samuel – it was also Satan Colt before I invented light(–> RAY), how to create light with nuclear kernels like earth’s..THE? Yes. next came he is a Goth(ic) which became God….yes I wrote the bible

What Marisse did and Riek, kidnapping us from the USA at all ages, the court classified as student jokes. We called it identity and image breaking. One of the reason we formed the Colombian and Los Angels Coca Nostra and Hells Angels USA. Now they have to do business with drugs dealers, murderers and drugs producers. A Student joke back.

This girl controlled by “voodoo” is actually controlled by us, tortured, to remember for us, even her play-backing. The same way RAF(die rote armee fraktion) pilots did their work. Like she did by kidnapping robots who can control like this. What we achieved with past wars is that only my kids and I are still hostages. The RAF does not have real RAF pilots anymore maybe even soldiers because we made them too schizoid for that. At the same time they will not be capable organizing a rescue team to save the planet. Also difficult because they will be hunted by the RAF for it. Its taking of their mask as non schizoids.

Did  you know some schizoids like to be shot dead. They actually manage to get jobs inside the army. The ones that deny orders so their Generals throw bombs on them for example. Or like most S5, they are just victims or try to become one, they do not really fight.

Skulls and Bones, seen on our flags and jet fighters, the real independence and outlaw declaration to the world! Also on our boats stealing them back. Piracy Mr. European J*w coward teaches his by us made monkey children. Its stand for remembering the European kidnapping my kids and me from Malibu. Deboning us so we were lighter, leaving our bones for our parents heavy wounded in our house. Keeping us alive with our Resuscitation gear. Making our inside dirty we still could think, see and say. We gave them all and their children and therefore all races to make it reality syndrome down(==dna structures of a monkey). Making their inside dirty. We took our gear back, killed all their clones, they used for these kidnap operations of them, so the death toll will be higher next time.

Colt we may not manage the right way according to others like the said to Dutch government with PTT postal services. They did forbid the the name PTT for PostNL/KPN(PostBank ditto), nothing to it qua importance for economy. Two Colt is an real American Company not a German/Dutch LLC. Three Colt is in fact the real US Army, US armed forces and US Galactic forces! A bit too important and secret for commercial practices.


2014 – I film as Terminator – earth’s kernel explodes for the 25th time or so due to Holland, Belgium and Germany’s tendency to kidnap US Soldiers who are responsible for earths maintenance – our dead star destroyed by RAF members from Holland forcing pilots to fly to earth(left-upper corner- an 90 trillion dollar costing ship – not just our sovereignty)
The asked why the US declared it USA territory, Germany, Holland and Belgium
the reason the made up World War II not even capable telling the truth to their children
– interesting humans being intellectual thinking long time about matters but even more interesting humans by what they factually do – and Yes we let this happen if our name is stolen and if our Colt factory is placed anywhere but in the states for 50 years already!! OR WE BOMB!! OR BOTH!!
(we tried to mem with brand Apple(did not work) how big, this gif on screen is 40 yrs effort of espionage!!!)
our revenge on(70’s and 2009):
childcare arrangements are given but we fuck them when they are on their weakest point
we do that with sovereignty this time
after motor bike escape Finland – Janick in a Terminator killing me – “streepje trekken” – it blew the earth and our dead star – being the most powerful for once

SkyNET Syndrome Down Algorithm, S5, Sicherung 5(dna degradation)
It creates syndrome down on our enemy. So every human child since they day we were kidnapped is born with it. With plastic surgery human mankind stands.

I must warn the government that its an increasing Algorithm. That will rise even your need for aid day by day. Even a King cannot self defense himself then anymore. The top downs will collapse and others will take over although they going to suffer the same. Power take overs do go with deadly violence. Like happened more than once past 50 years. The crowd started to walk and turned into zombies who could not even walk anymore. Etc. etc.

An daily increasing and now an irreversible* Algorithm rising the syndrome down chromosomes for as long as we are not in the USA and kidnapped! I must say a joy to have seen it.

SIEG HEIL MOTHER FUCKERS! 🙂 *we have destroyed those devices! Which makes this the last round. An obligation for this virus there is, in therms of an exploding reactor earth kernel and flying around cause of that, humans.

So we fight robots that blow up this galaxy every 10 years. We would create it as is too and do up until today. The humans call us the Nazis or Yankees for it! They do not repair damage as my kids and I!! See space images higher in this blog. We are kept hostage by some mental jealous on Hollands rich Judge with a Wallonisch origin. Who is terrorizing Holland. Good for The Hague’s fascism(as Psychiatrist) but very expensieve. He is also into landscaping but than doing everything around abusing (homo)etiket. For example I live in Baarn with a trampoline in my garden and he kicks me out. He places a broker in my home and he is allowed to have trampoline in the garden. He did this to me from Oude Pekela up-to Scheveningen(wrong SUV)!!!!(he does it to all rich and even Royalties)

police report: severe dog(?) poop water – with “gier” is thrown on my new carpets, Already washed it with soap and ox-soap and again it was thrown on after doing grosseries, like every day(“niet te harden)”. With my smoking inside, go figure. Cannot even clean it, like I am a schizoid pooping on the floor. 11-DEC-2019 Same Judge again who does not like my Arab looking carpets!!! So I will kill Dutch GOV leaders of course!! Who knows……

We delivered Holland to make profit, this man(aka Belgium’s Don Quichotte, a single mans war against Holland its outer appearance/neo nazi aka Vulture) for the past 50 years manage to create a government debt above 150 billion Euro within a Year. With excessive landscape management(aka Homo Tuin), think trampoline!!! It creates a massive national and even international brain wash, because who we are! Doing things around. Even I was raised in Holland and suffered massive military therapy for it to escape this fascism. Because its part of fascism indoctrination and not healthy raising. The garden with the trampoline still looks the same! Than Who is the real Fuhrer?, Who is de Mol? encountered severe violence from these people!!! because of this question. It creates massive global alternative behavior based upon some etiquette causing economic crisis. The broker is thinking modest about a smaller car thinking about me, afraid for that Judge, for example.

For the earths reactor to blow we really need to visit and explore the states!! We are short in time, in principe it will blow around 2023!!!! The same reason why stopped with small reactor for small companies in Holland in the 70’s, the exploded too often because maintenance was terrorized under the norm retrenchments. And no these reactors are also not radio active. Geiger meters are on big fraud, some specifiek poison they will detect but it first need to be spread. But handy for detecting that poison, who will mislead troopers to walk into boobytraps.

For the same reason he gave Marisse and Martin my house(fullpaid) and children!!! in Stadskanaal instead of a Chrysler Voyager in front of the house and not a man alone. And the Devil in Holland must look like Renee B.!! Not like Conan for example. We invented drugs and alcohol!! An we are workers like the broker. (PS. AS i MAY ADDRESS THE eu/holland/france STOLE OVER 25 BILLION OF BOATS FROM ME AND PLANES!! 2015 – acces all area we want back – not without deads after 5 years)

For the rest we see and keep the world like this as prisoners from prisoners. That makes us the guards in this case. Back united we will/must react the same of course as normal prison guards after a hijack or kidnap of their colleagues.

Railroad track copied from Hell, here we make cokes or so from humans. At least if these wagons drive 240 years up and down time to torture people this is what’s left of them, in this case all clones and troopers & normal people that touched me or my children: link (a bit like we did it in Germany or even R’dam) Colt steel, made from humans and not with.

“Janick and Lauren were not really my children but my kidnappers. Although I brought twice into this world the 1st time they had S5 misvormt faces and I was allowed to euthanize them. They even tried to coupe the fleet. Their real father we killed, see link above. They are and were trying to get ransom and money from our Colt factory. I already killed them but thought it was funny to have them tortured some more by writing this blog again because of the life they gave me living kidnapped in Holland. Better than me being tortured. A hard to kill man their father, responsible for kidnapping me. We even had to place him in a robot to create the illusion of infiltration and jealousy. That made it possible, he was protected by many medics. Official papers are stolen from my home they were taken by Rutte his wife in the believe we did not dare to exterminate her and her children their DNA early 2016(see link above). To bad they were given to prevent it. I see the alimony I was forced to pay as theft. Like we always say not without deads. Forced marriage, forced children and not even my own! Maybe Rutte now sleeps better not getting annoying tax-alimony messages from the government. Some Judges just want to cash twice I guess…that started fights with even government people in the street in which Rutte his wife was killed. ” Bounty hunting plot I guess to kill miss Rutte and her children because I am the most manly and powerful man on earth(I said it the real Colombian way and will keep op doing so, and still no strings attached, instead of a pink slave alimony domination fantasy – embarrassing our Cartel). I will had my children aborted decent. No man on this planet or family or religion goes against that decision. Already I gave the whole world population syndrome down for embarrassing me with syndrome down children. They are already guilty of both treason(war declaration) and I have them aborted when able too next time. Serves you right!
I had no intention of being a victim of fertilization battles.

2015 I was making a expedition USA Momentun 2023 sub marine with Dutch army in Westzaanerpolder and UDDEL to split up front, in Uddel we created technology for a waterjet engine based upon hydrogen made of sea water. We were transporting the catamaran from UDDEL to the submarine with a tank truck. The Sub marine was stolen by de Gier, Brennan and some Dutch(Audi gang) generals and sold to Germany. Next the catamaran was sold to Norway…..all spoiled by RARA/RAF & Janick and Lauren as members of them…two Terminators destroyed and lil Ray(my younger clone) was killed or so – a bit like Studio/Salon Ruigoord were we build and lived in the 70’s & 2014 creating subs and 80% of known house music to finance it….which we do not anymore in priciple

why all people have leprosy, to stop or punish cannibalism to enforce (sexual) hygiene – a human developed & controlled virus – I am one of the inventors – for example I can smell by my sweat how high my leprosy level is – not sour but sweet – Then I have home visitors not applying industry hygiene – since I can not give the virus to myself with not cleaning for example – that might even rise my resistance – ps a common decision!!!

linked Siske de Rat I was “called”, after murder of 30 Nuns in Egmond, church boss of aid/care did not stop me, placed alone in Ruigoord, later studio Ruigoord up to founding Mediapark/Hollywood(aka Johny – from Flodder)/Heineken/McDonald’s/Microsoft/Atari/Sun Dance, Paradiso, Melkweg, VrijeVloer, Parkzicht, Jaarbeurs, all dutch disco’s, the It, Roxy, Hells Angels Amsterdam, Ahoy, Cartouch, Tivoli, Carre, all coffeeshops and all EU brothels and EU red light districts and Coca Cola (EU), the global drugs industry – Tsunamis – Time was set back – back to school in Utrecht placed at Riek’s place – the Church the studio I have build the Dom in Utrecht, Notre Dam(Paris did the same letting me live in the church – my stories about The Hunchback of Notre-Dame even with leprosy ) and Köln – holy ground – a church was not to be demolished….taken down – the City Utrecht placed me back at Ruigoord demolished by police as they always do with a gift a bus to live in(as founder of DAF) – later I moved to Berlin with it after another siege by the police trying to steal my 45 billion Euro which I placed on Die Deutsche Bank and National Swiss Bank – later replaced for same reason in gold by the normal people who where framed by the Mark and low gold prices, placed on our bank in the US – being alone in Europe even my kids were and are not real and again

my body found in the IJ fisherman recovered me and I started to live at now known Ruigoord – later with my “fugitive” kids from future – I guess changing my face did not help
electric chair Amsterdam 1976 – 220V must be sufficient???!! (4th time in my young life!!)
I was electrocuted 27 times!!!! My kids from future did this too to me!!! The US declared war on Europe and the rest of the World. We killed the Nons and some Royalties in reaction 270 times!!! the well of Malibu where they threw my children from future their heads in to pollute the water. We hid the well under a house in Agate Beach where first invented Morgan cars as distraction ….”our name was Harley or Colt Morgan builders from future said”, the Nuns in the movie a symbolic reminder what happened in Egmond

Why did “my” kids called me Lord Vader creating the sage and our movies with images out of space and the fleet where I was born? Me being a true aristocrat, who declared as General war back on the common people, the proletariat. Who became automatically enemy because of my rank blaming me for the differences, declaring war. While others saw them as voters or soldiers. We claim only true Generals are soldiers.

some times the terminators managed to bring me home – to raise me their way – pretty hard core – our way – without child porn or tortures

for troopers/police:
Me married with Marilyn Monroe, finding it out in the news, she even married her kidnapper to escape it. She appeared later to be kidnapped!!! She was allowed to collect 50 million a week though. We shot Kennedy, Rutte, Renee, Jess, Lennon, Kurt, Marisse and Pim etc. for it, also. Note its divorce reason number one of all troopers on this world!!! Not only Jet Set. Me in Woerden, showing prisoners syndrome police noticed and the medical staff had interesting lick up meetings with government people. 2x Strange, it leaded to big fights with police even. Not all government is involved. Your salaries are safe hence the orders I received to eliminate Rutte’s wife. Note its divorce reason number one of all troopers on this world!!! Visible and invisible!! My kids are kidnapped and so am I, they must show like me on the net prisoners syndrome.

1. Relational problems
2. Violence
3. Kidnap
1. Kidnap (it covers 2 and 3, all crime?)
2. Violence
3. Relational problems
There is no production money for 2 & 3 really, countries that work they other way around produce debts.

To kidnap people Black SM(fascism)/Military/Gang violence is used to create Amnesia. Victims just to be safe will mostly talk!! Information might be stored in subconsciousness or lead to panic at the perpetrator division.

As you know we killed almost all Dutch in 2015, in +- half a hour. Their clones, our hostages since 1974 we released in Holland….for: the last round…for: them to look down upon us as hostages while we are their superior….
where we killed them, the cokes was sold to Germany:
Railroad track copied from Hell, here we make cokes or so from humans. At least if these wagons drive 240 years up and down time to torture people this is what’s left of them, in this case all clones and troopers & normal people that touched me or my children: link (a bit like we did it in Germany or even R’dam) Colt steel, made from humans and not with.

how they treated us in hospital, so we do back

Evil tongues say Yanick changed me into a baby, had himself placed at Marisse with his twin sister. To create some Evil. Too bad for him I am older than that. I was stolen from the fleet as youngster, as baby also. Wounded Terminators change sometimes into other organisms. Although the work of Janick and hospitals to change me, although the changes were pre-designed/limited by me. So I created Marisse to place them in, an schizoid serial killer woman, to have them abused as much as possible, they gave me this life, we even made Marisse kill her own baby. With every heartbeat(techno rehearsal ar Ruigoord 1979)::

The point is that Europe wants to manage the US, and its oil company, Colt that is. Something that Colt is not going to allow. At all means. We created all major banks in Holland(for a small country strange) to host over 300 billion US euro’s(money the VVD abused and kept behind with their Orange King and American president clique, also our Microsoft money it included, they spent but I too!!hence the Dutch their debt height), international but US money, used for AID/Investments/Ourselves. For Holland to play the role as distributor of US products, like Microsoft and Hollywood, all over the world(except the name Colt) since Holland has no Iron. Money that is embezzled also for Mr. Tax, hence the Dutch their “National” debts. Real Colt weapons are most of the time relational sells, rare or massive. How does Holland manage just by awaiting the Earth’s kernel to blow every ten years leading to a world population with war trauma/amnesia(about it) and by keeping me, Ray Colt, kidnapped and deformed. Managing our money we do not allow either……for example I do not have weapons, car, plane right now things we than do not offer next round or at all – a small country with over 200 billion debts…how strange

Ray Colt’s (American, Hartford, Connecticut 1972–2019) “Peacemaker” Colt Single-Action Army Revolver, serial no. 4519, 1978 American, Malibu, Los Angeles, Steel, wood; L.13 in. (33.02 cm); L. of barrel 7 1/2 in. (19.05 cm); Cal., .45 in. (11 mm)

Howe we looked before our kidnap just invented white “linen” and shoes – it became The Gothic in world, even world leaders wore pyjamas going to war next. Electrocuted in Amsterdam 30 times!!! 1979. Janick and Lauren did not survive back than, I was placed at Jan and Riek from the Rote Armee Fraktion. We made the Ring movie series & Conan & Assassin’s creed games to have images of our original outer appearance at all!

The Legacy Castle near Paterson
Also our parental home: The Colt Residence

So than I had children, a twin brother and sister, than I didn’t, SkyNet & Santa even had to change our visors for covers of my children. I know that a lot of judges are blind to Marisse’s beauty. But Janick and Lauren are created in the 70’s and stolen from Marilyn Monroe, my wife back then, her belly.(I killed her for making premacy pictures in my homes(Jetset)). Marilyn in the ended up in a French mental hospital to cover the theft, I shot Kennedy etc etc. Marylin I killed again for sleeping in my bed in A’dam 2015. Marisse killed her own in 2001 Son and even he wasn’t that was a clone of me(for placing Janick and Lauren inside me with the Dutch Army)), forced placed he was also, later placed on a cd cover, killed because he had Renee his eyes but turned into a Terminator. All investigated and proven and we will kill everybody now involved for it and therefore, next round!!! Even Janick and Lauren. Just making a dollar. Those are our plans too than, with you guys.

I do now remember that I did everything together with my Twin brothers, in the 70’s in Malibu and today. Janick and Lauren did a good attempt coupe upto nuclear level that we shared our souls with them or almost. For the rest I was and am a victim of severe torture to make that all possible. But like they say the truth will always come out……

Ray Colt